Top 5 Goals for 2017


Oh, goals. You seem so appealing until it comes time to set them, or to actually accomplish them! I’m purposefully keeping my goals simple this year.

  1. Continue:  Keep sewing knits, keep blogging, keep doing Curvy Sewing Collective stuff, and keep teaching classes. Keep hacking patterns without a firm plan, starting blog series whenever inspiration hits, and making friends online. Be kind to myself and people around me. All good stuff which should continue!
  2. Stop comparing myself to others, wishing I sewed more or posted more on Instagram,  and stop pushing myself to sew things that are complex. (Maybe when I stop pushing I’ll actually want to sew them?)
  3. Spend more time being badass, professionally and personally. Think things through, be confident, and then let things go. Find a sustainable level of commitment.
  4. Take sewing a little more seriously, and spend time considering what I want to be my trajectory as a sewist. I have zero interest in starting a pattern line or online store, but I would like my blog to be the best it can be, and I’m curious what opportunities might be available if I ask.
  5. When in doubt, choose bold, interesting fabrics and patterns. I never regret it when I go a bit wacky with print. I feel like my style is definitely become more modern, and I’m moving away from patterns that feel too fussy or formal.

And that’s a wrap on 2016’s Top 5 lists! Thank you so much to everyone who participated or commented on each other’s posts… I hope you found some new bloggy friends to follow! You can find links to other participants here or here. I’ve so enjoyed reading them all myself!

Happy 2017!

17 thoughts on “Top 5 Goals for 2017

  1. Great goals, Gillian! Your blog and you as a community member and friend, have become one of the central hubs that I keep coming back to. You offer great tips for new sewists and great perspectives for all of us to consider as we continue to grow professionally and creatively. I wish I lived closer and was able to attend one of your CSC meet ups. Here’s to a wonderful 2017!


    1. Thanks Meris! I always look forward to your posts too. One of the great things about blogging is finding yourself with a circle of friends you’ve never met! 😉

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    1. Aww, thank you! That means a lot to me – it’s always funny not really knowing all the people who read one’s blog, and it’s nice to put names to, um, faces! (Except there are no faces involved, but you get my point! 😉 )


    1. Thanks, Becky! 5 years into blogging and without any major life changes along the way, I’m finding it hard to know what to aim for each year… it was easier to set goals early on when it was basic (“learn to sew knits”) or big (“Find a style I like”)! Now, who knows what each year will bring!

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  2. These are all great but #3 is my favorite. In some ways, it incorporates them all! It’s sort of the “may the force be with you” of goals. I love it! 😁


    1. You are right! I don’t know why I buried it in the middle as #3… it definitely is the one goal to rule them all! 😉 #allthenerdreferencesshallbeours


  3. I think I shall join you in your goal of being a badass. Done and done on the resolutions for 2017! Happy new years!


  4. Happy new year! Thanks for sharing your goals – and on a completely unrelated note, I love your blog design update. 🙂 Have been meaning to say so for awhile now. Good luck with your goals!


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