The New House!

Welcome to our new (rental) house! All the pleasures of house-owning, but with a landlord who contractually has to fix things for us. We are loving our new place!

Since Kirstin said “Pictures of it didn’t happen!”, here are some pictures! Please note that there are unpacked boxes in every room, even 3 weeks after we moved in… and honestly, they’ll be there for a while!


It’s looking much nicer out now that things are growing!  This house picture is from March…

We’ve got a lovely front porch and teeny wee backyard, both of which I’ve already used for blog photos! And every night I love locking these 100-year-old lock… which is old for Canada, but clearly not for Europeans!

kitchen bathroom

The best room, and the worst! The kitchen is an amazingly intact 1950’s kitchen full of “modern” conveniences… the bathroom will be great, but it’s stuck in a bit of renovation limbo and we’re waiting for the landlord to finish up soon!

dining room

At the front of the main floor is the dining room. We got this table from Jamie’s parents, and filled one whole wall with IKEA shelves bought cheap second hand. In the corner there’s my 1912 sewing machine, currently holding the printer so I can print new patterns!

living room

As always, my decorating “style” is all about textiles… felt garlands hanging from the curtain rod, handmade quilts, pillows and and blankets, and soon I’ll be hanging some of my kimono/yukata fabrics on the wall too!

view from the couch

Sometimes I like to just sit and count the number of things that used to grace our much-loved apartment in Japan. I’m happy they have a place in our home once more! There’s a great Japanese word, “natsukashii”, which means something like “sweetly nostalgic”.  There is so much here that is natsukashii, like the Spool birds handing by the window, the collage Jamie made me when I turned 30, and Betz White felt applique pillow I made just after we moved back to Canada. In fact, the only big new thing we’ve bought is the living room carpet – but doesn’t it look like ME? It’s just with Indian cotton hooked in as the design. Love it!

The upstairs is coming together, slowly, but it’s not even sort of ready for pictures yet… so I’ll keep you posted on that through the summer!


23 thoughts on “The New House!

  1. Very nice! I love the trim above your front porch. I too live in a “century home”, but one that has been denuded of all the nice period pits, and left with the not so nice ones – no closets and oddly placed lighting. And that rug is perfect for you! Happy settling in 🙂


    1. Oh no! Who would take out the nice parts of a century home? I blame the 50s. Or 80s. I hear you on the lack of closets. Thankfully our landlord put in a big double closet in the bedroom when he bought the place and lived here himself… but I really mis having main floor closet space for coats!


    1. I’m happy to have the birds hanging again! They’ve been sitting on the floor of my closet for several years because I had nowhere to put them. I wonder how long til Frank decides they are a cat toy meant for him? 😉


      1. Thank you! We found a place! Now we’re just dealing with all the stuff that has to happen before you get the keys, but hopefully we’ll be in before the end of the month! 🙂


        1. That’s fantastic!!!! I wish you well with your move – it’s a bit of a nightmare packing everything up, but it is fun knowing you are heading somewhere better! Can’t wait to hear all about the new place and your plans for a new lifestyle outside the city!


  2. Congratulations Gillian! It’s a lovely place with such character (suiting you to a Tee!) – moving is the most horrible AND wondrous thing isn’t it? We moved here to Victoria BC almost 3 years ago from Kitchener ON and brought EVERYTHING with us since so much are things my husband made (art, carvings, furniture) and couldn’t be left behind so why not take it ALL? 🙂 I’m glad it’s behind us – I’m sure you’ll be very happy in your new home!


    1. Wow, your husband sounds talented! Between the two of you, I bet you’ve got a really funky and unique home!


    1. It’s been really fun watching the two cats negotiate territory! The shy cat has been much braver, and the bold cat much more easily startled. Endless entertainment!

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  3. How absolutely gorgeous is that carpet and so utterly you! Your new place looks great. I love everything about it, the kitchen is fabulous. Having things around you that remind you of happy times is great and I am sure that you will fill your place with many more. I hope that the both of you will be very happy there. You have a very handsome cat. Xx


    1. Thank you! I was hemming and hawing about the carpet, and showed my husband a picture… and he decided straight away it had to be mine, and took me to the store to buy it! (I’m terribly cheap when it comes to buying things I want for myself – he’s much better at spending money! 😉


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