Top 5 Non-Sewing Highlights of 2016!


Hmmm… what have I done in 2016 besides sew?

A few new things…


1. We moved! 

We’d last over 2 years in a noisy apartment building, but life got SO MUCH BETTER in May when we moved to a century home in the old downtown core. It’s quiet, we can walk around at any time of night or day without waking the neighbours, and I *love* living in a beautiful home. It’s a rental, so it’s not forever, but I think we can spend a happy few years here! I love being able to take blog pictures on the porch – that leather couch from the previous uni student tenants is long gone!


2. Sewed a coat for my Dad’s 900km hike

I am so incredibly proud of my dad for his 6-week hike this spring! He hiked from south to north along the Bruce Trail, following spring as it developed. He carried everything he needed, restocking on food every few days. Since temperatures went below zero, he needed a reliably warm layer, and I am so pleased that I was able to sew him one! We chose a water-resistant, wind-proof fleece and  Jalie pattern, and he wore it every day. (Proud papa that he is, he also told everyone en route about the jacket I made him and the gloves my sister knit! Oh, and he raised $1400 for charity by giving talks after the trip. He’s the best!)

3. I’m back in the same job for the second year running! 

For the first time since I left Japan, I’m doing the same job this year that I did last year. I’m an Itinerant ESL teacher, and I work with kids G1-8 in a rural part of the board. We have a large Mennonite population, a growing community of Syrian refugees, and a whole mix of kids from other backgrounds. I learn something new every day, and truly believe in what I do!

logo Collage.jpg

4. More than sewing

This year I started teaching sewing classes at Spool and Spindle, blogging for Cali Fabrics, and I managed to keep going with the Curvy Sewing Collective without burning out. (The CSC website and FB group are awesome and exhausting – I spend far more hours on it that I do on this humble spot!) I’m pleased that I managed to add to my sewing-related hobbies without losing momentum or any of the joy of actually sewing!

And… that might be it!

How has your year been in 2016?

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Non-Sewing Highlights of 2016!

  1. That’s only 4.
    But a pretty busy 4, it was! Best wishes for a happy 2017! Love your blog – and I thank you for introducing me to the word “twee.”


  2. Moving has to count for at least two, right? I mean, all that purging and packing and hauling…

    I’m especially happy for you about the job, though, because I remember how stressful it was every time a new school year was coming up and you weren’t sure where you’d be working. So I’m glad that you finally have more stability!


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