Cashmerette Turner Dress

Say hello to my version of the newest Cashmerette pattern, the Turner dress!


It’s a streamlined take on a simple skater dress. The front bodice is lined, so the v-neckline is sharp and easy to sew. As always, the pattern has cup sizes and a variety of sleeve lengths!

I tested this pattern back in the spring. My tester version was made with super bright batik-style floral ITY, which I adored in the store, but never once actually wore. It ended up feeling a bit twee. The fit was great though, so when I wanted a classic striped dress this fall, I pulled it out!

front back Collage

(Sorry for the dizzying effect of the stripes on screen… I hope it’s not that bad in real life!) 

This version is sewn with a navy-and-white textured polyester double knit. I only had 2m, so I cut the back in two pieces and on the grain. Let’s call it a design feature, shall we?

One problem with this squishy fabric though – when I sewed the neckline, it stretched out and became indecently low. I managed to make it wearable by inserting some clear elastic to tighten up the V, but even now, I wouldn’t wear this to work without a large scarf. (It you have cleavage that touches, you’d be fine – as it is on me, any person talking to me would look right down at my bra!) It wasn’t a problem on my ITY tester version though, so I think it’s the fabric and not the pattern. Regardless, next time I’ll raise that V a bit… or play with the neckline to make it scooped or square instead!

skirt Collage

Obviously, there are TONS of skater dress patterns out there.. and if you’ve got one that fits you and you love, then stick with it! But here’s what I think sets this one apart for curvy women, compared to patterns like Lady Skater or Moneta that never quite worked on me:

  • Cup sizes means you get a better fit at the armscye, and that your waist seem is level and not pulling up at the front
  • Built-in swayback
  • Lined front bodice allows you to finish the neck without a band, which I think elevates it to a more formal look
  • No waistband means it’s better on my short torso
  • A-line skirt instead of gathers means it sits nicely over my bottom half!
  • Fit. Cashmerette patterns are designed with what she calls a “modern amount of ease”, aka. quite snug compared to other plus-size patterns. Yes, it means you can see the line of my very snug bra band. Yes, it means the elastic at my waist pulls into my side-fat a bit… but that snugness gives me a defined waist and an hourglass figure, and I enjoy that!


Do you have a favourite skater dress pattern? (Aka. a simple fit-and-flare knit dress?) I’m happy there are so many pattern options now for simple patterns like this, because it means we can all find the one that’s just perfect for us!


33 thoughts on “Cashmerette Turner Dress

  1. From one Gillian to another (!) – 5″this looks fantastic! Thank you for the comments about the other patterns. I’ve recently indulged in the Moneta but couldn’t get started (bad history) but this looks as if it will just work!


    1. The world needs more Gillians! There is only one of the in the school board where I teach, so of course, we get sent each other’s mail… 😛 How did your family chose your name? I”m named after my mom’s childhood friend in England…


  2. I picked up the pattern today. I hope that I can get it pulled together and sewn this weekend (or maybe over Thanksgiving. A warm knit dress is visible hole in my wardrobe.


    1. Thank you! At first it really bothered me that the fabric is actually very dark navy, and I only have black boots for winter.. but then I decided, f*** it, no one but me will notice, and I”m wearing it (with black) much more now! 😉


    1. Thank you! Usually I make really bold prints, but sometimes it’s nice to have a classic stripe that is easy to match with lots of different accessories!


    1. From the low camera angle, it’s all good… and talking to me from a metre or two away, probably fine. But as soon as you stand shoulder to shoulder with me, or I have to lean over a desk to get something… TOO MUCH BRA!


    1. The neckline is only a problem at certain angles… if you were talking to me up close, you’d know what colour my bra is! 😉


  3. Adorable! I love the Lady Skater dress with the power of a thousand suns, so I don’t imagine I’ll branch out unless that pattern throws me for a loop – or I get rather bored. I like what you’ve done with the piecing on the back bodice.


    1. I forgot Lady Skater was one of your TNTs! It never looked good on me – I even gave Sara my muslin, and it was better but not fantastic on her, too. I think it’s all a question of where the waist seam hits on different figures…


      1. That just answered my question! I’ve been pondering the Lady Skater for months (years?) and haven’t pulled the trigger yet. This stripey Turner looks great on you, so if you like this and not the LS so much, I think I’ll be diving right in after you. Uh … that metaphor went south very quickly. 🙂

        Also, get thee some Hollywood Fashion tape and tape that pesky neckline *to* your bra so when you bend over, nothing moves. I swear by this stuff. It has removed much fiddly-ness from some of my tops.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s so cute! This fits you so well, though I have to say, I thought you had bleached your hair when I saw the picture pop up on my reader. Totally missed that it was your hat! 😀 I have the Jalie Bella to try soon. I think this style will be the perfect dress for playing violin in.


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