Instagram Vs. Blogging: Part 2!

Wow! You guys had so many interesting opinions that I just had to do a part 2 post, synthesising all the comments I had on the blog and my related Instagram post and stories!

Instagram Vs. Blogging- Which is better for building a community- (1)

Pro-Blog Arguments: 

  • More depth and detail. Personally this is why I think blogs will always be around.
  • More enduring content. Instagram posts get lost in the feed pretty fast!
  • More personality. Because blogging is more in-depth, some people felt they got a more authentic sense of who the blogger is as a person.
  • More and better pictures. Blog pictures are bigger and show more detail, and often also let you see a garment from lots of angles. That’s critical when you are looking for information about a pattern!
  • People write longer comments. Several people said they give more in-depth comments on blog posts.
  • Doesn’t require a smartphone. While you can now create an IG account without a smartphone, I’m not sure if it’s possible to post photos or stories that way!
  • Identity. Who am I? Go check my blog and see. It’s almost 6 years of 2 posts a week. It’s something I’m proud enough of to post in public. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel that way about my Instagram feed, with pictures of cats, bedhead, food and daily life mixed in.
  • Better for creating resources. Both of my all-time most popular posts (that get a few hundred views a day) are tutorials that got popular on Pinterest. While it’s possible to do a tutorial in an Instagram post, blog posts are more in-depth and much easier for people to find later!
  • No annoying algorithms. Instagram keeps changing their algorithms, which decide what you see and what you don’t. At this point, you could follow someone and never see their pictures! It was really noticeable with my IG post there there was a lot of commenting on it for the first 4 hours, then a sharp drop-off and almost nothing. Then one person commented days later that she’d just seen my post pop up for the first time! At least with a blog reader like Bloglovin’ or Feedly, they show you what you’ve asked to see.

Pro-Instagram Arguments: 

  • Fast. A lot of people said they just don’t have time to blog themselves, so Instagram lets them be a part of the community without a big time commitment.
  • Easy to comment. A lot of people mentioned reading blogs on their phones, which makes commenting hard. Other mentioned the hassle of always having to sign in to comment on blogs – personally, I don’t find that an issue because my computer is set to keep me logged in to WordPress and Discus!
  • People love InstaStories! Oh my gosh, people. I did not expect the love for stories! (for non-IG users, stories are short little videos). I listened to the Love To Sew podcast episode on sewcializing the same day I posted and Caroline and Helen were gushing about how they love stories and always check them first. I posted a story asked if people check their feed or stories first, and I got more direct messages back than I’ve ever had on a story before! As Caroline and Helen had said, that direct interaction and chance for a personal chat is really cool (as opposed to a public comment)… but now all those cool conversations are private and no one else gets to jump in and join. I’ve got mixed feelings on that!
  • Notifications. Some people dislike having to go back to a blog to see if anyone has replied. Understandable! I personally feel like I get notifications from Discus or WordPress from 90% of the blogs I comment on. I actually found that I wasn’t getting notifications on some comments on my Instagram posts, and they new indented comment system meant I couldn’t see everything, even when I looked back at my post!
  • Quick community. As I found with the Sewcialists, it’s a lot faster to build a following on Instagram. Hashtags and community challenges also make it easy to discover new people.
  • Micro-blogging. Plenty of bloggers have long gaps between posts, and Instagram is a way to stay connected by sharing WIP, sewing plans, and other informal content.
  • Refers people to your blog. Almost every blogger I follow puts a teaser picture up on Instagram when they publish a blog post! It’s a good way to let people know you’ve got something new worth checking out!
  • Ego boost. Look, Instagram will hands-down give you that rush of flattery when you post a picture, and it gets liked by a bunch of people. It’s a one-stop shop for boosting your self-esteem! I don’t think that’s a bad thing, unless you reply on it too much, and then things go sour.
  • Connecting daily. I’ve made so many friends though blogging… but it’s been in Instagram that we’ve gotten to know each other’s lives better. Instagram allows for daily back and forth, and private chats, and I find it’s much faster to go from acquaintance to buddy that way!

So personally, what have I learned? 

Well, I had a lot of blog comments about this topic – and even more Instagram comments! If you factor in all the replies to my stories, Instagram connected me with more people. But a good handful of people commented on both, and they all gave a short reply on IG then came here to say more. I think that’s pretty indicative, don’t you? And finally, I didn’t feel like the topic was wrapped up until I had blogged about it again… so for me, I’m Team Blog all the way! But with a side of Instagram, because it’s pretty great too.

P.S. And then there’s YouTube… shall we have a chat about that sometime too? 

P.P.S. From now til Friday, you can vote on the next Sewcialists blog themes

23 thoughts on “Instagram Vs. Blogging: Part 2!

  1. Just blogs for me. My daughter uses Instagram a lot apparently, but I don’t have a fancy phone, so I can’t. I think you’re right though- from what I’ve managed to find out, you CAN open an Instagram account on your PC…but then that’s it, no pics or anything possible, so it’s pointless for me.
    My little blog has its followers though, and more and more I’m going to steampunk events and having people come up and start chatting because they recognise me, or the clothes I’m wearing! IT’s really nice, and I take great pleasure in my few minutes of localised ‘fame’ lol.

