Me-Made May 2018: Week 3

This weeks accidental theme is TURQUOISE!

Me-Made May 2018 Week 3

May 14: Concord draped cardigan from last summer, and a Comino Cap dress from 2015!

This is one of the oldest dresses still in my closet, and I still love it! The fabric is a beautiful thick ponte, and the flowers were appliqued on.

Me-Made May 2018 Week 3

May 15: Santa Fe tank, Ginger Jeans, and a grey cardigan when it got cold! 

Lots of oldies here! The jeans are at least 3 years old, and the tank is one of my most-worn versions of this pattern from 2 years ago. It was chilly and rainy, so I threw on a 1993 Gortex jacket, bought when I was 13 and no longer able to zip closed over my hips, but other wise still pristine! I also rewore the light grey COncord cardi I made last summer, so I guess that is my “something new”!

Me-Made May 2018 Week 3

May 16: Jalie maxi dress from last summer, and thrifted cardigan that is at least 5 years old!

Bless a good thrifted cardigan! When I find the right colour, I wear them for years. The maxi is a favourite, too.

Me-Made May 2018 Week 3

May 17: RTW jeans, never blogged Concord cardi, and refashioned Santa Fe top!

I spent part of the day helping my dad put together the new Nordictrack elliptical we just bought to replace our old one… so I went for practical dressing! This tank was a dress, which I cut into a tank and now gets worn more often. The cardigan was an experiment with a different style of waterfall cardigan, but I don’t love it. Something about the shaping of the drape around the neck isn’t my favourite.

Me-Made May 2018 Week 3

May 18: Groove Dress 

Remember that Nordictrack I mentioned? All the cardboard is hanging out on our porch until  we can take it to the dump… and I was too lazy to move it for pictures!


May 19: More Cardboard

I mean… much-worn Espresso jeggings and a Tessuti Mandy Boat tee. I made a couple of these are pyjama shirts in the winter, and they are very nice to wear on a lazy day!


May 21: Upcoming top/tunic pattern, and some Espresso leggings! 

When in doubt, wear Espresso leggings!!! I’m not a tester for this pattern, but I got a sneak peek in advance. I muslined it in this eye-dazzling ITY polkadot print, which completely hides the pretty pattern details!

Next week is an exciting one for me: I’m presenting about the Better Pictures Project at the Pattern Review Weekend in Stratford, Ontario! But what to wear???

5 thoughts on “Me-Made May 2018: Week 3

  1. Not MMM related, sorry, but a serious question about the nordic track. Do you find yourself using it? I’ve been thinking about buying something like that, but I’m afraid it will just sit there and be a junk hanger. And do they take up a ton of space? My house is small (by American standards, at least–less than 2K sq. feet).

    And also, never apologize for turquoise. 😉


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