I’m on the Love To Sew Podcast!

I’m feeling so honoured! Helen and Caroline reached out to see if I’d like to chat about the Sewcialists, and of course I said yes!


Helen from Helen’s Closet and Caroline from Blackbird Fabric started the Love To Sew podcast in August, and I think they’ve been doing a fantastic job. They are chatty and warm, and I look forward to listening every week! Canada may have a small population, but between Love To SewMaker.Style and the Clothes Making Mavens podcasts, Canucks are taking over the airwaves!

Now, I’ll be honest – even though I’m a teacher, I get so nervous when I’m presenting or speaking! I had all kinds of notes for myself of things to remember to say (because, you know, it would be awkward to forget my own blog name or something!). Literally, I had notes on how to answer simple questions like “Tell us about yourself”. In the end, I have no idea what I rambled on about or if I made sense, but I hope I represented the Sewcialists community well!

(Oh, and I started giving them sewing dares halfway through the episode… and after recording, Helen dared me to sew a coat! So, um, I guess that’s finally going to happen!?)

You can go have a listen here!

18 thoughts on “I’m on the Love To Sew Podcast!

  1. Hurray! I was wondering when you will be on it!! I can’t wait to listen to your voice. Isn’t that funny about blogging friends, you will recognise their style and face and posture from a tiny pic, but have never heard their voices.


    1. So? Do I sound SO CANADIAN? I’m always surprised when international sewing friends have an accent, even though of course I should expect it! 😉


      1. Just listening to it now!! I LOVE you even more, you are so warm and lovely!! Makes me want to go to Canada!! It’s funny that you are talking to two other Canadians and you all sound so different!
        Re accent, recently someone offered me a Russian audio guide in a museum after I just said hello. I’m Romanian, really no connection, Romanian is a Latin language. So I clearly have a very strong accent ☹️.


        1. I have a few Romanian ESL students for the first time this year, and I was looking at letters and numbers to see if they were similar to English – I was happy for the student’s sake that there were so many similarities!
          How did you learn English? In school, or by living somewhere English speaking? I’m always so in awe of how fluent so many European bloggers are!


          1. I started in school, but I had a fantastic tutor from about 12 to 18, she really was the one that set the foundations. I also speak French, which I also learned in school, and Greek, which I learned in Uni, plus a bit of Italian and Spanish which I picked up from TV. It’s easy when your mother tongue is Latin, opens the doors to a lot of other European languages. But never underestimate the importance of a solid grammar foundation.
            I bet you are an amazing teacher!


  2. I listened to most of the episode this morning while driving to PT, and I’ve been enjoying it! Incidentally, I haven’t forgotten about your sewing dare, I have fabric for it, I just haven’t gotten to it yet since I’ve had more immediate wardrobe needs that had to happen. Maybe 2018?


  3. This is fantastic. I have started to listen to sewing podcasts as I was bored with all my music and wanted something to listen to when I was tracing out patterns. I am going to go listen to this now while I am making dinner. Oooooh, coat! That would be fabulous. Xx


    1. I”m really enjoying podcasts, now that I’ve found a few that I like! I listen while I drive, and it’s nice to pass a whole hour with friends, imagining I’m part of the conversation! 😉


  4. I really enjoyed listening while on my daily dog walk. I think I smiled most of the way round – you were interesting and great company! x


  5. The Love to Sew podcast is my favorite! I used to read your blog a long time ago and I’m glad I listened today, because I found your blog again! I started blogging in 2011 and so I could relate to a lot of what you were saying (I haven’t done a great job of keeping my blog up though). I will have to check out the Sewcialists too!


  6. I loved your episode!! I’d seen the #sewcialist tag on IG but never knew what it was! Another thing: I feel really challenged now to include more different types of sewists in blog tours, pattern features, etc. after listening to your thoughts about this and learning of your blog series. I’ve expanded my size range (I’m a patternmaker) in past years and have been thrilled to see an increase in body-positive messages recently, but I still feel like there is a lack of diversity and representation in our community and I want to be more intentional about this. Thanks for challenging all of us to be more inclusive.


    1. Hi Rae! I’m so flattered that you enjoyed the episode and that it made you think about being more intentional about diversity! It’s such a little thing, in the grand scheme, but I really do think that it makes a difference. There are so many great sewists out there who represent a range of sizes, ages, and ethnicities, and seeing ourselves representing in blog tours, packaging etc really makes us all feel welcome! ❤


  7. Thank you for such an encouraging podcast! It’s absolutely energized me! I often feel so left out of the online sewing community because I don’t have a blog or podcast but you’ve made me feel welcome! Thank you!!!!


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the episode! truly, where would the blog community be if no one read our posts or commented? Enthusiasts and cheerleaders are what keeps it all going! 🙂


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