Velvet Ultraviolet tee


I moved my winter stash down into the sewing room last week, and quickly found myself distracted by this knit velvet! It’s just a cheap remnant I bought last year, but it gave me a chance to practice before sewing with some of the patterned and burnout velvet in stock at Fabricland this season!

front back

The pattern is Seamstress Erin’s Ultraviolet tee. I made one in the summer in a hot pink silk noile knit, and unfortunately the silk-smell has meant I don’t wear that one much! It’s a great pattern for velvet though, because it’s so simple and loose. Minimal seams, minimal chance of velvet highlighting every roll of fat on my torso! I think this could be a great pattern for a sequined fancy top for the holidays.


Once again, though, the dart is way too low on me. I did size down, which shortened the hem and raised the dart a centimetre… but i think next time I’ll try the version without the dart and see if that’s better on me! I don’t really mind, though – it’s such a loose style that fabric would gather below the arm anyway.


The hem is my favourite part! I love the deep curve, which I finished with a strip of the velvet knit. Thanks to the suggestions on Instagram, I’m wearing it with a black tank underneath, which makes it a) better for cool weather and b) something I could wear to work! I wore it shopping today with a big scarf, and I liked how that toned down the dressiness of the velvet.

This is my second top in a row that feels a bit adventurous to me, and I’ve got one more oddball project coming soon… but then I really need to gear up for the Sewcialists TNT month in November! I’m debating a whole bunch of options, like knocking out a bunch of layering tops in black and white, or making new versions of my favourite cardigan TNTs. Or maybe both, and then I’ll have a new wardrobe for winter?

What are you working on these days? Old classics, or new adventures?


27 thoughts on “Velvet Ultraviolet tee

  1. Another winner top Gillian 🙂 The colour on you is so lovely you remind of an exotic piece of jewelry 🙂 I’m working on this adorable top by Named patterns, The Minya Pererine Tee. I just love this pattern. I decided to go fancy with the cape/collar overlay and sleeves (adding strips of applique to match the sleeves) because I didn’t have enough of the body fabric to complete the top. Necessity being the mother of invention and all that 🙂 I didn’t even do a practice run with this one which is the most daring of all for me never having even worked with a Named pattern before never mind this particular one but I did do a FBA and FSA and it is a knit…we’ll see 🙂


    1. Your top sounds amazing! I’ve never tried Named either – I want to, but just haven’t found the perfect pattern yet!


  2. Your new top is a knockout Gillian! The fabric is perfect for that pattern, and I like the hemline finish as well. Once I get back from the CreativFestival next week in Toronto, where I’m teaching a few classes, I’ll be planning my contribution to November TNT.


  3. What a great top! I love the look of velvet, it makes colors look so rich, but struggle to figure out how to incorporate it into an everyday wardrobe. This looks like a great compromise.


    1. I’m not sure how forgiving it would be of dirty toddler fingers, but it is a easy to wash and doesn’t wrinkle, so it might actually be perfect for you!


  4. Ooh, the fabric looks sumptuous and I really love the shape. I’ve ventured into crushed velvet this week for a midi skirt, though the process hasn’t been without its strife. Thankfully I have just the hem to do now. Your knit velvet has me craving similar in red 🙂


      1. I made a sleeveless from the MariaDenmark Day-to-Night Drape Top and another from the Deer & Doe Plaintain T (short sleeves). I need to get them into rotation now that it’s getting cold out.


  5. Wow, that top is gorgeous. I looks a lot more high end than a “cheap remnant”. The colour is really lovely on you too. I love the curved hem. Stretch velvet was my number one fabric for (goth) years. I still have quite a lot in RTW. No ironing and a short drying time. What’s not to love? The patterned and burn-out velvets sound wonderful. Velvet always looks really cool on and you are knocking it out of the park. Xx


  6. Oh, that top is gorgeous! I love velvet but it gives me flashbacks to the 90s most of the time. This looks a lot more modern! I’ve been working on kids’ clothes. I somehow got chosen to compete in Project Run & Play and I’m sewing up a storm. I find out tomorrow if I’m moving on to week 2. But whether I’m in or out, I still have to work on the following weeks’ outfits. Waiting until I find out if I’m moving on doesn’t leave me enough time to sew an outfit and take good quality pictures. It’s intense!


  7. I love the teal colour, it suits you very well. Love the cut of the t-shirt, too. Coincidentally, I sewed a dark blue velvet long sleeve Concord t-shirt today. It was a bit of a faff, the fabric seemed to be alive 🙂


  8. I love this! I used to have a top in a similar blue velvet that I got from an op shop. I wore it ALL the time and I loved it, but it got too tight (it was quite close fitting) and I gave it away. I miss it! I should make a new one! Just be careful because I got busted often stroking my own chest because it felt so nice and tactile XD


  9. Ka-pow! Landed it. I always think of dressy items as very complicated and elaborate, but this is a perfect example of how to do a simple, basic, easy YET fancy piece. Plus that teal is ace, especially on you!


      1. Nice! I’m excited to see your makes. I have been inspired by this tee to think about making something festive- but easy- for the holidays. The right fabric would do all the work, really.


  10. Wahhhh I am so glad I just ordered some stretch velvet because I am so inspired by this! I’m doing a Moneta mashup with mine, but hopefully I have enough left over to copy you. 😉 I’ve had my eye on this pattern and you’re just reassuring me I need it in my life.


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