Secret Pyjamas That Aren’t Very Secret

A shorter version of this post first appeared on the Cali Fabrics blog, and I received some of the fabric in return for being part of their blogging team!

Tessuti Ilsa and Jeggings

I’m not fooling anyone with these secret pyjamas… but I do think everyone will envy me for looking so dang comfortable! I decided over the summer that I need to start wearing and sewing tunics, which necessitates two things: tunics, and totally opaque leggings! Today I’m coming at you with the tunic, but soon I’ll be telling you more about the leggings, too.

Tessuti Ilsa and Jeggings

Tessuti’s Ilsa is a trapezoid shape, with narrow hips and sleeves, and a batwing effect over the torso. I love the combination of boxy and fitted, and I’ve worn my previous two versions much more than I expected! The front pattern piece wraps over the shoulders and becomes the yoke for the back. I wanted to highlight those seams in the busy print, so I coverstitched them in cream thread.

Tessuti Ilsa and Jeggings

I scooped out the neckline a little (ok, no, I actually cut off my first neckband and attached one below!) but it’s still a little high in the front. I guess my rayon versions draped and stretched more! For this version, I added a wide hem-band to lengthen it into a tunic. It can also be pulled up above the hips and worn as a shirt!

Tessuti Ilsa and Jeggings

Can we just talk about how cosy double brushed poly is? It’s perfect for the cool weather of fall. It’s not as warm as wool, but it *feels* much cosier than the cool touch of rayon. It does pill a bit with lots of wear, but I’d expect that of any fuzzy fabric.

Tessuti Ilsa and Jeggings

I’ve got a few projects coming up where I explore the colours in Pantone 2017 colour palette for fall, starting with this great burgundy colour. Next up I’m adding in some pink, and then I’ll show you how I’ve refreshed my wardrobe with a mini-capsule in the Pantone colours! I hope you enjoy – if you follow me on Instagram then you’ve already seen how it turned out! in

How do you update your wardrobe each season? 

23 thoughts on “Secret Pyjamas That Aren’t Very Secret

    1. I really only noticed the pilling when i looked closely… but I know it does annoy some people a lot, so I’m glad you are warned and forearmed! 😉


  1. The colors and the shape look really flattering on you! I don’t want to spark a whole debate about whether ‘flattering’ is important or not, because it ultimately is up to the wearer, but you look really good in this outfit!


    1. Thank you! I am always down with things being flattering… especially since in this context, it’s definitely making me look good because i’m happy, not because it makes me look skinner! (Hello, giant inverted triangle top!)


  2. Gorgeous top. Looks super comfy and cosy and very, very stylish. It s a great length and shape. Have you coloured your hair? It looks a bit darker and is looking fan-bloody-tactic. You look ace in your secret jammies! Xx


    1. Thank you! I thought of it midway through the process, and debating skipping it because it would be a bit of a hassle… but I’m glad I added that detail!


  3. Love this top and leggings! Where did you get the double brushed poly? I’ve been listening to a podcast from the US where they talk about double brushed poly A LOT and would love to try some. Hoping you got it in Canada?


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