Comino Blouse


I’ve been really into boxy and flowing tops this year… but as we head back into the school year, I felt like maybe I should make a few more polished items. I’ve been obsessing about sewing neckline keyholes lately, so I combined the two goals into one top!


The pattern is one of my all-time favourites: the Comino Cap dress. Seriously, this has been the pattern that keeps on giving: I’ve used the dress as-is, the bodice with other skirts, the skirt with other bodices, the t-shirt pattern, and now, a short version of the dress as a peplum blouse.

The fabric is so pretty, isn’t it? I love a floral on a dark background. It’s an ITY, which worked against me a bit… My neck and sleeve bands came out a bit tight, which is gathering the shirt up and making the waist sit higher. Truth be told, It’s probably time to reprint the pattern and cut a bigger size – my pattern is labelled with little prompts to cut on the fly, like “add 1 inch here!” That said, it’s totally wearable like this, so I’m not going to fret too much! In a rayon, the size is just right.


The keyhole is low-tech: I used a scrap of fabric as a facing, and freehand sewed a shape I thought would work. It’s trimmed and topstitched, and that’s it! I serged the neckband as normal, pinning either side of the keyhole to get the right spacing. I handstitched the serged seam allowance up towards the neckband so it wouldn’t show through the keyhole. Super simple!


Oh, and the pants? Jeggings that I made before jeggings was a word! They are Espresso leggings sewn in a stretchy twill sewn in 2014. I know sometimes on blogs we see things when they are new and never again, so I’m trying to mix in some older stuff I still wear.

I’m really pleased how well this dress pattern works as a blouse – I wonder what other TNT dresses are just waiting to be shortened? 



15 thoughts on “Comino Blouse

  1. I love the dark background floral fabric too. This top looks super cute on you Gillian — really perfect for the new school year, and will look great layered under a cardigan when the temps plummet. Fantastic keyhole detail!


  2. This is super pretty, Gillian. I recently bought some rayon in a similar print for a summer top – you’ve given me inspiration!
    As for dresses to tops, I love buying downloadable Burda patterns, because they often contain several variations on the pattern paper (even if it isn’t stated in the listing/instructions). I have lots of dresses I’ve bought which I now realise have gorgeous shirt variations.


  3. Super idea, I’m in need of some tops as its nearly autumn here and my skinny jeans will be making an appearance very soon! Looks great on you and I’m a huge keyhole fan.


  4. Love this! You always pick such pretty fabrics!
    I’m not much for dresses so most dress patterns I own are because I eyed them with thoughts of tunic and tops. Now I’ll be thinking of adding keyholes to them too 😉


  5. Hello, Your shirt is just beautiful. I wish you a nice day and send greetings from Karlsruhe.

    Guten Tag, Deine Shirt sind einfach schön. Ich wünsche einen schönen Tag und sende Grüße aus dem badischen Karlsruhe.


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