Jalie Lisette Skirt and Sewcialist Swag!

Remember how Jalie sent me a few patterns to sew pefore my presentation at Pattern Review weekend? The Adele blouse was one, and the Lisette skirt was another!


Lisette is a knit pull-on skirt that relies on negative ease for the shaping (i.e. it doesn’t have darts, and fits snuggly!) I’d love to try the angled version in stripes!

This time though, I knew what I wanted: A fitted skirt to go with my new Sewcialists tee!

Sewcialists Tee

The Sewcialists reboot turned 1 this month, and in celebration we created and shared  files for printable fabric transfers! I put mine on a Tuesday Stitches Ultraviolet tee, which is a cropped tee with a deep curved hem. I knew it needed something high-waisted underneath, and this pencil skirt was perfect! (BTW, this is my 3rd Ultraviolet (1, 2) – it’s surprising me by becoming a TNT!)  

Sewcialists Tee

I muslined the skirt in ponte, and as soon as I’d cut out the pattern pieces, it was clear the skirt was going to be TIGHT! In my recommended size, it’s skintight, and shows my lumpy bits from all angle! Instead, I followed Itch To Stitch’s excellent tutorial on how to measure for a pencil skirt. I won’t even explain how it works – just go look at her pictures and it will make sense to anyone with a curvy belly and a big butt!

Sewcialists Tee

In the end, this version has about 5 more inches of ease than drafted, and it’s just right for me. No pulling anywhere, and it hangs nice and straight! I ended up ripping off my waistband and adding darts so that the back sits smooth. The elastic waistband is designed to flip to the inside, but I did exposed elastic for a belt effect!

Sewcialists Tee

Are you ready to talk about FABRIC? (*Shimmies and waggles eyebrows*)

It’s two fabrics!!!!

Jalie Mimosa Tee

Underneath is the same ITY I just used for my Jalie Mimosa tee, and on top is a great laser-cut scuba that I ordered online from Club Tissus in Quebec. The scuba had a solid border at the selvedge, so that’s what I used as my hem. The ITY hem is just left raw, so it was an easy sew! The two skirts are cut in the same size, then attached at the waistband.

Sewcialists Tee

I nearly put a solid black lining in, but I’m so glad I went with the print instead. From a distance, it’s clearly a floral, but from close up it just shows a glimpse of colour. I like the way it goes with the colourful Sewcialists logo, and makes a simple skirt more fun!

(I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I almost never sew skirts. I don’t like having to find a matching top! Dresses are so much easier!) 

Sewcialists Tee

I hope that review is helpful – basically, good pattern and I love my finished skirt, but consider sizing up or adding some ease! I’m really hoping we get lots of people making their own Sewcialists swag. Now that I’ve finished blogging mine, I’m looking forward to wearing it more and seeing how the transfer holds up through wash and wear. So far, so good!

Now that I’ve blogged 3 Jalie projects in a row, I’m switching to Closet Case Files… I’ve got 2 pairs of Sashas from May, 2 Netties, and the new Fiona dress to share! I also have a handful of things to sew for family, so I”m glad that summer vacation is starting soon!

20 thoughts on “Jalie Lisette Skirt and Sewcialist Swag!

  1. Looking great! I feel like the translucent or semi-see through overskirt thing is having quite a moment, I really like it.

    I took a look at the itch to stitch, Frabjous and galiya torso measurement methods. As someone with a definite protruding belly, I have always had a tough time with fitted skirts and trousers. This inspired me to try again, Lisette pattern in hand.


    1. As soon as I saw the tutorial, it really clicked! Measureing that way makes sense, but I definitely wouldn’t have thought of it on my own. Hope it works for you too!


  2. Thank you for this post Gillian! I have this pattern winging its way to me now and I’ll remember to take Kenni’s post into account re measuring before cutting it out now. You’re always SO helpful 🙂 Love your skirt in double layers – I have some pretty knits that are too thin to wear alone but would be nice layered in a skirt like this.


    1. I just sewed my mom a double layer mesh-over-knit tunic, and it turned out really cute – I hope you find a good use for your thin knits!


  3. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I almost never sew skirts. I don’t like having to find a matching top! Dresses are so much easier!”

    Hahaha … I’m the opposite, I think And this is exactly why I sew “2-piece ‘dresses'” … that way I get so much more mileage since I can wear them together or separate.

    The mesh overlay is a cool idea!


    1. You always look great in your two piece dresses! I need to start having a lace for my work ID like you do…


    1. I know, eh? I mean, I could get the first version on just fine, but even ins a really high quality rayon blend ponte, it was not leaving anything to the imagination!


  4. The overlay on the fabric is really cool! I really like this type of skirt with a boxy top. The panel-version looks pretty cute too (and a great pattern for that little square of pretty fabric that you saved for ages :D).


    1. The panel version of the skirt does look great, doesn’t it? I’m wondering if I have the nerve to make a black version with black pleather as the centre front!


  5. What fun! The silhouette suits you Gillian.

    Looking forward to see your Closet Case Pattern makes. I’m wondering about the pairs of Clares. The Clare is a CCP coat pattern


      1. Okay…that makes more sense. 🙂 And kudos to you for making two pairs of Sasha Trousers. I’ve just pre-shrunk some fabric in preparation for a pair for myself.


  6. Love the overlay effect – super cool! Might be a way for a print-averse person like me to add a bit of colour too!

    Very excited to see your Sasha’s – I have that pattern in the queue!


  7. The skirt overlay is so cool. I too thought you’d put it on over the dress. Absolutely stunning.

    With regards to sizing, having now made 5 skirts from one of those ubiquitous McCall’s patterns, I’ve come to realize that both stretch, thickness of fabric etc will have an effect on how it will look and hence on sizing. I’ve made myself a left and a right poster board hip pattern for a knit skirt that I can move closer or further apart to adjust width depending on the knit’s property’s (I cut single layout since I can never manage to cut on the fold with knits). My “measurements” being created by draping the knit around me to accommodate various body parts. Abbey


    1. That’s a great strategy! I usually just guesstimate things larger or smaller depending on the fabric, but your way sounds much more reliable!!


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