Summer Ebony Tee in Ombre Leopard Jersey

Leopard Ombre Ebony Tee

This top is exactly why I love sewing. Stash + TNT pattern = instant wardrobe!

Last Thursday, I dressed in my striped sweaterknit Ebony and leggings to go hang with my friend and her baby, but the weather got warmer and pretty soon I was dripping sweat! I still had 45 minutes before I left the house, so badda bing, badda boom, I made a new summer top with the same pattern!

ebony Collage

Left: My rayon sweater knit Ebony made in February – I wear this one a lot! On the right, my new version in rayon knit. Notice how to sweater version has a deeper scoop and longer hem because the fabric is heavier. The tee is unhemmed because I wanted to preserve the length AND save time! 

As it happens, the two tops have the same navy-and-white/cream colour scheme. Both are the tunic-length raglan version of the Closet Case Patterns Ebony. (Here are my two dress versions for comparison!) I shorten both the dress and tunic by 2-3″.

Leopard Ombre Ebony Tee

The fabric is a panel-print ombre leopard that I’ve had in the stash for years. I’m so happy to have finally used it. It’s doing all the heavy lifting with this top to make a really simple design look interesting!

Leopard Ombre Ebony Tee

My mom is coming over for a sewing day soon (Hi Mom!) and we’re looking for fun top/tunic patterns to sew. Mom has a slim version of my figure, and I think she looks awesome in clothes that have a bit of a modern, artsy twist. Classic, fashionable, but not boring! Do you have any pattern suggestions for cool tops or tunics? 

17 thoughts on “Summer Ebony Tee in Ombre Leopard Jersey

    1. I couldn’t figure out what to make with this fabric for ages, because the repeat of the gradient is only 1m.. but this pattern fit perfectly! 🙂


    1. This project reminded me how much a love border prints… and now I just want to buy all the boarder prints online!!!! 😛


  1. Hi Gillian I’m thinking of coming to Guelph tomorrow, bringing my 3 fabrics, and some tops I own to copy or measure for size… could I stay overnight, and then I’d go to kw Wed for some packing? Thanks! Mom


  2. I love how you’ve used this fabric! Very cute – in a grown up way, of course. And nice to see the side by side comparison of how different fabrics behave. Have a fun sewing day!


    1. I’m so excited for a good sewing day with my Mom! We’ve been planning it since her birthday in February!!!! 😛


  3. This was such a satisfying post I have to say 🙂 I have this pattern and it keeps creeping into my psyche “make me!” but I just keep flogging away at these wovens because I’m STILL working freakishly to get my fit right. I attended a workshop this weekend with Alexandra Morgan here in Victoria (it was the very BEST class I’ve taken on fit yet and trust me I’ve taken many- she has some great videos on youtube and more really useful info on her web site as well) But this Ebony is like a siren call to me and seeing yours was like a chorus ringing out. I love yours Gillian – what size did you cut (yes all about fitting 🙂 ) did you have to do anything with the bust/armscye to get it to fit so well? Love this top – and what a brilliant way to show off a border print too!


    1. MAKE AN EBONY!!!! It’ll take no time and then you can wear it while you sew perfectly fitted wovens! 😉 I’m so glad your class went well! I always see her videos but haven’t actually watched them. I definitely will!


  4. I love when I can finally figure out what to do with a long time stash resident! And it really is amazing how much difference the fabric weight can make in the same pattern. I love how you used the border!


  5. I love this top. The pattern and fabric are a lovely combination, Leopard is truly a classic. You look lovely in this and I am completely amazed that it took less than 45 minutes. That is pretty fast going. You look smashing in it. Xx


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