Tribute Month: Marcy from Oonaballona

Time for another Tribute Month project!


Marcy aka. Oonaballoona needs no introduction – she is probably one of the most recognisable bloggers around, with one of the most distinctive styles. Marcy was the inspiration for the Sewcialists Oonapalooza month, back in 2014. We had so much fun getting inspired by Marcy that we decided the next month we should get inspired by each other as well, so so Tribute Month was born!!

Oona 1 Collage

My inspiration sketches, blogged here

I think we’re all inspired by Marcy’s ability to sew on the fly, combining colour and prints in bold, graphic ways. She makes joyous clothes that look *FUN* to wear! There are other things I love about her, though… I see her all over social media chatting with people and cheering them on. She started a really interesting discussion the other week, and then replied to every single comment in a thoughtful, detailed way. That’s just pure class, right there! My favourite sewists are always people who are community-minded and infectiously enthusiastic, and Marcy falls perfectly into that niche!

Tribute Month - Oona

For this Tribute Project, I chose indie pattern from two of my favourite designers: The Grainline Scout and the Helen’s Closet Winslow Culottes. Let’s start by looking at the culottes, shall we?

These culottes were a gamble. I made my first pair back in early summer, and felt swamped by the maxi-length… and before I got around to shortening them, I ended up giving them away! I was still really curious though, so I used some lovely tencel denim from Fabricland to make a second pair.

Tribute Month - Oona

They do, of course, wrinkle… the good news is that some of the wrinkles then fall out again with wear. I’ve tried them with a few tops, and while they’ll never replace jeans with stretch for me, I enjoy having them in my closet!

This time I removed an inch from each box pleat, so that overall there is slightly less fabric. I slimed the waist but still had to take it in after attaching the waistband… I find it hard to predict just how snug it needs to be to sit high on my waist! The swishy legs are fun to wear, and the fabric was breezy on a humid day.

On to the fun part – the real Oona-inspired project!

Tribute Month - Oona

This lace tee is a tribute to Oona’s mesh lace tee which she made this spring. I loved it and pinned it right away… but where to find a similar fabric, without paying exorbitant shipping? I found this crazy printed polyester lace locally in June, and knew it was meant to be!

Tribute Month - Oona

The lace is truly bizarre. Can you see how it is white lace medallions, overprinted with a completely unrelated floral? I doubt it’s going to last through many washes. but it was surprisingly well-behaved to cut and sew. I sewed it with a straight stitch, and then topstitched down the seam allowance in the world’s laziest take on a flat-felled seam. I’m hoping that gives the seams some strength!

Tribute Month - Oona

I wanted a classic woven tee pattern without darts, so I reprinted the Grainline Scout tee, which I haven’t sewn in years! In a classic Gillian move, I worried it would come out too small and added width. Then it was too big, and I had to cut it apart and resew every seam! When will I learn to trust a size chart and my measuring tape?

It was actually a row of lace longer at the hem until 5 minutes before I left for pictures. I’m glad I chopped it off – the proportions look right to me now, which means they looked wrong before!

Can we talk about the pictures?

Tribute Month - Oona

Marcy always talks about how her husband takes photos while almost lying on the ground to make her look tall. He definitely works some magic! But for me, every time I’ve tried it over the years, it just makes me look even shorter and wider. Didn’t help when the grass covered my feet like above! If only I had glorious voluminous hair to add some height, or could walk in heels! Or more realistically, if I was using a different camera lens that let the angle be more dramatic.

In the end, I decided to take different inspiration for Marcy’s photos: horizontal shots instead of vertical! My camera did NOT like when I stood anything but perfectly centred in the frame (relying on autofocus is a hazard of being one’s own photographer!), and I ended up with a lot of gently blurry pictures. Practically every pic in this post is slightly blurry! Nonetheless, it was fun to challenge myself to crop photos differently, and I feel like the horizontal crop actually gave some interesting compositions.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you the secret of this shirt! I hate wearing camisoles, and won’t wear a sheer shirt, so I came up with a sneaky plan!

Tribute Month - Oona

Voila! Secret lining! The sleeves are unlined, but the bodice has this extra-long knit lining in fluorescent green. It tucks securely into the high waist of the culottes, and then I can enjoy the look of a cropped top without flashing anyone!

Thank you, Marcy, for inspiring me out of my comfort zone! And what do you think, dear readers: Did I blend our two styles successfully?

P.S. Marcy posted her Tribute Project on the Sewcialists yesterday, so go check it out! 



25 thoughts on “Tribute Month: Marcy from Oonaballona

  1. I’m blushing!!! And I THOUGHT your photos were different! Isn’t it funny how our brains work? It’s so hard for me to take vertical photos!

    Burying the lead, here: your top is bananas pretty!!! I love the hem, sleeve & neckline– and the hem especially from the back is glorious. Perfect proportions! And, you’ve reminded me I still have a pair of Winslows to make….


  2. One of the reasons I love following your blog is that you have access to the same fabrics I do. I love what you have done with them! Particularly the lace. Everything looks gorgeous.


    1. Thank you! I wish Fabricland had a more active blog crew – so many Canadians are relying on Fabricland for their fabric, so it would be nice to see more inspiration about what we could make!


  3. What a fabulous outfit and your top is beautiful. Tat fabric is stunning and a vey fitting tribute to Marcy’s equally beautiful top. That lining is such a good idea. The cropped outer length is such a nice proportion with your culottes. You both look fabulous. Xx


    1. Thank you!! My husband is unsure about the culottes and so am I… but it’s fun to try something new, and maybe by next spring I’ll be in love with them!


  4. I am a sucker for anything with lace that can pass as casual too and you hit the nail on the head!!! This fantastic! Great impact for such a simple pattern. I think I have a piece of lace up there in my sewing room. Thanks for the inspiration!!!


  5. Your top is gorgeous! The colors looks so good on you and I love the culottes – they go really well with your top. Thanks also for telling us how you take photographs of yourself, which is very helpful. What an inspiration you are!


    1. Thank you! I did a whole series of post last year about taking better blog pictures, and I learned a lot in the process! You can find the series in the header of my blog, if you are interested. I figure we are all here for the sewing, but the photography is how we share that sewing, so it might as well be as good as we can manage! 😉


      1. Thanks for letting me know about your better photography project blog posts! I’m going through them now and they are so helpful. I’m new to blogging and this information is so useful! Thanks again for sharing so much knowledge, Gillian!


        1. Yay! I’m so glad! My photos were really rough back when I started blogging in 201. I remember trying to teach my very tall husband that my head can’t be in centre frame – people need to see my clothes! 😛 I”m using the same camera as I was then, but I’ve definitely learned some tricks along the way. Practice really helps!


  6. I love your sneaky garment lining! I’ve avoided cropped styles so I can avoid flashing the world every time I play my flute, but that’s a genius solution. The outfit is so fun and colorful, and a great tribute to Marcy’s style.


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