Family Easter Fun (And finally my sister wearing a dress I’ve made her!)


My parents and sister and I went to Toronto for our extended family Easter potluck last weekend, and we took a quick family picture to send all the exchange students who lived with us over the years! It was throughly handmade – I made my dress, jacket, Anne’s dress and my mom’s top, Anne made her scarf, and my dad and I discussed the sewing blog post he has coming up here!


Despite the sharp wind and beginnings of snow, Anne was a trooper and modelled the short-sleeved Cashmerette Rivermont I just made her! I’ve made this pattern for her twice before – the recent black one and a heavy ponte version last year. I often end up modelling things I make her on myself, but we thought it would be nice to show how they actually fit her! We have similar measurements, but significantly different shapes.


For this version, we decided to go summery and casual with this indigo tie-dye double knit. Anne picked it up a destash sale last year, and neither of us knew quite what to do with it… until we realised that 2m is just enough to make this dress! I used the short sleeves that come with the pattern, and scooped out the neckline slightly. I think little tweaks can camouflage TNT patterns, so that coworkers won’t spot that today’s outfit is really just another version of yesterday’s!


Our favourite part of the Rivermont dress is is all the darts – there are 12 in all! It gives a really fabulous fit all over without any pulling. I think Anne looks so lovely in it – comfortable yet totally pulled together and chic.


The neckline is finished with facings that extend all the way to the shoulder seam, but I hate flippy-facings so much that I always topstitch them just to be safe. If you really squint you can just about see a double-line of coverstitching going from armscye to armscye above!

What you probably can’t see if that Anne has an insulin pump clipped at her waist under the dress – she was a total pro and kept moving it out of shot. It resulted in hilarious pictures of her contorting to move the pump around, but as a *reformed and mature younger sister*, of course I won’t show you that! (Anne was telling stories on the drive about how I always used to try to talk my way out of everything as a little girl, and it pissed her off because she thought my parents might actually believe my shameless attempts at spin! Good thing they are all much smarter than me – and as far as anyone can remember, Anne taught me to read before kindergarten, so good job her!)


And yet… turns out I’m still the bossy sister! I bet you can imagine exactly what direction I was giving her in each photo!


Anne’s dog Kodak approves… but was ready to head inside out of the cold wind as soon as possible!

Thanks to Anne for modelling, and thank you all for reading. If you like knitting and dogs, then go follow Anne on Instagram!

8 thoughts on “Family Easter Fun (And finally my sister wearing a dress I’ve made her!)

  1. I’m a fairly new reader and I get your blog through my Feedly. I just wanted to pop in here and tell you how very much I enjoy your posts and seeing your fabulous clothes! I love your sense of humor too. So, thanks very much!


  2. I always thoroughly enjoy reading your posts too Gillian! This one was especially great fun – “meeting” your sister and parents was heart-warming… the dynamic between you shines through in all the photos. Love your sister’s Rivermont so much I’m going to have to check through my stash to see if I have this pattern! I don’t think I bought it because I wasn’t so keen on a waist seam but seeing it on her I see there is no reason to emphasize the waist just because there is a seam there! I’ve had a real aha moment truly seeing her in this dress which suits her so perfectly and I also had no idea there were 12 darts in this pattern!

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    1. This version really made me think twice about the pattern too! While her versions fit me well enough, they fit her much better. She doesn’t like a defined waist as much as I do, probably because I’m trying to enhance my upper curves and she doesn’t need to! πŸ˜‰

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    2. In all three versions Gillian has made me of this dress, the waist seam is practically invisible! I thought it would be more visible in this print (versus blue/black fine texture or straight black, in the other two) but really, it’s not a point of emphasis at all. It just allows for AMAZING huge and stable pockets, and all those darts, which makes for a lovely shape! Dooooo eeeeeet! Enjoy!


      1. uh oh another enabler just what I need :))) Thank you Annie and yes I think I’m just going to have to buy this pattern – it looks so lovely on you πŸ™‚


  3. Yep, always enjoy your posts too and you have such a super-creative family. You are so like your sister and your Mum! I really like this dress and love the fabric. You would never tell that it had 12 darts in it, you have made them invisible. The shaping is just lovely. How brave of your sister to stand without a coat on in this weather. It is still baltic here so must be twice as bad where you are! Xx


    1. My family is pretty awesome! And very encouraging of all my sewing, which is really lovely. I feel like you would really look great in this pattern, BTW!


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