A few thoughts as I head on a short vacation!

I’m going to a friend’s cottage for a few nights, and I don’t have a post scheduled at all for this week! **EEEEEK! Cue strange panic attack! No, honestly, why does a lack of posts make my heart race unpleasantly?** I have posts ready I could stick up, but I don’t like content for content’s sake, so I’m going to breathe deeply and leave you alone for a week!

First, a few things I’ve been wanting to talk about on the blogosphere:


  • Tribute Month has officially begun! When I start projects like the Sewcialists, I always wonder if anyone will join in, or if I’ll just be having a theme month of one! I’m so relieved and grateful that people are choosing to join in with the Sewcialists and Tribute Month. We’ve had 8 finished projects pop up on Instagram already, and more WIP on the way – plus Meris and Melizza have really fantastic finsihed projects coming up on the blog this week! I’m grateful to having sewing friends who jump on board when I asked!
  • On a less-awesome note, Jess from the Sometimes Sewist wrote an important post recently about how Girl Charlee stole pictures of her (and her little boy!) and used them for promotion without permission… and when she told them to stop, they basically said, “Our customers are usually grateful for the publicity!” Absolutely unacceptable. I’ve never liked the quality at Girl Charlee, but even if I did, I wouldn’t shop there again.

Now I’d better go finish packing – have a wonderful week, my friends! 

12 thoughts on “A few thoughts as I head on a short vacation!

  1. Interesting article by Jess! I’ve never ordered anything from Girl Charlie but it’s sad that a small business who obviously admires Jess’s work would be so self aggrandizing on both counts – for not asking permission in the first place AND then for responding to her query in such a narcissistic manner. Hope you have a lovely vacation at the cottage 🙂

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  2. Thanks for sharing Jess’s post. I’m not familiar with her blog, but that’s good information to have. I know I would be horrified if pictures of my kids, especially, were stolen without my permission. I don’t even like using their real first names on something as public as Instagram, and if it wasn’t for the social sewing things like Me Made May and all, I’d lock up my account in a heartbeat. I’m still tempted sometimes. But now I know to not shop at Girl Charlee, at least. And I’m hoping to get a Sewcialists post up soon, it’s just sadly way too dark and dismal to take photos today, so I need to figure out when my free time/lighting/ ability to have hubby take the photos match up. Enjoy your vacation!

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  3. Have a really great holiday. I was not familiar with Jess’ blog either but followed the link to her post and I have to say that I thought that Girl Charlee were bang out of order. That was a terrible attitude to take. I don’t shop there at the moment but certainly won’t be doing so in the future either. Really looking forward to Tribute Month. Xx

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  4. Have a nice trip! I had a picture stolen as well. It was used by a pattern company and I was okay with that use because they linked back to my blog. But then, the picture was used again for one of those charity pattern sales. I forget which one and they haven’t been around for a while now. That thing where you buy patterns at a discount and the money goes toward a charity… I asked them to either link back to my blog or put a watermark on it and they refused. They even got a little pissy with me because I wasn’t accepting charity as a reason to take my image without my consent! That’s when I added a copyright statement to my about page and started watermarking all my pictures (it’s not obtrusive so it could be cropped out).

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  5. I hope you have a lovely stay at the cottage – and would like to state that Girl Charlee UK are a separate franchise with very different ethics if you still want their products x

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    1. I’m glad to hear the UK branch has a better reputation! I ordered twice from the American branch 4+ years ago, and was really disappointed in the stiff fabric caked with ink – but the UK branch seems to get so much good press, and I’ve always wondered how they are keeping customers so happy!


  6. Thanks for the post Gillian about the stolen image by Girl Charlee… SO wrong and so good to have it put out there that they have done this. Their fabric is also of a very ver disappointing quality. Have a great vacation.

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  7. Have a great vacation and thanks for posting Jess’s girl Charlee story. They were completely out of line! So weird that they took such a strange attitude. Who needs them…

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  8. I imagine how distressing and creepy it would be to have my family’s images used inappropriately and consequently never name my children or husband in any of the social media outlets I use. In addition my face also never appears on my blog and I rarely use my real name.

    Enjoy your holiday!


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