A (Not Quite) Classic Comino Cap

Comino Cap Peasant Dress

The Kitschy Coo Comino Cap is one of my favourite patterns. In my first Me-Made May wrap-up, I realised that I’d worn variations on this pattern four times in just 9 outfits!

To celebrate, I thought I should sew up a really classic, as-is version of the pattern to show you all why I like it. That was the intent – but somehow I found myself lengthening the skirt, adding a cut-out, and then tossing in a bow for good measure! So here it is, my not quite classic Comino Cap!

Comino Cap Peasant Dress

So, what’s so great about this pattern?

Let’s start with the bodice. It has a perfect scoop neck that isn’t too low or too wide, and the scoop in the back makes it a bit more feminine than a classic skater dress. The front bodice is drafted with more length than the back, so it accommodates a bust. The cap sleeves finish at a diagonal, which I find flattering on the arms. Best of all, the wider shoulders mirror the skirt, and create an illusion of an hourglass figure!

Comino Cap Peasant Dress

The skirt is a gentle a-line, which I’ve stuck onto pretty much every dress bodice I’ve ever sewn. I find this shape feels more modern than a 1/2 or full circle skirt, but it still has enough fullness to hang nicely. It doesn’t use much fabric, and it never blows up in the wind!

Finally, the pattern has a t-shirt variation, and a colour-blocked bodice option. It works in a variety of stretchy jerseys, including cotton lycra, rayon, and ITY and even ponte!

Here are some (not all!) or my versions through the years:

Comino Collage

As you can tell, I love to experiment with this pattern as a base! It’s my #1 most reliable pattern, and with only 4 pieces plus bands, it sews up in no time. I made this blue version in about an hour and a half.

Comino Cap Peasant Dress

For this version, I initially planned a cut-out neckline… but once it was sewn, I thought it looked a bit out of proportion. I’ve been admiring clothes with a tie at the neck, so I recut a much long neckband and put it on. (Here’s the strategy I made up on the fly: Pin to neckline. Serge from one end of the ties, around the neckline, and back down the other tie. Coverstitch the same way, folding the serged seam allowance along the tie. Done!) Along the way, the neckline did get more stretched out than normal, so I do have to wear this with the right bra!

Comino Cap Peasant Dress

Other changes:

  • lengthened the skirt 3″ (because I’d noticed some older versions look a bit short)
  • used FOE at the waist, which wasn’t tight enough, so I’ll have to go back and fix it
  • I always sew a size up because I like the blouson effect and extra ease
  • last summer I retraced a larger size, so this is a size up from my older makes. Mostly I needed more room for the bust – but all my old ones still fit and get worn!

Comino Cap Peasant Dress

I bought this rayon jersey a month ago on my last fabric shopping trip… so now that it’s sewn, I get to go fabric shopping again, right? (I’m not joking. I literally sewed this fabric up so I would feel less guilty about buying more!)

Has anyone else tried this pattern? Have I convinced you it might work for you? I’d also love to know what pattern holds a similar place in your heart – I’m always looking for new TNTs!

17 thoughts on “A (Not Quite) Classic Comino Cap

  1. Gillian, it’s always wonderful to see your smile in my “inbox”, and I love your dress. It’s perfect on you, and the colour is, too. I’ve not tried that pattern, but it’s now on my list, thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Such pretty fabric and, yes, you get to fill that stash vacancy pronto. The Kirsten Kimono used to be a similar TNT for me but I recently totally messed up my pattern, which I had perfected over a period of years, in a massive brain fart. And I haven’t been able to redraft it properly yet ☹️


  3. Beautiful dress!

    This is one of my few TNT patterns. I am traveling for work this week and I have six variations on this pattern in my suitcase: 2 standard dresses, 2 swingy dresses which are even faster to sew up (front, back, bands), a tee, and a tunic, all in ITY or rayon jersey. So comfy, and I love how ITY refuses to wrinkle–it’s the ideal travel fabric.


  4. You do suit this dress to a tee (not meaning to be punny 🙂 ) and in this print and colour it looks gorgeous on you. Now I know what a “skater” dress is! I never understood that (I know how weird is that from Canada she says?) I find myself making yet another Endless Summer Tunic so I think it’s becoming my TNT. And I never would have expected it really. I came by the pattern through Creative Bug (a platform for sewing and crafting videos that I like) and just thought it would be a fun sew with the creators of the pattern. When I put on my muslin in a fabric I would never wear, I was stunned to see it actually looked fabulous. I then made one in silk and now I’m just finishing one in linen. LOVE THEM ALL 🙂


  5. Excellent dress and I love all the variations. I hadn’t heard of this pattern, but I had looked at the Lady Skater Dress, but I rejected it as a bit too young looking for me. This looks more mature but still stylish.


  6. Love it, looks really good on you. I might have to take a look at this pattern… fuller skirts don’t do anything for me, but I don’t want to make a pencil skirt every time! Also the front bodice accommodates a bust… hurrah! I spent my teenage years trying on dresses to find they didn’t fit around the bust, and I still don’t wear dresses really, I am looking to change that, so this may be a good place to start.


  7. Wow, what a lovely color. I love the silhouette on you; not to blousy but with enough ease to look springy and airy. I didn’t realize this was a knit until you mentioned it! Well done!


  8. What a pretty print and this silhouette is perfect for you! I don’t have a TNT knit dress which I should rectify pronto! My most used TNTs are Jalie 2921 (which bears no resemblance to the original scarf collar neckline at this point) and an Ottobre skinny jeans pattern. No knit or pants pattern crosses my table without getting compared to either!


  9. Love this! It looks great on you! I’ve been planning to make a similar dress (modified lady skater pattern) in a blue and white cotton/lycra blend and I’m seriously contemplating adding a keyhole-tie at the neckline now. It’s also great to see how much variety you get out of a simple pattern.


  10. I discovered your gorgeous blog via Love to Sew podcast and have really enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your wonderful makes. I especially love this ‘classic ‘ Comino dress and have purchased the pattern. Thanks for sharing your inspirational makes! Jeanette (Auckland, Nz)


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