It’s time for a Very Curvy Sewing Celebration!


…and I’m ready to party! The Very Curvy Sewing Celebration is basically an excuse to sew a party frock, so I dug this very metallic knit out of my stash and got sewing. Tomorrow I’ll be wearing this dress at our get-together at Spool and Spindle in Waterloo, hopefully meeting lovely new friends!

triplex Collage

This is a Cashmerette Washington dress, and on this make, I love the high neckline that I disliked on my plaid dress. The fabric is synthetic to the Nth degree – every time I pull it on it feels like it will disintegrate, but it feels great and quite sturdy once it’s on! I bought it this summer for just a few dollars a metre, knowing that eventually I would need some kind of party dress.

skirt Collage

For full party fun, I added a full circle skirt. I just freehand cut it from carefully folded fabric, so I’m thankful it actually worked out with an even hem. As always with circle or part-circle skirts, I serged around the hem with my serger set to gather, then folded and top-stitched. The gathering makes it so easy to get a nice even hem!


Now, I did feel a bit guilty that I’m blogging three such similar Cashmerette dresses in a row… but then I thought, no, let’s celebrate that! While I actually use two different bodices for these dresses, and three different skirt patterns, I think you could get the same effect by mixing and matching any fitted bodice with a variety of skirts.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

It’s pretty awesome so be about to make clothes for weekends, work or parties just by changing the fabric! And what a joy to be just as comfortable on your couch, at your desk, or sipping champagne! You can’t beat that, really.

Up next, an ode to polyester (no, really!) and then I promise I’ll blog something besides a fit-and-flare dress! 

31 thoughts on “It’s time for a Very Curvy Sewing Celebration!

    1. We had lots of fun! It was particularly nice seeing women who had been to one of my t-shirt classes and getting to catch up on their sewing! Also convinced lots of people to buy Cashmerette, ’cause even amongst a really good selection of indie patterns, they are just the best! 😉


    1. Excellent question which I totally should have thought to mention in the post! 😛 You are right, the bodice is self-lined for a clean finish on the neck.


  1. I don’t think you have anything to be embarrassed about– it just shows the versatility of those patterns! And we all want to get as much mileage as possible from our pricier indie patterns, right? 🙂


  2. So pretty Gillian! I love the sparkle. I don’t think it matters if you make this and only this dress pattern from now till eternity….it is a great silhouette on you! The Buffalo plaid one is HAWT!!! love it!


  3. It’s great to see how versatile a pattern/silhouette can be ! It’s a lovely metallic dress for the celebration. Unfortunately, I am nowhere nearby, AND I have an essay to write tomorrow. 😦 Have fun !


  4. Three dresse s that are similar in style but no way would I think oh she’s made another one. Yhey all look fabulous and suit you so well.


    1. It’s kinda fabulous that no one really pays attention to each other’s clothing… Distract them with different fabric and they’ll never know a thing! 😉


    1. I did have fun! And also I picked up and my skirt and twirled them around a lot, because that’s mandatory in a circle skirt, right? 😉


  5. So pretty! I love all your makes, no matter which pattern you use (even if you have sewn it lots before). You have such a great, defined style!


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