Checking-In on your Wardrobe Colour Palette with Me-Made May

If you took part in Me-Made May, then you’ve probably taken a whole bunch of selfies this month…Today I’ve got two ways to reassess your wardrobe colour palette using Me-Made May photos! Do you really wear the colours you love? 

First, I tried using an online palette generator to auto-create a palette from my pictures. To start, I zoomed into my #MM17 collage, so I could focus on the colours and prints instead of the silhouettes…

Me-Made May 2017 - patterns and colours Collage

…then I uploaded this picture to the Adobe Colour Wheel website! Would it find “my” colours?


First I generated a “bright” palette…


The “muted” palette was pretty good too – I do like that shade of pinky coral. Combining the two palettes, I do think the program found the most dominant colours in my wardrobe: red, coral, white, navy, blue and turquoise!

I recommend Adobe Colour Wheel for a few reasons:

  • It’s handy that you can chose different tones of colours from a drop-down menu.
  • You need paid access to download a high-res version, but doing a screen cap worked was an easy work-around.
  • I tried a handful of other sites first, and they all generated really muddy, dark palettes from this picture! Adobe did a better job of picking out the “real” colours, not averaging everything into sludgy shades.
  • They also have a cool colour wheel tool that is SO FUN! (Seriously, I just got distracted by it again!) 

Second, I tried a different approach: tracking how often I’d worn each palette colour during Me-Made May!

I scrolled through all my photos, and tracked what colours I wore… and pretty quickly, decided I need a new palette to track additional colours, like hot pink, royal blue, and purple.


2017 colour palette.jpg

My new palette for 2017! And yeah… I added black. I’ve avoided adding it for years, but let’s face facts: I wear a lot of black mixed with all these bright colours!

Here’s the new palette, with the number of times I wore each colour:

MMM what colours did I wear?

I wore white 8 times, not two! Oops!

I’m feeling excited to have refreshed my palette without changing the core colours. MMM helped my identify that I should buy more royal blue and fuschia fabrics, and also make some summer cardigans some warm-weather layering!


I know all this probably seems quite time-consuming, and a bit over the top… but I find knowing my colours pays of in terms of smart shopping and creating a cohesive wardrobe. And don’t just take my word on it – Leigh happened to post about her own really similar process just yesterday!

Next up: A backlog of May sewing projects!

18 thoughts on “Checking-In on your Wardrobe Colour Palette with Me-Made May

  1. I think it’s interesting to see other’s process. Also, I appreciate your sharing about the tools you use. It’s very helpful to learn new stuff!


  2. Love the fact you mine your pics for days, not just use the feelings you get from your wardrobe, and thanks (as ALWYS) for sharing interesting questions and your process. I am pondering what few items I need to add to my closet for a spark of joy. I am working to get most of the black and white OUT of there and putting it colors I like; currently looking to add some tops that go with the pantshum along with me now- outfits not orphans!


    1. Just wait – I’ve still got one more way to analyse my MMM wardrobe! 😛 It never ends! I hope you enjoy the process of livening up your wardrobe!


    1. I”m wearing royal blue (or is it cobalt blue? or are they the same thing?) again today, and loving it!


      1. Haha, we are that. I’ve just been playing with the Adobe web tool too. I was pleased to see it picked out pretty much the same colours.


  3. Thanks for sharing this. My conclusion from mmmay was that I wore a very incoherent colour palette, but after loading two separate montages I’ve come out with quite a consistent set of colours. I’m off to investigate further!


    1. OOOH, INTERESTING! Do you feel like that set of colours might be the good base of a palette for you?


      1. Yes, definitely. I think I was focussing on all the different prints I wear, when in reality the base colours are all pretty consistent. It didn’t pick up on my love of navy blue until I went into the Deep or Dark colour mood. It should be a good help in picking fabric for future projects to try and make sure new makes go with existing clothes.


  4. That color wheel tool is so stinking cool. I could spend days on it–that’s what I used for my Seamwork article. I love these emerald colors, and some of the spice colors are a nice addition in your palette!


  5. That is just such a cool idea and so organised. No more standing in shops wondering what to buy, or what suits you. Your palette is full of my favourite colours and they really feel like a very pulled together set. I am going to have to get my self in gear and do this too. Thanks for such an inspiring post. Xx


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