Pink Wool Berlin Jacket

Pink Wool Berlin Jacket

If my last Berlin coats just barely fulfilled my #sewingdare from the Love To Sew girls to make a coat, then I think this project finally counts!

This version was made during the last of the chilly weather as a transitional coat for spring and fall. It’s sewn in a thick wool knit I found locally at Len’s Mills, which is basically the weight of a traditional heavy wool blanket. It’s felted on the outside, but clearly a knit on the inside!

Pink Wool Berlin Jacket

The fabric was PERFECT for this project! It’s cosy and warm on a crisp days, but the open front and cropped sleeves keep it feeling more cardigan than coat. I sewed it on my regular machine, because I wasn’t sure the serger could handle the bulk.

Pink Wool Berlin Jacket

I used the selvedge edge of the fabric as the top of the pocket, which means there is no bulk and a nice stable edge. I talked myself out of buying this fabric when I first found it, but went back two weeks later to pick it up! It was only about $10/m, so how could I not?

Pink Wool Berlin Jacket

I’ve worn this jacket quite a bit this spring, and I always get compliments on it. It’s my favourite type of sewing project – let the fabric shine, and keep the sewing simple!

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