Pantone Fall 2017 Mini-Capsule Wardrobe!

Parts of this post first appeared on the Cali Fabrics blog, and some of the fabric was received from them as part of their blogging team!

I’m so excited! I’ve been planning and wearing this little capsule for weeks months now, and it’s been really satisfying to pull it all together!

First off, the colours:


This is Pantone’s Fall 2017 colour palette for New York. I’ve done a lot of thinking about colour palettes, and, well, these are definitely not my colours! I usually wear jewel tones and always prefer cool colours – basically, the colours in my blog header. That just makes this a more enjoyable challenge though: Can I make a mini capsule wardrobe in these colours that is flattering and fun to wear? 

I had a few ground rules:

  • incorporate clothes that are already in my wardrobe wherever possible
  • keep it flattering so that it will get worn
  • use my Cali Fabric order to add in colours that were lacking in my wardrobe

The whole goal was to revamp my wardrobe by adding a few things, not to sew everything from scratch!

Here are the three projects I made from Cali Fabrics, which I’ve posted about already:

cali makes.jpg

From left to right: a rayon sweater knit cardigan; a double brushed poly tank; and a double brushed poly cosy tunic/top! 

Next, I started pulling items from my existing wardrobe that fit the colour scheme. I was excited that two of the pieces actually came from Cali Fabrics too, including this coral leopard jersey dress which I shortened into a tank, and another tank sewn from leftovers from this model jersey dress!

cali 2.jpg

I also pulled in a simple grey cardigan, Old Navy grey jeggings, the Ginger jeans I’m wearing with the tank above, this spruce green shirt, and my new Style Arc Ginger twist top that included lime green and navy.

Here is how my plans looked when I sketched them out!


That’s a total of 18 options, plus a few more if I get creative!

You’ll notice I did totally ignore the orange shade – and that comes back to my self-imposed rule about keeping it flattering. Harsh orange is not my colour, and neither is that Buttercream… but at least the buttercream can be introduced more easily with camel-coloured shoes. The lime green is another difficult shade for me to wear, so I only used it in one print!

Ready to see my mini capsule wardrobe?

Pantone Fall 2017 Capsule Wardobe

First, tanks and a tee with both navy and grey jeans…

Pantone Fall 2017 Capsule Wardobe

… and layered with my grey sweater…

Pantone Fall 2017 Capsule Wardobe

…or the burgundy one! For the photoshoot, I just used one pair of shoes, one necklace,and one scarf, but in reality I think accessories would add a lot of variety to these looks!

Pantone Fall 2017 Capsule Wardobe

Long-sleeved tops with both jeans… the navy jeans are actually much darker and more distinct in real life, but I know in photos the two pants look very similar! These tops are actually both the same pattern, and can also be pulled down and worn as tunics with leggings.

And here you have the whole collection:

Pantone Fall 2017 Capsule Wardobe

Overall, I had so much fun revamping my fall wardrobe with this capsule collection. It helped me combine existing pieces with different colours, and I got lots of very wearable outfits. In retrospect, I could have had more variation if I’d included at least one dress, or more dramatically-different jeans. That said, this is exactly how I dress for work and play, and I know everything will get worn!

Have you even made a capsule or mini-capsule wardrobe? And if you were going to add just three pieces to spice up your fall/winter wardrobe, what would you add? 

10 thoughts on “Pantone Fall 2017 Mini-Capsule Wardrobe!

  1. It’s interesting that Pantone has created color palettes for New York and London, and that London’s has many lighter shades. My entire wardrobe is pretty small, so the thing I want to work on this winter are warm, colorful tops. So far, I don’t have any appropriate fabric or good pattern ideas!


    1. It is interesting, eh? heather from Closet Case Files was commenting on the difference in fashion she saw in London vs Montreal, and saying how the British women are more pared back and chic… I haven’t been to the UK in so long that I can’t tell if that is true!


  2. Gorgeous outfits and really nice to get out of your comfort zone colour-wise. I love the lime print top and the coral leopard tank. You really suit those colours. Actually I think that the burgundy cardi is superb on you. It looks a lovely layering piece. Really handy for this weather. I had to scrape ice off my car today. 🙂
    I have never made a capsule wardrobe, mini or other-wise. I am far too disorganised for that and a bit of a fabric magpie buying loads of bright patterned stuff that doesn’t suit me and that I will never wear. If I was to make three pieces to spice up my winter wardrobe it would be a black silk velvet redingote, a long velvet skirt (probably black) and maybe a dress as I now have a couple and I like them. They are RTW/vintage and the fit is not great but flinging one thing on and you are dressed is fab. Your maxi dresses are very inspirational. Xx


  3. I love your capsule wardrobe using the new Pantone colors. You definitely chose the colors that work well for you, and your clothing is so nice.I especially like the wrap top and longer length berry cardigan. Great work!


    1. Thank you! It was really strange to even figure out how to accessorize these colours… but i do like them now that they are in my wardrobe! 🙂


  4. It’s a great little wardrobe! Since my one attempt at a capsule wardrobe was a flop, and the CSC ran that series about them a few months ago, I think I’d really like to give one a try for 2018. I love that you built off of things that you had, because that sounds much more achievable!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I have been so looking forward to the big reveal! You did a fantastic job! I especially like the dusky rose print top and the burgundy cardigan on you. Top notch!


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