My #TributeMonthSewing Inspirations!

How can I possibly narrow down the sewists that inspire me to just one person or project? I’ve got so many ideas swirling around my head for the Sewcialists’ Tribute Month that I just can’t decide. I thought I’d talk through some of my options here, and see if you can help me figure out what to make! (1).jpg

Tribute Month is the first theme month for the Sewcialists since our return – our last theme month was two years ago! In the month of August, we’re asking Sewcialists (people who sew and talk about it on social media) to make something that pays tribute to a blogger, vlogger or Instagrammer that inspires them.

I  follow 500+ blogs, so to narrow down my list of muses, I’ve let fabric be my guide. Who does each piece of fabric remind me of, and what would they make with it? 

Here are my current options:

1. Monochromatic Cat Linen x What Katie Sews

I really love Katie’s understated, modern creations. Looking through her past makes, I notice strong trends of monochromatic prints on a black background, often with subtly whimsical prints and good-quality fabric. This cat linen from is bolder and more geometric that what Katie might usually chose, but since we are both #catladies , it seemed appropriate!

Katie Collage

Photo Credit: What Katie Sews

My original plan was to make the darted, boxy version of the Charlie caftan in this linen, but it’s turned out to be stiffer than I hoped. Instead, my sister suggested an overall/dungaree skirt, and I think that’s quite brilliant! I’m thinking Marilla Walker’s Roberts Collection pattern would be perfect, and I know Katie was a tester for the pattern! What do you think?

2. Metallic Sheen Chiffon x Cookin’ and Craftin’ Meg

Meg is constantly an inspiration for my wardrobe! (Literally, I rarely buy a pattern without checking to see how it looks on her first!) She’s a prolific seamstress who sews a great blend of wardrobe basics in bright colours and more adventurous makes, like boxy cocoon dresses, modern overalls, and fun asymmetric styles. We’ve worked together as Editors for the Curvy Sewing Collective, and she is as friendly, fun and hardworking as you’d think from her blog.

Meg CollagePhoto Credit: Cookin’ and Craftin’

So, what to make, inspired by Meg? Well, original the cat-print caftan above was also inspired by Meg’s love of linen cocoon dresses … but as that plan fell apart, I realised I had another piece of fabric that reminded me of Meg! It’s a royal blue chiffon-y kind of fabric, with metallic threads woven through on one side that gives a sheen of iridescent flowers when it catches the light. Meg has sewn a few different bright kimono-y layering pieces (like this, this, and this), and with classic black and white top and pants, I think I could channel Meg perfectly in a bright floaty kimono!

*Excuse me while I go down the rabbithole of Meg’s versions of the Roberts Collection jumpsuit/overalls… because like I said, I rarely buy a pattern without reading what Meg thought first! * 

3. Floral Lace or Striped ITY x Oonaballoona

The original 2014 Tribute Month developed out of Oonapalooza, the Oona-themed month on the Sewcialists. It seems appropriate to look to Marcy as a muse again, because I still find her wardrobe so inspiring! I’ve got two ideas here – maybe you can help me narrow it down?

Oona 1 Collage

Photo Credit: Oonabaloona

First, I’d love to outright copy this lace top. The lace I have it totally different – it’s a white lace with a floral print superimposed on it in bright colours! The visual texture and eye-catching design remind me of something Marcy might use. I’m picturing a cropped tee with similar proportions to Marcy’s lace shirt, paired with a pair of 3/4 length Winslow culottes in mid-blue tencel denim. Obviously Marcy would go for maxi-length pants, but I’ve already been down that route with Winslows, and it wasn’t quite for me!

Oona Collage

Photo Credit: Oonaballoona

Alternately, I bought 4m of ITY that I think would make a fabulous cocoon-shaped maxi. The fabric has wide orange and white stripes, with a colourful striped border or teal, purple, yellow and black. I’d have to piece it together to get the stripes going the right direction… but if it works, I think it could be really fun to wear!


choices CollageSo what should I sew first? I might have time to make all these project by the end of August, or I might totally change my mind in the process!

17 thoughts on “My #TributeMonthSewing Inspirations!

  1. You have yourself an inspired sewing list! In my opinion, any of them would work well.The cat linen dungaree skirt is so adorable that I would like to copy that myself. If I was with you in a fabric store (Wouldn’t that be fun?), I’d pick the metallic sheen chiffon for a kimono. That look has your name written all over it. The floral lace and striped ITY would be great looks. I love to look at Marcy’s blog since she has so many awesome garments that are so Marcy. I like the lace top the best of her looks. My vote for you is the chiffon kimono. The hardest part of this tribune is picking one. There are so many inspiring bloggers (including yourself) that I wish I had 100 hours a days to sew.

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  2. Oh wow, a gaggle of gorgeous options here… just find the time to make them all ☺️ Admittedly it would take me a month to finish any one of those…5 minutes per day just isn’t enough!

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  3. I’m so, so honored to be on your list! Initially I thought, “Well of course Gillian should sew the one inspired by me!” but then I was thinking I’d love to see you make the cat dungaree dress most because I feel like it’s the most unusual for you- woven, dungarees…

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  4. I am completely in love with your choices. Marcy’s blog is just one of the most stylish out there. I don’t think that I have ever seen anything on there that wasn’t swoon-worthy and she has such a great and funny voice. I am opting for the stripy maxi dress and anything in that amazing cat fabric, although all of them are just too tempting. You have a really good eye for choosing fabrics. Xx


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