Knit Mini-Dresses: A Round-Up of my Obsessions!

minidress Collage

From fall to spring, I’m all about the knit mini-dresses with leggings. I thought I’d round up a few of my favourites here, and see what other patterns you would suggest for me!

Lola Collage

The Original: Victory Patterns Lola

This was the pattern that first got me into sewing this style. It has princess seams, and a high-low waistline that I think is very flattering. There are HUGE pockets wrapping around the hips, and I always end up walking around with my hands jammed in the pockets for cosiness. The only down side is the size range: it ends at a Size 16, with a 46.5″ hip! Which does explain why my versions are  feeling snug – my hips are now 48 or 49″. (Ooops! That’s the slow creep of weight gain while wearing comfortable clothes for ya!) Alternately, let’s look at it as a positive: this pattern is at least 4 or 5 years old, and I think the indie world has expanded into larger sizes since then!

Doesn’t matter – Lola is so cute, and I love it!

jasper Collage

Paprika Jasper Dress Another princess-seam mini-dress, this time with option for cosy cowl, hood, and hidden kangaroo pocket. (It also includes a sweatshirt length version.) Adorable. This pattern goes up to a 51″ hip. Both my tester version and proper version came up a little looser than I wanted, so I ripped up and resewed my second version into a much slimmer, sassier version. I think the kind of fit you want is personal taste, so size down or not as you desire!

Sew Over It Heather Dress

Sew Over It Heather

This pattern came out in October, and I like it a lot. Like Lola and Jasper, it has princess seams up front and back. This one has big pockets built into the curving front seam. It goes to a 48″ hip, but I found it fits generously. It’s drafted to be a few inches above the knee, but I cut mine at least 5″ shorter!

shift Collage

Sew Over It Shift Dress

Folks, what was Sew Over It thinking with the cover art on this pattern? It does nothing to show how cute this dress is. I’ve made it mostly in knits, and sometimes with additional fisheye darts in the back… I’ve also sliced the pattern up centre front and added a facing to make it a “coatigan”! (See all my versions in my TNT section in the header.) It’s a solid little workhorse of a pattern, and walks the line nicely between boxy and fitted. It deserves more love!

Concord Dresses.jpg

Cashmerette Concord

Sure, it’s meant to be a tee or a tunic, but it fits nicely and I’m not the largest size available. Sold! I’ve added length and used the curved hem, and also played around with adding a skirt. Largest size is a 58″ hip.

I’m sure there are tons of other options – basically any top or dress can be made into a mini-dress! Can you suggest any other patterns I should try, or that might have better size ranges? 

23 thoughts on “Knit Mini-Dresses: A Round-Up of my Obsessions!

    1. I only ever saw that floral sweaterknit at the KW Fabricland! Must have been a random one-off bolt, but it’s so pretty, so I’m glad we both snapped it up! 😉


  1. Gillian you might also want to give Jalie’s 3132 a try – wonderful, versatile, loads of options – and really cute! I love my Concord and Sew Over it Shift dress – it’s funny you mention you always make it in knit and I do too.


    1. Oh interesting! I’ve looked at Jalie’s dress patterns forever, and wished they had more options… but I’ve never really noticed that tunic pattern! It does look like a nice basic shape!


    1. I’ve sworn off Colette patterns because they just don’t fit my body shape… but I know other people who swear by that pattern! I hope it works well for you!


  2. You look so cute in all your tunic/dresses! Is cute ok or should I say trendy? My favorite lately is Love Notions Laundry Day Tee. I’ve made several variations of this in tunic length and they are so versatile.


    1. Hehehe – I’ll take “cute” or “trendy” or any compliment that comes my way! 😉 Thanks! The Laundry Day Tee is a smash hit in the Curvy Sewing Collective Facebook group – I really should try it some day!


  3. These are all super adorable! I have been meaning to pick up Lola for literally YEARS. Super cute, as are your versions.

    I love this silhouette too. My go to is Jalie 3024, though it doesn’t have long sleeves so it needs little sweater or cropped jacket.


    1. You would like Lola! Cosy and cute, which is a hard balance sometimes.
      I’ve eyed that Jalie patterns for years – it’s got such pretty lines and proportions! I’m always worried it will be a bit too clingy for me, though… I like a little bit more fabric to hide the lines of leggings underneath etc! 😉


      1. I don’t find it too clingy when made in a hefty fabric like a ponte. (Which is what I usually do) But the one time I made it in a thinner knit, yeah, a bit body con. I wear that one with a slip. 😉


  4. I keep looking at the jasper pattern for the sweatshirt version. Have you tried tilly and the buttons coco pattern? I made one with funnel neck and its so comfy.


      1. I’ve made both the dress and jumper version. It comes up a little snug on the measurements on the packet so watch out for that.


  5. I love the “Mesa” dress from Seamwork, it has a really nice fit, lovely neckline and is very size inclusive😊 Personally I’ve lengthened mine a little bit so I can wear it without tights.


    1. I like the Mesa dresses I’ve seen people sew up! Personally, I’ve had bad luck fitting Colette patterns, so I pretty much ignore them now… but I”m glad to hear the pattern worked for you!


  6. No recommendations but I love all of these. You’re making it very hard for me to hold to my pattern fasting – they’re gorgeous. Even the repetition of “You’re going to be nursing a baby. You can’t get to your boobs in those. Hold off. Don’t buy.” isn’t helping all that much, lol! I’m particularly enamored with the Sew Over It Shift dress.


  7. It’s amazing how necessary all of these are! Sure, they’re one general style (the tunic) but the fits really make them suitable for different occasions. And I know all about the comfortable clothes being very forgiving, until they’re not 🙂 The Lola is still my fave. I’m going to make that one when I get back to my sewing room.


  8. I don’t really have any specific pattern suggestions to add except maybe try the Burda mags and definitely the Ottobre. I have a couple of copies it the latter with some very nice knit mini dresses in then. I love all your dresses. You totally own that look. Don’t know if it is the fabrics but I love the Sew Over It Shift dress the best. That plaid rocks. Xx


    1. I like the Sew Over It shift dress a lot, too. It takes 30 minutes longer because it has darts and facings, and for that reason, I ignore it when I shouldn’t!


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