Me-Made May 2018: Week 4, and reflections!

First off, let me admit that I completely gave up on my “Something old, something new” pledge by the end of the month. It got really hot, and I just wanted to wear clothes that I love!

may 22

May 22: Suki Robe from Tribute Month 2017 and a Santa Fe tank from who-knows-when. 

I love this Suki robe hack! The fabric has a very subtle metallic sheen, which makes it extra fun.

May 23

May 23: Comino Cap dress from last June!

May 25

May 24: One of my favourite dresses of all time, my Oona-inspired Tribute Month cocoon dress from last August! 

may 26

May 26: Jorna dress, worn much more than I’d expect in the year since I made it! 

may 27

May 27: Long weekend vibes in this combo of knit TNTs from 2015!

may 28

May 29: Back to work in my Sewing Life Cocoon Dress from this spring!

may 29

May 30: I promised myself I’d wear this Upton maxi in wax print before the end of the month! I shortened it an inch in the morning, and that helped made it more wearable.

may 31

May 31: Groove dress! Another pattern that has really grown on my – I wore three version during MMMay, and I’m considering sewing a 4th!

So, what did I learn from my 7th Me-Made May? 


Nothing earth-shattering, but here’s goes anyway:

  1. I wore a print every single day.
  2. More than half my outfits feature polyester ITY knit. I love the prints, drape, and how it lasts for years and years.
  3. At least a quarter of my outfits feature rayon knit, which is my most favourite fabric.. but it’s hard to find in good prints!
  4. Only 5 things are woven, and three of those are stretch woven pants.
  5. I love sewing and wearing cardigans. Most of these outfits featured a cardi at some point in the day!
  6. I think the older thing I wore was from 2015. Before that, I was smaller and not as knits-obsessed!

mmm2018 close up rectangle collage

Here’s a closer look at my fabric choices and colour palette – I’m still on-brand with large scale organic prints and my chosen colour palette!

I gave my sister Anne a large IKEA stuffed with things I no longer wear, and she took some for herself and passed some on to friends. I gave away some stuff I really loved… but had to face facts that someone else might love and wear them more than me!

Anne was an amazing model of my sewing and her own knitting (plus some of her own sewing – she’s good when she wants to be!) – you can see everything she wore on her Instagram. It was especially cool for me to see her wearing lots of Tiramisu dresses and other things that I made 4 or 5 years ago. They look great on her, which is proof not to discount an older pattern!

Some of my older makes also showed up in a Sewcialists post when my friend Kim inherited them via Anne! She looks so great in this Hummingbird skirt I haven’t fit for YEARS, and this Comino cap that was one of my favourites for years.

I have to admit, I struggle with the concept of sustainable sewing… but seeing my past projects still be worn by someone 5 years later, I feel less guilty about sewing prolifically. I love my wardrobe, and I enjoy recording it every Me-Made May! 

8 thoughts on “Me-Made May 2018: Week 4, and reflections!

  1. Sorry to bother you, but I had never heard of an ITY knit before so I looked it up. Does this help with the ‘pilling’ issue I hate. When I make a garment I do not like to spend, what seems like, half of my life shaving it before I wear it. I love your blog. I’m just a lot older than you so some of the terminology throws me and I am trying to learn how to sew something besides t-shirts in knits. Thanks, Sue


    1. Hi Sue! I don’t find that ITY pills at all… or at least, not easily! I have one dress where it pulled where my seatbelt buckle rubs … but I can’t think of anything else that has pilled. I’ve been told that pilling happens when the fibers are short, but I find it’s worst with poly blend knits that are trying to pretend they are cottony… and cheap poly blend ponte (thick) knits are terrible too! I hope you find something that works for you!!


  2. I love your makes. Aren’t you warm in polyester? In winter I feel cold, summer hot in polyester. I love the prints and pattern that are polyester. Have they changes in the last few years?


    1. You know, it should be sweaty… but I don’t find it’s bad! I wear a lot of sleeveless styles though, so that helps. Most polyester fabrics that I use are ITY, which is silky and thin, with lovely drape, so I find it works well all year round! 😄


  3. I think I took the top you’re wearing in your blog post about the hummingbird skirt too! I love it! And I love that you’re so generous with sharing your me-mades :D, so thank you again!


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