Top 5 Best Projects of 2016!

I thought this post might be hard to write – how can I chose favourites from the 50+ projects I’ve made this year? But once I scrolled through my Flickr stream, it was clear which garments made my heart sing!


1. Washington Dress in Black Scribbles

I made this dress in January, and it gets a lot of wear in winter. When I asked my husband what he thought stood out in my sewing this year, he mentioned black and white prints, and he’s definitely right. They are basic but not boring, and I like that I can pair black and white prints with pink, purple, red or turquoise as the mood strikes! (Or other colours, of course, but those are always the shades I choose!) Other favourite graphic black and white prints I’ve sewn this year include my Jorna dress and my t-shirt trials!


Concord Dress

2. Concord Ruffle Dress

Against all odds, this is my power outfit. I always wear it with these boots, and I always stride a little more confidently when I wear it! Why? It’s a t-shirt with a ruffle attached. But somehow the skirt swings satisfyingly, and it’s fitted but not tight in a way that works with my curves. I like it so much that I just sewed another one in leopard print!



3. Paint Daub Comino

This might be my favourite dress of the year. I love the print, love the mid-weight rayon, love the pattern (Comino Cap bodice and Sally Jumpsuit skirt)… but most of all, I feel like a babe when I wear it. What more could I ask for?


Groove Dress

4. Groove Dress in Crazy ITY

This fabric is nuts, and that’s why this dress makes the top 5! It’s a bold silhouette in a bold fabric, and I feel totally me when I wear it. If someone asked me why I sew, I’d say to make clothes like this… and if someone asked me how sewing has changed my life, I’d say it’s given me the confidence to stand out!



5. Birthday Dress

I just feel great every time I wear this dress. I do a lot of pattern hacking, and it’s always a bit hit-or-miss… but this one is a hit all the way!


Well, it’s official: All my Top 5 garments are knit dresses!!!! 3 are Cashmerette, and 2 use parts of the Comino Cap dress… Could I be any more predictable? Just to prove I DO, wear pants and tops, I’ll give a shout out to two other favourite wardrobe essentials: my Cone Mills Ginger jeans, which really don’t stretch out even after more then 5 wears, and my enduring love for long cardigans, which are my favourite way to layers pants or a dress.

33 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Projects of 2016!

  1. I love your fabric choices! the groove dress is my favorite – that ITY is breathtaking. You are the ‘knit’ dress queen.


    1. I don’t know if I wore many dresses before sewing… but now they are the easiest way to look professional for work while in maximum comfort! Why do you think they don’t appeal to you?


      1. They always seem a bit fussy to me, but mostly they’re cold. I am never warm enough to wear a dress comfortably unless it’s really hot in mid-July or August. Then pants are too constricting, but with my job at the library I couldn’t wear shorts, so dresses and skirts it was. Also I think the styles I like, and my preference to wear tights make wearing dresses more work than it should be. I need a slip, then I need that not to show, and then I need my tights to stay up…
        Mostly, though, they’re not warm.


  2. You have a serious collection of knock-outs here! Way to go Gillian! All of those fit beautifully, and seem to work really well with you in terms of color and print. Yey!


  3. All of these make me want to raid your wardrobe 😉 Sadly I don’t really have any great outfits this year, just a few basic ones to fill my empty wardrobe (that babyweight is holding on for dear life). But now that I’ve got my based covered I can make amazing clothes next year! And I’m going to stop caring about the baby weight!


    1. You’ve made cute clothes this year, for yourself and the girls! And managed going back to work part time with two kids… so be nice to yourself! 🙂


    1. Thank you! Doing the Better Picture Project last year really helped improve my photos, and I enjoy taking pics so much more now!


  4. I love the new look of your blog, by the way. You’ve done a great job this year. I think my favorite piece is actually that leather bag. It looks very luxe. I’d like to learn how to make leather bags myself.


  5. Please disregard my previous comment. That comment is from Fifty Two Fancie’s comment page. I always write out my comments on a notepad before I copy and paste so that I don’t forget anything I wanted to say. Ooops. Here’s what I had to say about your roundup:

    50+ projects? Hot damn, girl! Good for you! I agree with you on your #1 pick: the Comino dress. You look cool as fuck in it. Great roundup. Here’s to 2017!


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