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    1. That’s so fun that you are building a community within your steampunk events! I love when I meet people a second or third time at a meetup and we finally get past the awkward phase! (Then again, I’m super introverted, so the awkwardness might just be me… )

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      1. It’s not just you, trust me. I’m pretty sociable, but also a bit on the Asperger’s spectrum [maths, what can I say?] so sometimes find large groups a bit much. We find we’re ‘full’ after 3-4 hours, and have to slide off on our own for a bit. Steam punks are known for being very welcoming and easy going though, you should try it- it’s a great excuse to dress outrageously!

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  2. I think you summed it up well! That’s interesting about the Instagram stories. I haven’t really gotten into those, or vlogs, myself. I’m a fast reader, and I’ve always felt like I express myself better in writing than while speaking. So keeping up with blogs and participating in the community that way is easy for me. Aside from fear of sounding like an idiot on video myself, it’s also a lot harder for me to actually watch those, since I need a set amount of time to do so, and reading is easier to put down and pick up. ( Especially with the phone snatching toddler!)

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    1. I find videos harder to watch too! And I actually get bored a lot faster. I somethings think about vlogging, but then I imagine editing all the video of myself talking, and I give up! 😛

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  3. Totally agree on almost everything. Only exception: identity. I always feel my blog only shows part of my identity as it’s all about sewing. It’s the bit of everyday life mixed in on Instagram that shows the context for my sewing!

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    1. That’s a great point! Now I’m going to have to think about which is actually a better representation of me – my chaotic IG feed or my curated blog!

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  4. Youtube is really my thing I confess! I love youtube (probably way too much if the truth be known) but when I’m too tired or just have a slot of time to play around I go over to youtube to watch a few short sewing videos. Tearing myself away can be a struggle though 🙂 I follow a few and as soon as they upload a video I’m over there asap. Another nudge your way to launch a channel Gillian 🙂

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    1. You are the best cheerleader ever! (Did you hear the shoutout to you on Love To Sew? You are honestly the most faithful and encouraging commenter I can think of, and I love seeing you pop up on so many blogs!)

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  5. I’ve quit IG (and don’t miss it!). I love to read blogs. I do not watch YT vloggers. Even when looking for tutorials, if it’s a long video, I’ll find another one. I can read faster than you can talk and I don’t have the patience! LOL!

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  6. I’ve had an Instagram account for years but never really got into the community thing. I have some IRL friends I follow and have attempted to get in with the sewing community but I’m mystified by the algorithms and I swear I never see most people’s posts. Basically, I just like Instagram for making my photos pretty 🙂

    Yeah, it’s blogs for me. With a growing side order of YouTube. I’ve discovered I can watch vlogs on my phone while preparing dinner. Don’t get to comment all that often and I appreciate WP blogs as I can like them easily without feeling the same need to comment. Would love to make more sewing friends but I just don’t have heaps of spare time to connect via social media. Plus I’ve always been better at face to face. Need more sewing meet ups!

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    1. I’m the opposite – i’m so much happier hanging with friends online than in person! (Not that I don’t love friends in person, but I find it tiring!) Sounds like you have a balance that works for you!

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      1. Yeah, every time I do one of those personality tests I turn out to be neither an introvert or an extrovert, but pretty much in the middle. I think most people who are happiest with online interaction tend to be introverts to some degree.

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    1. Ok, we definitely need to dig into this soon, because try as I might, I just haven’t gotten hooked on youtube for sewing… even though I watch plenty of other youtube!

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      1. I sometimes feel as though YouTube is my online sewing group and nothing helps get me through the less exciting sewing tasks than doing them while watching a sewing vlog or two. I still can’t believe how many amazing comments I receive on every video – far more than any feedback I’ve ever had from blogging. It may be slightly addictive but it’s also incredibly inspiring – I have done so much more sewing since I started my vlog! It’s just so much fun to share stuff with people who understand why you’re excited about your blind hem.

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  7. OK, now I feel like a Luddite because I totally don’t get Instagram stories. I didn’t realise they were so popular! Maybe it’s my shyness but I also find it more difficult to message someone via their story than comment on a photo.

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  8. Blogs all the way for me. I find videos can become boring, unless they are instructions on YouTube. Much prefer being able to dip in and out of reading and no audio to disturb my equilibrium. ( An off-the-scale introvert here; probably a common trait in sewers??) Another Luddite, and don’t have a phone, so no Instragram, though occasionally I look at someone’s pictures. Interesting, but definitely just a side dish.

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    1. I”m DEFINITELY an introvert too! I get bored with youtube sewing videos too… but then I think, maybe if I watched enough to feel like I was friends with the person, I’d love it?


  9. Really interesting to see to pros & cons of both media. I am quite a noob at watching You Tube sewing videos but recently watched one on using the vintage Singer buttonholer. I will be forever grateful for people that take the time to do instructional videos. Xx

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  10. This is so interesting. I am on team blog. I don’t have the time to maintain my blog right now but I don’t feel at all inspired to post on Instagram as it’s so fleeting. I will occasionally scroll through Instagram but my blog reader is like settling in with a personal magazine at the end of the day. I love the personality and detail of blogs.

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