I’m on the Maker Style Podcast!

Do you listen to podcasts?  It took me a while to get into them (OK, years!), but now I’m a fan. It’s nice to have something new to listen to on my long drives to work!

One of the sewing podcasts I enjoy most is Maker Style, hosted by Rachel. As it happens, she lives just 30 minutes away from me, and was raised in one of the tiny towns where I work! We met up in the spring, and she’s a lot of fun.


Photo Credit: Maker Style – The Forsythe Dress

One of the things I enjoy most about Maker Style is that the content really gets me thinking. Rachel interviews a lot of sewists who have successfully turns their hobbies into a job (creating patterns, running online stores, etc), and the interviews are often business-focused. It is such a different perspective from mine that it really makes me examine my assumptions, and want to engage in the conversation. In fact, that’s how my “Follow Your Bliss” post came about!

This July, Rachel is doing a series called “Blogger Blueprint” about how to get started in this crazy online sewing community. She gathered questions from a focus group of wannabe bloggers back in the winter, and interviewed more experienced bloggers for answers – including me! The questions cover a range of topics, from blogging platforms, how often to post, what content is easiest/most popular, how to take good pictures easily (Hello, Better Picture Project!) to the relative virtues of blogging, vlogging, and Instagram.

Are you a sewing blogger? Someone who’s thought they might want to get involved but has some questions about getting started? If so, I’ve got some goodies for you!! ☺️🎉 Today the Blogger Blueprint series is launching on the Maker Style Podcast. Every week in July I’ll be sharing insights and answers to your top questions from some of my favourite sewing bloggers. This week we’re taking branding, but in the coming weeks we’ll cover websites, content, photos, and growth. 😎 SPECIAL THANKS TO 1) the 20 lovely ladies who asked questions as part of the focus group. YOU shaped this content!! 2) My supportive and encouraging blogger guests. Thanks for giving our your top tips and opening up to the community. 3) Everyone who shared words of advice for battling perfectionism yesterday. I probably wouldn’t have mustered up the courage to publish this series if it weren’t for you guys ☺️❤️ This project has been a six month labour of love and I’m looking forward to hearing what you think – link to listen is in my bio or find us in your favourite podcasting app!

A post shared by Rachel A. // Handmade Style (@maker.style) on Jul 4, 2017 at 8:21am PDT


Sorry – the IG pic isn’t showing properly when I embed it – just click through to Rachel’s IG to see it better!

Every week this month, Rachel posts two episodes: one gathering the advice from experienced bloggers, and one going into depth about her own experiences during her two years of Maker Style. I find them both really fascinating and food for thought!

You can find all the episodes of Maker Style here. I hope you go check it out, and follow Rachel on IG @maker.style! Another great local-to-me sewing podcast is Clothes Making Mavens, by Lori from Frivolous At Last and Helena from Grey All Day!

What sewing podcasts do you list to? I’d love to check out your suggestions! 

6 thoughts on “I’m on the Maker Style Podcast!

      1. Only on the usual words … out, about, etc. 🙂 I used to visit Ottawa (Corel) a lot for work stuff back when I was a real geek and I loved the accent then. Nice memories. Eh? Hahahaha


  1. I’ve been listening to Rachel’s Maker Style since she launched it and she’s grown exponentially since then. Entertaining interviewing technique, good content, well organized WOW for someone her age. I look forward to listening to you too on this podcast! It’s what I was hoping you would do – actually I want to see you VLOG :))) You’d have an enviable following in no time Gillian. Please. Do. It.


  2. Hi Gillian! Thanks for the mention of Helen’s and my podcast! It was so great to chat with you on it. I consider it a wonderful opportunity to get to know some of the amazing talents in the sewing community a little better. Cheers!


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