Let’s Hang Out!


This year, the Curvy Sewing Collective is hosting our first online event: A Very Curvy Sewing Celebration! Basically, it’s an excuse to sew something fun and fancy, even for those of use who have nowhere to wear it. You can take part online by getting dolled up on January 13th or 14th and posting pictures to the CSC Facebook group, or you can take part IRL by getting together with other sewists! (Other excellent ways to join in include making someone take you out for a nice dinner, convincing your non-sewing friends to met somewhere posh, or watching TV on the couch in your fancy frock!)

I’m celebrating by co-hosting a potluck party at Spool and Spindle in Waterloo, where I teach sewing. Dress code is as casual or fancy as you want, and we’ll have a fun craft to keep our hands busy while we chat! Wear a me-made party dress or something sparkly/fancy/luxe if you want, but we’ll love you just as much if you don’t have a me-made wardrobe yet! Everyone is welcome.

I wish you were all local and could join – but I hope some of my Ontario readers will actually be able to join us! 


3 thoughts on “Let’s Hang Out!

  1. If I still lived in Kitchener I’d be there with bells on my toes and a fancy frock too! Sorry to have to miss your event Gillian but I’m sure everyone attending will have a lovely time 🙂 Spool and Spindle is lucky to have you!


  2. On another topic regarding an IG conversation, guess my phone is glitching. The pom pom maker’s IG account is @theloome. They have a great YouTube channel, also.


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