Behold, one of my favourite makes this year! This is a direct copy of a Tata Naka dress that I saw online here – you might remembered that I mentioned my inspiration dress in my Dress Out Loud post.


Thanks to my ever growing stash, I had just the right fabrics on hand! Wen I bought this dotty Liverpool, the clerk joked I would look like Cruella DeVille… um… sure? Guard your puppies, people! The black contrast is leftover Liverpool from this Rivermont dress.


So, how did I go about hacking it? Well, very unscientifically, I’m afraid! So unscientifically that I don’t actually remember what the bodice pattern is! **SORRY!** (It’s Cashmerette, no doubt… maybe Concord? Maybe Washington?)

I cut out the dotted fabric using the pattern, the used a long clear ruler to slice in. I cut where I wanted to do the cutout, leaving a seam allowance. Then I took the wedge pieces I’d cut out of the bodice and skirt, and cut them out in black, plus double the seam allowance. The end result was pieces that could be sewn together!


I really thought about doing the contrast in the back, I swear… but I got lazy, and didn’t want to figure out how to match the side seams or how to make it look straight over my tush! In the end, I quite like how it looks from behind with the one contrast sleeve!

Did I mention the skirt? It’s my new TNT, the skirt from my recent Burda dress! Which means I officially have not one, but TWO Big 4 TNT patterns! I really like how it’s a pencil-ish shape, but not so snug that I have to feel self-conscious. I feel like a lady boss in this skirt!

Not sure I look like a lady boss though – here’s my dramatic interpretation of how I must have looked when I made a Grade 6 use her whole body to make acute and obtuse angles with her arms in math class recently!


Acute! Obtuse! Straight angle! Reflex angle! (I’ll be honest, I had to look that last one up when we came across it on her worksheet… I’ve only taught math up to Grade 5, and that term never came up! It means an angle larger than 180, apparently.)

And then, I decided to… Dance? Vogue? Make weird angles with my body? I have no idea what I was thinking, but here you are, my parting gift for this post:


You’re welcome.

I’m sad that I haven’t been able to wear this dress as part of MMMay – I put it on yesterday put pulled it right off because the Liverpool is too warm! I love it though, and can’t wait to wear it next winter!

36 thoughts on “Angles

    1. Thank you! I’m realising more and more that I like large bold shapes in my clothes and accessories… fussy little things never feel like me! 😉


  1. I freakin LOVE hacking patterns for piecing. SO fun. And this! You look absolutely stunning. Yours is better than the original. Really absolutely stunning.


  2. I love this dress. It looks so great on you. I really enjoy hacking TNT patterns to do fun things like this.


  3. Dude! I just saw this (rather behind on the social media!) and it is AWESOME! I love it and it looks fantastic 🙂


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