All About the Fabric


I can’t even count how many times I’ve used the Sew Over It Shift Dress since I bought it in October – maybe 4 dresses and 2 coatigans?

This time it’s a sleeveless version, modelled on a cold, windy, snowy day… but it’s all about this fabulous fabric!


Please note the snow in the background. I was pretty cold, and got some very odd looks! 

It’s a poly double knit, slightly textured on the good side, and fairly smooth and slippery on the inside. I bought it as a factory remnant, and there was only about .8… but I knew exactly what I wanted to make, and with some very creative patchwork, I was able to squeeze out a dress!


On the front and back, the main fabric ends at that top stripe. For the front, I patched together shoulders with the stripe going vertically on one side, and horizontally on the other.I was completely out of fabric for the back “yoke”, so I used black cotton lycra knit. I figure it will always be covered by a sweater anyway, since a polyester dress won’t be appropriate by time it’s sleeveless weather!

But how to finish the edged? The background of the print is actually a very awkward-to-match indigo-navy colour, so I couldn’t find any fabric to match. I didn’t want clunky-looking fabric bands to distract from the print, so I used the pattern to draft some all-in-one facings.


See the facings in the middle photo? I did a fully clean finish with the burrito method – speaking of which, anyone know a good tutorial on how to do this? I keep wondering if I should make one, but I don’t want to waste time if someone already covered it better! 😉


I took these pics on the same day I photographed my pink wool coat – and this carrousel in a city park seemed like the closest to a springy background that I could find! Unfortunately for me, it was *just* warm enough that some icicles were dripping, which led to this, as one dripped down my back:


Hope that made you giggle like it did me!  

This is one of those satisfying projects that was quick but had just enough creativity to keep me thinking. It turned out just like I pictured, and I’m excited to see just how many cardigan colours I can find to wear with it. Gotta keep up my reputation with my colleagues for being the brightest-dressed person around!


24 thoughts on “All About the Fabric

  1. That is amazing fabric! Congrats on making your vision come to life with creative piecing – I think you’ll wear this one for a long time to come. With every cardigan you have!


  2. Damn you, yet another piece of clothing I’d like to steal! 😀 Seeing your makes really inspires me to use more colour but I want to use my stash as well, so maybe I should just sew some fun bright coloured cardigans and buy some chunky necklaces to up my colour game! And I totally want to see that tutorial btw, because I knew how to do it once, but I guess my mommy-head threw all understanding of the concept out the door!


  3. Such a happy fabric with a brilliant pattern placement. And to top it off, this chunky necklace looking like a big smile! You must be a star among your colleagues.


  4. I like the projects that force me to use every last scrap. Well done with your .8m! I think you nailed the placement. Also, your dress and cardigan match your blog header!


  5. Love love love! This is so creative!

    Grainline archer sewalong has an excellent tutorial on the Burrito method 🙂


  6. That fabric is absolutly fantastic! It looks brilliant on you – plus I love how expressive you are in your last photo!


  7. I think that one is a new favorite of mine, among your dresses! Great fabric, and I love how it pairs well with lots of colours. That cardi is very near my perfect shade of green, too!


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