Me-Made May: Week 1 and 2!

I’m enjoying my Me-Made pledge this year: to wear whatever the hell I want! Instead of trying to focus on me-made only outfits, I’m wearing my normal mix of me-mades, store-bought and thrifted items. My goal is to capture what my wardrobe actually looks like this year, as an annual snapshot of my style.

So, let’s dive in! (And yes, there will be a graph at the end! 😉

May 1 Collage

May 1: May begins cold and rainy. I’m wearing a Jorna dress which has really grown on me over the year – I like the flippy skirt and interesting curved hem. My bra and underwear are also me-made, as they will be every time I actually bother to get dressed this month, so I’ll stop mentioning that every day! The sweater was thrifted at least 4 years ago, and the scarf is from an import store in Japan.

May 2 Collage

May 2: Ebony sweaterknit top, which I’ve worn lots, with a cute handmade cat pin I bought in Ottawa with March! I admit, my whole outfit was themed around this kitty! I bought the pants at Old Navy last summer, because I was tired of looking for stretchy red twill… but the waistband cuts in when I sit so they rarely get worn. In a MMM triumph, I managed to rip the waistband off, take out the stabiliser, and reattach it with elastic inside all before I went to work at 7:30!

May 3 Collage

May 3: Love. This. Dress. It’s a Concord tee, lengthened, and the lady in the shop teased me when I bought this garish fabric. That’s my current measure of how much I’ll love a fabric, actually – is it bonkers enough that people think it’s strange? Then it’s a winner! Leggings are model from CaliFabrics.

(Then I went to a conference for two days, and didn’t take pics… then sat in my (me-made) pyjamas all weekend!) 

May 8 Collage

May 8: I always feel polished in this ITY Comino Cap blouse. The sweater was a gift from my mom 5 years ago, and little did she know when she bought it for me that coral would become one of my “wardrobe colours”! I’d never worn it before, but I love it now! The jeans are cheap RTW, with some alterations.

May 9 Collage

May 9: BARE LEGS! Yes, it’s was -1c when I woke up, but dang it, I’d shaved my legs for the first time in 6 months, and I was ready to show them off! 😉 This dress is from the MyImage magazine I was sent last fall, and even though the fit isn’t perfect, I enjoy the colours and style!

May 10 CollageMay 10: A whole new outfit! I made this 3’s A Charm Jacket last month, and the tank and jeans this month. They’ll make it to the blog eventually!

May 11 Collage
May 11: My “Dress Like Your Grandma” dress and a RTW cardigan that I also wore on May 1st! This dress reminds me of what I liked about the Tiramisu pattern – the tight, narrow wrap front that never gaps!

May 12 Collage May 12: Digging out some classics! I sewed this Myrtle dress in 2014, and thanks to the magical properties of ITY, it’s still in perfect shape. The cardigan is even older – so old that the post apparently has broken image links!

May 13  Collage
May 13: It’s finally warm enough to wear this dress I made in February! I was an usher for my parents’ choir concert this night, and got two compliments from strangers! (I also met a fellow sewist when I recognised the fabric she was wearing!)

So, what patterns are there? Let’s look at the data from the Google Form I’ve been filling out every day:

MMM graph - week 1 and 2 (2)

  • Me-made bra and undies ever day. I should just throw out the very old RTW!
  • I don’t own any RTW tops or dresses at this point, but I often wear RTW cardigans and jeans. I usually get cardigans second-hand, but I happily buy new jeans when I find nice fabric and good fit!
  • Four of the outfits are based on the Comino Cap dress pattern! It’s the skirt for my Myrtle and the pink faux-wrap dress… it’s the basis of my black floral blouse, and it’s the lace dress at the end! That’s pretty good for a pattern that came out years ago and gets zero hype. If you are looking for a simple but flattering knit dress, I highly recommend it!

It’s supposed to get hot this week – I’m excited to wear some summer clothes!

How is you Me-Made May going? Are you enjoying the general shift this year to Instagram, instead of Flickr and daily blog posts?

35 thoughts on “Me-Made May: Week 1 and 2!

  1. Looking good kiddo- I haven’t bothered taking pics, as I’ve been wearing all me-made for ages now. I feel very left behind with all this Instagram talk, but I’m not buying a smartphone just to join in lol. Luddite? Yup!


    1. It’s annoying that Ig only works on a smartphone! I use the web version to catch up on other people’s posts – you could always join in that way, put I don’t think you could post photos?


        1. Speaking as an only very recently converted luddite, there is a Windows-compatible program (I refuse to call them apps) called Instapic. It’s not perfect — you can’t post multiple pics at once, for instance — but it’s better than nothing.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I use the Kirsten Kimono tee like you use the Conino Cap – it’s responsible for at least 10 garments in my closet right now! I’m enjoying May this year and am using it to make my summer and fall sewing plans! I like your graph idea.


    1. That is another great pattern! I made a heap of them when I first got into sewing knits. I should retrace it in my current size so I can make more!


  3. Loved reading your post!! But what I really want to know is your Me Made Pajamas pattern! I’m staying w my sister in Seattle for 2 weeks very soon and cannot find a pattern for pajamas!! What did you use cuz I KNOW I’ll want to use same pattern. Have an awesome day…..


