Getting ready for Me-Made May

I can’t believe it’s my 5th year of joining Me-Made May!

Each year before I make a pledge, I like to review my pledges from years past… but now that list is getting rather long, so I’m giving it a post of it’s own! I’ll be back tomorrow with this years pledge – which, sneakily/lazily is a repeat from one of these past years. Can you guess which one? 

Here’s what I’ve pledged in the past:

2012: Japanese for Crafters! Each day I held up a Japanese phrase (connected to sewing) on a sign, and used that word in my blurb about the outfit.

MMM'12 Wrap Up!

2013: My Colour Palette! In 2013, I was really trying to figure out my personal style, and part of that was developing a colour palette for my wardrobe. (In case you didn’t know, that’s the colour swatches in the header of my blog!) Each day I documented which palette colour I wore, and compared it all at the end.

colour palette collage

2014: One Pattern, One Week! I picked 4 of my favourite patterns, and wore variations of each for a week: Jalie Raglan, Mission Maxi, Espresso leggings, and Style Arc Elle pants!

Mission Maxi Collage.jpg

2015: Sewing Around the World!  By this point, I was wearing me-mades almost exclusively all year round, so to shake up my wardrobe for MMM, I broke it down by continent/country: designers from Canada, Europe, Australia and NZ, and America.

Canada Week Collage

So, which one of these challenges do you think I’ll be repeating again this year? Make your guess below, and I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow!



21 thoughts on “Getting ready for Me-Made May

    1. That one actually takes quite a bit of planning – a whole week or wearing a dress, for example! I’m being lazy this year…


    1. Too much work! Unless moving week, my one pattern was my underwear pattern… “Hey guys, I swear I’m wearing Me-Mades underneath these old ratty clothes!” 😛


    1. I’m keeping it simple with colour palettes! Which, by the way, is a challenge you of all bloggers could definitely rock with me! 😉


  1. I’m guessing color (colour?) palette. I think you’ve said a few times that your personal palette has changed over the years so maybe you want to “officially” revisit it? And, since you’re packing and moving, I’m thinking this may be the least stressful.


    1. Yes!!! Colour palette. Though I’m not so sure if I’ll sew anything new… but I’m curious what colours have crept in over the last few years!


    1. Pattern a week is a fun one… but it took quite a lot of foresight to plan a week when I could wear all dresses, or make sure my first week’s clothing would be warm for the cool weather at the start of May…


    1. You are 100% correct! It’s the easiest, and I’m also quite curious to see how my wardrobe has changed, since very few of the actual pieces I wear are the same as 3 years ago!


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