Sewcialists #SewStripes Month!

#SewStripes Nettie Dress

Behold, I have sewn a knit stripe dress! Which is nothing new for me, except that actually the length and silhouette are a bit outside my comfort zone!

This is a Closet Case Patterns Nettie dress, inspired by Helen’s Closet’s recent striped Nettie. I’d dared her to try the pattern a few years ago, and she’d been surprised to realised she felt great in something form-fitting… and then when I was on the Love to Sew podcast, I dared Helen’s cohost Caroline to sew something with a defined waist. (They dared me to sew a coat, which I’ve totally punked out of!) It got me thinking though, that I don’t sew much with a fitted waist anymore, and I certainly don’t wear form-fitting clothes. I’m definitely self-conscious of my round belly, so I guess I just drifted away from those styles.

#SewStripes Nettie Dress

But what better time to challenge my comfort zone than a Sewcialists theme month? I used a textured polyester doubleknit that had been passed on to me by my friend Sarah–Β Thank you, Sarah! I added some width to the hips of a size 20 to sitting ease, cut down the shoulders for a tank-top shape, and extended the hem. The result is a dress that is perfect for layering with all the winter sweaters I keep sewing! I’m also excited to try it with a shirt overtop, so it acts like a skirt.

#SewStripes Nettie Dress

The fabric is perfect for this style – enough body to hang nicely, but enough stretch to be secret pyjamas!Β 

#SewStripes Nettie Dress

Oh, and the sweater? That’s new too! It’s made with the most scrumptious rayon/cotton/modal sweater knit in Oxblood from Spool and Spindle. I’m already checking out all the other colours! This is the same Concord tee hack that I did in the summer, copying a RTW sweater that I love. I also did a post on easy ways to make a cardigan from a t-shirt pattern, if you want more instruction!

#SewStripes Nettie Dress

I wore this outfit today, and I’ll be honest – I want to wear it again tomorrow! I really love the combination of drapey sweater with semi-fitted dress. Maybe there will be more of these in my future!

If you want to see how deep my love of knit stripes goes, then check out my “Ode To Stripes” post on the Sewcialists blog! (Spoilers: Even I was surprised how many knit stripes I’ve sewn!) And in the mean time, are you planning to sew any stripes for #SewStripes Month??

18 thoughts on “Sewcialists #SewStripes Month!

    1. Thank you! I used to wear a lot of tank maxi dresses in my early days of sewing knits, and then they all got slightly tight… and I think it got in my head that this isn’t a style I “can” wear. I’m happy to prove myself wrong!


    1. I technically fit the size 20 measurements perfectly, but I added at least 4″ of ease at the hips so that it would skim, not hug! πŸ˜‰


  1. This is a silhouette that I’m loving these days too.I just need to get on with making more drapey overlayers. The stripes are great on you and I love b/w as a neutral with a color.


    1. I *love* a drapey overlayer! I hardly ever wear a short cardigan any more… maybe because all of mine are RTW and starting to get pretty worn out!


  2. Ahh, this is really lovely on you! I absolutely love the combination form fitting with a drapey cardigan/overlay. It makes me want to copy you, even though I’m very conscious of my tummy.


    1. I’ve felt conscious since I was 12 that my belly was bigger than my boobs in profile… it’s something I really want to stop spending time thinking about! et’s wear whatever we want! πŸ˜‰


    1. Thank you! I definitely feel like I’m channeling you a bit in this dress – you always look so good in a slim-cut knit dress! (Although let’s be honest, mine is pretty roomy! πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I feel good in it, even in the early morning dawn when I took these pictures! (Seriously, it was pitch black 20 minutes before! πŸ˜‰


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