Share your Top 5 of 2016 posts!


If you are writing your own #sewingtop5 posts, post a link them below! 

It’s always nice to discover new blogs to read, right? And round-ups are a great way to get to know each other quickly. You can like to just one post or come back and link to each one as you post!

My first posts are here: Top 5 Hits and Top 5 Misses


36 thoughts on “Share your Top 5 of 2016 posts!

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  2. Hello! I’m very happy to be joining in this year. I’ve loved this end-of-year challenge for a while now. Thanks for coming up with it and for hosting it, Gillian!

    Here are my hits and my misses.

    And a big thanks to everyone who’s shared theirs. It’s been great learning what’s worked out for you and what hasn’t. Happy sewing in 2017!

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