Go read my post over on Thread Theory’s Blog!

Thread Theory Sayward Raglan

I was a tester for Thread Theory’s new Sayward Raglan tee, and I’m so excited that they are continuing to offer an extended size range up to 4x!

Jamie’s ideal size would be more like a 5x, so today I’ve written a post for Thread Theory about how to grade the pattern up or down a size. If you sew knits a lot, it won’t be news to you…butĀ I’d love if you would go over and support the post by leaving a comment!Ā 

Thread Theory Sayward Raglan

I’m really enjoying sewing more for Jamie – and having fun taking pictures of him too. I know I’m not the only one with a big and tall husband, and it’s exciting to finally find some good patterns for him!

5 thoughts on “Go read my post over on Thread Theory’s Blog!

    1. I like that part of raglans too! Funny, because on myself I think raglans make my shoulders look narrower… but maybe it’s all about where the seams are placed!


  1. The t-shirt looks great! I love the vibrant blue. I’d like to sew something for my bf some day, but I find nearly 12 dollars quite expensive for a simple t-shirt…


    1. Sewing is almost never cheaper than buying, is it!? It’s hard to find well-fitting shirts for Jamie though, so even though sewing a shirt costs about $25 in fabric for him, I don’t mind as long as he likes the finished product! šŸ™‚


      1. Ah, I hadn’t looked at it that way. You’re right! My boyfriend once suggested I’d make him a fitted shirt, but as he only ever wears t-shirts, I declined, lol. He does wear the sweaters I mended for him though šŸ˜€


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