Me-Made May 2018: Week 2

MOAR CLOTHES! So many clothes. I have so many that I love that I really need to pass some less-favourite items on!


May 7: Cone Mills Ginger Jeans from 2016, Santa Fe top from 2016, and a Concord Cardigan from last year!

Folks, this is proof that Cone Mills is worth the price! I worried about spending $70 on fabric for one pair of jeans, but two years later, they still look immaculate. They have been worn, washed and dried many times!


May 8: Groove Dress from last fall, and the thrifted cardigan from last spring that inspired a million copies! 

Yes, I am counting thrifted items in my MMMay – because I wear them a lot, and they deserve respect and love too! I got this royal blue cardigan last spring, and it quickly became my favourite. I’ve copied it at least 4 times now, including here and here.


May 9: MyImage Dress from 2016, and… yeah, that’s it. 

I mean, if you are picky, I’m also wearing old leggings cut off as shorts, and me-made undergarments like always… but yeah, this outfit didn’t need any thing else! I actually got more compliments on this dress than anything else this month, which is interesting because it’s actually rather poorly fitting, and you can read about in the original post. I think turquoise and pink are my power colours though, so perhaps people notice the overall effect more than the details?


May 10: Cocoon Dress from this spring!

I LOVE this dress… but unfortunately one of the first times I wore it, I layered it under a wool knit kimono jacket. The wool fluff seemed to get embedded in the scuba, and now the scuba has started to pull in horizontal lines! I’m disappointed… but I still wore the dress! I had a thrifted black cardigan over it for most of the day, so I just hope no one noticed the wear!


May 11: Durango Tank from this fall, Berlin Jacket from this spring, and RTW jeans altered last winter!

It’s a bit of a stretch to combine this tank with the jacket, but enough of the colours match that it seemed worth a shot!


May 12: Ancient Ginger Jeans and a newish Cedar Top!

Hello, weekend! These Gingers are at least 3 or 4 years old, and the cheap denim has not held up well. Fine for a lazy weekend, though!


May 13: Isla Top from 2017 and a mysterious cat jumper!

The top is a favourite in fall and winter, and the bamboo has held up well over many wears. The jumper is a soon to be released pattern that I’m testing!

That’s it from me this week! The weather has been amazing, and the leaves are finally out. I’m wearing my giant (and growing) collection of Croc sandals every day, and life is good!


14 thoughts on “Me-Made May 2018: Week 2

    1. It was a year in the making, but it finally happened! Frank has been sleeping on it in the meantime!


  1. It’s kind of a “strange” combination, but I really like the combo of the stripes and the floral on that Durango tank. *Not sure if strange is the word I wanted, but couldn’t think of the right word.

    About that cone mills denim…do you have chub rub? Because I do, and I always wear out the crotch long before the rest of the jeans. I don’t mind paying more if they will last like 3 years (I can barely get 6 months out of a pair in heavy rotation), but that’s a lot of dough for just the fabric!


    1. The back of that tank is definitely a bit of a surprise! For me, it makes it makes it a bit less sweet, which is good!

      Chub rub: Yes! I definitely get it. My pants tend to wear slightly more there, but leggings are more likely to wear out for me. My cone mills jeans are going strong!


    1. I do like a bold print! 😉 Usually I like more organic prints though – this one is a bit regular for me!


  2. Cat fabric!! This crazy cat lady loves your jumper. Actually, I really like all your outfits this week, especially the Sante Fe top and the MyImage dress. I think that it looks amazing on, fitting issues or not. Hope that the rest of your week is fabulous. Xx


  3. I think my favorite outfit this week is your blue/black print dress and thrifted cobalt cardi, but that may be because those are the colors I’ve been attracted to lately. I never used to want to wear blue and now I find myself always drawn to it. I really like the Sante Fe top at the start too!


  4. Great wardrobe. Glad you can still wear the dress despite the pilling. I had a dress ruined by a holiday straw bag that rubbed dye onto my side as I wore both together! The dye never came out and the dress looked rubbish foreverafter.


  5. What a strange side effect, to get those pulls on the scuba cocoon dress…it doesn’t matter at all though, because it just makes you look like a thrifting wizard who found an amazing vintage piece!


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