Me-Made May 2018: Week 1!


My goal for this Me-Made May is to wear something older than a year each day, and something newer than a year! I’m generally off to a good start, with a wobble or two…

MMMay 1

May 1: Ebony Tunic from Feb. 2017, and Sasha Trousers (unblogged)

It’s a duo of Closet Case Patterns! I’ve worn this stripy Ebony a ton, but it does slide back on my shoulders. The Sashas will show up on the blog soon – I like them a lot, but I can’t seem to get that smooth almost-snug fit that other people get.

MMMay 2

May 2: Comino Cap Blouse and… what?

Here’s where the weather started to mess me up. Two weeks ago we had a massive ice storm, but as soon as May started it go humid and hot. I meant to wear this with the me-made pink wool coatigan on the right, but it was far too warm. Instead, I opted for the thrifted ponte blazer on the left for when I got cold at work. I like this blouse a lot in theory, but it was always snug and it’s become more so since 2016! It demands really high-waisted pants, so RTW jeans were my only choice.

MMMay 3

May 3: Burda dress (unblogged) and ancient Espresso leggings

You’ve already seen my floral version of this dress – this one will make it on the blog soon!


May 4: Scrappy Nettie dress (unblogged) and yet more ancient Espressos!

Oh man, I am really behind on the blogging! I’ve been snapping some blog pics while I shoot MMMay pics in the morning, so you’ll see most of this stuff before May is over. On this day I had to walk students to a school tour through possible thunderstorms, so I needed sturdy shoes and something casually professional. Thankfully the rain held out and our walk was dry!

MMMay 5

May 5: Ebony Tee and Espresso Jeggings

Finally, an outfit I’ve blogged! The tee was made last summer, and the jeggings are a few years old. Can you tell it’s the weekend?


May 6: Concord Cactus Tee, DBP Blackwood Cardigan, and newish Espresso leggings

Are you starting to get a sense of just how many Espresso leggings I own and wear? That’s 4 pairs in one week! I love the print on this tee, but I dislike wearing cotton lycra. It does make for very comfy lounge clothes on a lazy Sunday, though!

Oddly, when I look back at these pictures, I’m not sure they represent how I normally dress… or maybe it just that I’m not used to wearing spring outfits!Transitional weather is so odd, and as it gets warmer I can tell it will be harder to mix old and new in one outfit. It would be easier in winter when I’m wearing more layers!

Are you enjoying MMMay so far? 

15 thoughts on “Me-Made May 2018: Week 1!

  1. Your scrappy Nettie is really fun! I feel like last week was easy, since it was hot and I could just break out my old maxi dresses and such. This week will be harder, because it’ll be more temperate again, and a big problem I’ve been having this year is that my remaining separates don’t necessarily go together!


    1. I don’t like the stiffness and lack of drape. It’s great as leggings, but when I wear it as a t-shirt it drives me crazy! I think I’m pretty much the only one who feels that way though! 😉


    1. The Burda pattern is really fun! But it had surreal instructions, like hand-hemming the sleeves. WHY???


  2. I just had an “omg I really don’t care for cotton-lycra knit” moment. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a fabric people praise but it’s so weirdly thick to me and I don’t like that cottony feel. I’ll take some sort of rayon/nylon/poly/lycra blend any day.

    I LOVE that Ebony tee and in that fabric. Very cute!!


  3. Your ebony tees are adorable! I can’t decide between the stripes or the border print one – both are amazing. But your scrappy Nettie is fantastic!! Seriously. g


  4. Ooh, I ❤ the scrappy Nettie!
    We’ve also been having quite warm weather for the beginning of May (especially compared to the last couple of years), so I don’t even wear two pieces of clothing some days (except if you’re counting underwear…).


    1. Summer weather is amazing… but I definitely didn’t even think of what to do on dress-only days when I set this challenge! 😛


  5. I like all the outfits you put together! Also, the Closet Case patterns look great! That reminds me I still have two CC patterns to make! As for MMM, I am enjoying it immensely! It is my first year, and I can’t believe I waited this long to join in!


    1. Which two are you planning to make? I”m in a realy Closet Case Patterns state of mind right now – I want to sew them all!


  6. I love that scrappy dress! And I finally broke down and bought the comino Cap pattern after loving all your versions over the years. My me Made May is going well, my aim is to wear two me Made garments each day and have realized they is ridiculously easy when I have me Made undies so next year I won’t count the undies as a part of my two garments. I fell off the Me made wagon for vintage muumuu style house dresses today and yesterday though. So comfortable in high heat! I just throw on an elastic belt, flats and cute jewelry and it looks fabulous ❤


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