Wardrobe Basics: Making Plans!

Everyone has different “basics” in their wardrobe… and in the midst of Christmas busyness, I’ve been dreaming up topping up mine!

Here’s what I have in mind:

  • taupe striped Concord tee – basically, another version of my most-worn tee in another colour way of the same fabric!
  • red plaid dress – not so much a basic as my take on the wardrobe essential: a plaid shirt!

  • leopard dress, or maybe a leopard top? I already own both in different leopard print, so we’re into repeat territory either way!
  • another long cardigan – maybe a Paprika Opal, maybe another Sew Over It Shift dress slit up the middle to make it a cardigan. Can’t get enough of these when I’m dressing for work in the morning! I’ve got a cool fabric that is white lace bonded to black scuba that I’m planning to use.

In not-so-basic sewing plans, I need to sew something up for the Very Curvy Sewing Celebration I’m co-hosting in the CSC Facebook Group. I might also make something new to wear at Christmas in Ottawa with my Granny…something she’ll be proud to see me wear in front of her retirement home neighbours, that still feels fun and youthful… and has lots of room to eat! Any ideas?

Oh yeah, and Christmas gifts. Is it any wonder I’m sitting on the couch and not sewing at all, rather than start on this long list?


6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Basics: Making Plans!

  1. I am in wardrobe planning mode too (working through the Closet Curator book) and just finishing another Studio Basic Top that I absolutely love 🙂 I finally DID some reverse applique which has been on my list (Natalie Chanin style) on the upper back and wrists which I’m calling autumn leaves – I better get that done this week! I love how you illustrate not only the garment but the fabric print you’re going to use to make it. Inspiring as always Gillian 🙂


    1. Ooh, that reverse applique sounds so lovely! It’s appealing to do just a little bit of it in a high-impact area – I’ve always been daunted by the idea of doing a whole garment that way!


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