T-Shirt Hacks!

I’m teaching a new class tomorrow at Spool and Spindle in Waterloo, Ontario, which we’re calling “More Than A T-Shirt”! Students are invited to bring their favourite t-shirt pattern, and we’ll spend 2 hours adjusting their pattern into whatever “hacks” they want!


This is my favourite part of sewing – taking a pattern that fits and riffing on it to make something new. I’m spending time today on my handout, which gives people a quick overview of a bunch of hacks, like cardigans, dresses, tunics, tanks, colour-blocking and so on. What makes it fun as a teacher is that I have NO IDEA what people might ask for – here’s hoping years of sewing and reading blogs has prepared me for anything and everything!


(Here’s a peek at some of my earliest t-shirt hacks, using the trusty Renfrew pattern! Remember back in 2012 when there were just a  few indie patterns to choose from?)

So if you are in Southern Ontario, please come join us tomorrow!  In the mean time, I’m debating snuggling on the couch during our first snowfall, putting up the Christmas tree to motivate myself to sew some holiday gifts, and sewing myself a new t-shirt hack to wear tomorrow! Of course I *could* do all three, if I just stopped typing?

15 thoughts on “T-Shirt Hacks!

  1. Wish I were there Gillian! If I still lived in Kitchener I would have been there with bells on my toes! 🙂 Sounds like fun AND a useful workshop – Tee’s a staple. I’ve been working with a couple of patterns to try to get the perfect Tee sloper – a go-to when I need a Tee for anything. Every pattern I’ve tried so far has had a problem – even Cashmerette didn’t work out that well for me which was a huge disappointment and surprise.


    1. I wish you still lived locally too! I’m curious – are you having the same issues with all patterns, or is each pattern throwing you new fitting challenges?


  2. Wish I lived over there – for lots of reasons! Hope your students enjoy the class – and that they allow you to show photos of the results!


  3. I so wish I was local to you. This is just the class I need right now!

    I especially love the black and white dress labelled “A-line skirt”. Have you blogged about this? I tried a search but didn’t have any luck finding it.

    Have fun teaching the class 😊


      1. Thanks Gillian. I really appreciate that link. I am toying with the idea of a similar hack, but I suspect (ok, I know) I don’t have enough material in the lovely fabric that I want to use! I shall continue to play with different ideas and combinations in my head 🙂

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  4. What an amazing class today, Gillian! Thank you so much sharing your experience and your great ideas! I feel like I have at least 8 new patterns…and I know they will all fit so goodbye muslins! You are truly delightful and gracious and I appreciate all your attention today! Looking forward to seeing many more of your makes and keeping an eye for any new classes you are teaching 🙂 No idea when I can officially dedicate sewing time but at least all my new fabric is in the washer right now. That’s a step in the right direction, right?! Can’t wait to sew! Thanks again~Lyn


    1. Thank you, Lyn! I had such a nice time with you yesterday! Always nice to find someone local that has so much in common. Hope your variations all sew up beautifully, whenever you have time! See you sometime soon, I hope! 🙂


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