Me-Made May Pledge, 2017!


It’s that time! I’m keeping my pledge simple this time:

“I, Gillian of Crafting A Rainbow/@gilliancrafts, sign up to wear whatever the heck I want for the month of May! I’ll document the mix of me-mades and RTW as a snapshot of my wardrobe in 2017, and reflect on what I like or want to change. As well, I pledge to sew every weekend, with a focus on boring basics like jeans and bras that I’ve been avoiding for months!”

This is my sixth year of Me-Made May, and my sixth year of sewing! (Last year I did a round up of my past years’ participation, if you want to see me wearing quilting cotton dresses! 😉 )

Looking back, my favourite part of MMM is actually have documentation of just what I’m wearing year by year. My wardrobe has been a pretty stable blend of handmade, second-hand, and the occasional new purchase… and I’m content with that mix. I do have a LOT of clothes at this point though, and hopefully MMM will help me sort out what I love and look good in, and what is past it’s prime.

Speaking of which, I’ve got at least one pair of me-made jeans that should be replaced, and many of my me-made bras are wearing out, too. I’ve got plans to make some slips and new underwear while I’m at it, and some knit pjs. I’ve been ignoring all those boring basics in favour of fun dresses and tops, so hopefully MMM will give me the motivation I need!

Are you taking part in MMM this year? You can sigh up here!

4 thoughts on “Me-Made May Pledge, 2017!

  1. I’m in. I’m planning pretty much the same challenge as last year (two me-made/refashioned items, no more than one repeat per week, no planning ahead of time), but I’m finally going to accept my limitations during my busiest month and only plan to make one new thing and finish one UFO.

    I also like doing the pictures part, especially since I try to take photos in different spots around the city.


  2. Gillian, I have been thinking on much the same lines! Depending on the weather, my actual garments are pretty much the same as last year, but I really enjoy the documenting. I’m going to work on my pledge a bit, but wearing whatever I want and taking notes should be pretty useful!


  3. Love your pledge this year Gillian! Getting those basics going makes a world of difference for sure, I’m still thinking on what should be my focus, I like the idea of just documenting what you normally wear and looking to see if that works for you or if it could be changed. Since losing a couple of dress sizes I bought a few bits out of necessity over the winter and some of them are just not me. I could do with refashioning some well loved me mades or stitching up new versions from the ever overflowing stash!
    I can’t wait to see your MMM17!


  4. That is a great pledge. You have such a nice wardrobe I am looking forward to seeing what your outfits are. What jeans pattern will you be using? I would do with a few new pairs but RTW are a dreadful fit. Xx


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