8 thoughts on “Update: Best Online Shops for Knits in Canada!

  1. Thanks for the update. Your list is even great for us non-Canadians. Would you consider giving it a “home” on a new “Resources” tab at the top of your blog? I’ve spent my budget (plus some) on fabric until the new year, so I’d like a (selfish) easy way to find this post again when my bank account is ready. šŸ™‚


  2. Thanks so much for the list. It has felt like a wasteland up here for a while. Do you have any idea why there is a trend to list prices according to the half ( or in one case, quarter) metre/yard. I can do math in my head, but most knit garments take more than a quarter metre and I find the trend annoying. Thoughts?


    1. It’s an odd one, isn’t it? Especially when I think “Oh that’s a good price for 1/2m” but then it turns out to only be the price for 1/4m! My best guess would be that the shop websites that people are using won’t allow partial units, so they have to make the unit small. Some stores (like Cali Fabrics) only sell by the full metre, and that’s annoying too!


      1. I have been struggling about this too (as a seller)!! First of all, Gillian, you are correct. Website doesn’t allow partial unit (unless we hire special web developer to code that part), otherwise any existing e-commerce platform only allows whole unit. Then, I think of following the brick and mortar store convention (fabricland allows 1/4 metre increment). It gives flexibility for people to buy smaller amount, but I run into problem of “price looks too good” (as if it is the price for per metre), or people don’t realize that when they order Qty = 1, they are actually ordering 0.25m.

        I know most of the people would order 1 metre or more for knit fabric. But I also came across people who make headbands, baby accessories that they only order 1/4 metres per fabric (and choose 10 different colours / patterns).

        So my question is, would 1/2 metre per unit would still be the better option? I definitely would love to hear from you all out there!!!


  3. Hi, another source for knits is Bramakers Supply in Hamilton. Although they specialize in lingerie materials, they also carry a lot of fabrics that can be used for other clothing, including active wear and swim wear, t-shirts, etc. Re Gala Fabrics on your list above, I can confirm that while expensive, they carry beautiful, high-quality fabrics. They have a shop in Victoria, BC, but also an online service as well. I have also ordered from Distinctive Fabrics, Thread Theory, and Blackbird and have been very happy with everything I’ve purchased. (I live in rural BC with limited access to fabric stores.)


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