    1. When i’m wearing pyjamas in public (aka. I have a guest, or I am a guest) I usually wear Closet Case Files pj bottoms and a knit top… and when I’m at home, I prefer knit tank dresses! My current TNT is the Mission maxi pattern, but there are a million similar racerback styles. What kind of pjs do you like? Either style work for you?


  4. Love your Jorna Dress and your lengthened Concord Tee. I keep forgetting about my Concord pattern which I love too and honestly can be made any length (thank you for reminding me!) in fact I think I need a special folder for my Cashmerette patterns which are always at the top of my favourite list 🙂


    1. Honestly, half my wardrobe is going to be Cashmerette within a year! That girl really knows what she is doing!


  5. Your sense of styling is so good. You look fabulous. I’m always inspired by your posts. Keep on doing what you are doing and we’ll all be happy 😁


    1. Aw, thank you! Styling is something I’m never quite sure about, so I appreciate your compliment! 🙂


  6. Graph idea is great to see gaps…. might have to steal that idea at the end of the month x


    1. I enjoyed the graphing too! I didn’t realise until now that there are no more RTW tops or dresses in my wardrobe… I guess they’ve just faded away and not been replaced!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m not taking pictures, but just being aware of what things I go for first, to figure out what gaps are in my wardrobe. I’m realizing my uniform is Ginger Jeans-Fancy Tiger Sailor Top-Cardigan, but I have no me-made cardigans (or patterns), and all my RTW ones want to fall off my shoulders. I also have no knit dresses I like outside of Simplicity 1612; I think a bad experience with the Moneta has made me feel like knit dresses aren’t for me. Now I have a bunch of knit in my stash that I love, but can’t figure out how to use! I bought fabric to make a Jorna after your post about it, but didn’t get to it before winter.

    Basically, I need to go back through your blog for inspiration–you do both cardigans and knit dresses so beautifully!


    1. Ugh, Moneta – I am NOT a fan of the drafting on that pattern! Don’t let it ruin knit dresses for you! I hope you make that Jorna soon! 😉


    2. The Moneta is a horrid piece of drafting. Try the Lady Skater. It works amazingly well on many different body types. Especially flattering on short waists though the waist is easily shortened or lengthened.


  8. I’m not on Instagram, so I’m missing a lot of the day-to-day action, but I’m enjoying weekly wrap-ups like yours, and I look forward to end-of-month reflections. I love that even your spreadsheet has a positive, self-affirming vibe. 😀


  9. I LOOOOVE that floral blouse, for reals!!!! So far I’ve learned that Me Made May is actually pretty stressful for me as a student when I really need to focus on studying for finals. I mean, generally I’m wearing at least something handmade, but that extra minute of worrying in the morning or night just isn’t doing it for me. And I wear a lot of repeats and boring things, so…Also I stubbornly refuse to wear dresses until it’s almost too hot for pants, so that’s not helping when I like to sew dresses! In any case, February might be better for me. But I love what you have worn!


    1. Hahaha – I love the image of you refusing to wear pants until the are making you sweat! You could always do you own Me-Made month some other time of year – I remember how stressful I was trying to do MMM last year when I was in the middle of moving, and I ended up dropping out. Make it work for you!


  10. You are looking lovely. Just goes to show how well that the Comino must be drafted/fit you that you reach for garments made from it so much. Your outfits are absolutely brilliant. I love all the colours that you wear and the prints great. Too many boring plain things in the world. No matter how bonkers you always look very put together. Xx


    1. I love the Comino Cap! I even reprinted it last summer and cut it in a larger size, which is a sign of how many years I’ve been sewing it.


  11. I love your fabric choices! Your color sense is spot on. I’m doing my own version of me-made-may that is minus the photos. I’ve discovered I rarely wear any of the dresses I’ve made even though I love them, probably because it’s cold here


    1. Cold weather definitely puts a damper on things! Maybe you need to sew some fleece-lined leggings to make them more wearable?


  12. Such a good recap! Just want to say that you have dressed infinitely more spring-like than I have in the last 2 weeks. I’m still entirely in winter wear. Even today, I didn’t wear a jacket (and I did wear sandals) but the rest of my outfit was ready for snow. And tomorrow, I have to shave my legs for the first time in 6 months.


  13. Congrats on some very stylish outfits! I always love seeing your posts because I really appreciate your flowery colors and combinations!
    I have a question in regards to the Comino Cap pattern: How does it compare to the Cashmerette Turner? I’ve followed the hype around the cashmerette patterns and thought I’d use them to learn how to sew clothes without having to make an FBA every time. Unfortunately I’ve just started on the Upton and realized that I’d need a 10gh which they don’t draft for… I’ve done the tracing for that dress but would really like to find other patterns that work for a big bust and and small waist. Is the Comino good for that? Or did you have to change that too?
    Thank you so much! Greetings from Germany, Luise


    1. Aww, frustrating to be just outside CAshmerette’s size range! Hopefully you can fake it a bit? I wouldn’t say Comino is designed with a generous bust in mind, but it does have extra length in the front bodice, and I find the shaping works as-is for my figure. Worth a try, perhaps? I do wear it a size bigger than I think they would suggest – I like the bodice to be a little loose, and the skirt to be lightly gathered. Other than sizing up, I don’t make any changes to the pattern!


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