Concord Tee by Cashmerette

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…


…but my new tee is so delightful!

How to describe the Cashmerette Concord tee? Imagine that Sewaholic Renfrew and Grainline Lark had a baby. After I graded between sizes, my Concord is really similar to Renfrew at shoulders and hip, but with waist definition. It’s got the sleek length and layerability of Lark, but with room for a bust. All three patterns come with lots of sleeve and neckline options, so really, it’s just a question of which one suits your shape!


As with all the Cashmerette patterns released so far, the fit is on the slim side. There is negative ease at the bust, and an inch of ease at the hips. (This is my tester version, sewn in a 14 bust, 16 waist, hips and sleeves, in the C/D cupsize.) Because it’s a closer fitting tee than I’m use to, I chose a medium weight rayon knit with plenty of relaxed stretch for my first version. In a more stable knit or a snappy cotton lycra, I’d go up a size.

all angles Collage

As you can see, my belly and butt are duking it out to see who will get the fabric, and my front half is winning. Although it looks like I need a sway back, I’m pretty confident I just need an inch more width at the back hem. That’s the same adjustment I made on my Appleton wrap dresses, so I think it’ll probably become a standard adjustment for me. If you are shaped like me, it might be worth taking the two minutes to make that adjustment before you sew!


(Side note – see that pulling at the bust? I’m going to go up a cup size on my next version to see if that helps.) 

This is the highest-necked t-shirt I’ve ever sewn! Normally I’d pick the scoopneck option, but but I thought this would make a perfect pyjama top. I’m pleasantly surprised by the neckline – it’s not as wide as a boatneck, so it won’t show bra straps, and it’s not so high that it feels uncomfortable. I like how the higher neck adds visual length to the silhouette, too. (Perhaps that’s something only a short person would think of! 😉


As always, the details of the pattern are good. The neckband is narrow and the length worked perfectly for this fabric. The shoulders hit at the right spot, and this sleeve length is nice as drafted. I’m looking forward to trying out the longer version with the curved hem.


I know some people like to moan about how designers always put out basic patterns, but I have to say, as long as each pattern brings something specific to the table, I’m thrilled. 

I was a pattern tester for this shirt, and I’ve been waiting impatiently for it to be released. In the 5 months since I sewed this first version, I’ve been playing around with pattern adjustment and even a sassy dress hack. I’ll be blogging those soon, so my apologies while it turns into Concord central over here! I’m under no obligation to blog as a tester – and indeed, I’ve only blogged about 2/3 of what I’ve tested over the years – so please don’t think of it as advertising. I’m excited to show you some wardrobe staples that I’ve been enjoying making and wearing!

I took these pics back in November, in one of our first snows of the year… and what do you know, we had snow and freezing rain last night, and some of my schools are closed today! Oh Canada, land of the very long winter. Please end soon, ok?

33 thoughts on “Concord Tee by Cashmerette

    1. I hope you enjoy the pattern! I’m really looking forward to seeing other tester versions pop up on blogs – it’s fun to see how people interpret a pattern in complete isolation, without seeing each others!


    1. If you are in Cashmerette’s sie range, I really think it’s a winner! The shaped side seams really work well for my figure, and I like having an FBA built right in to the pattern!


  1. Gillian I loved your Tee so much I promptly surfed over the Cashmerette and ordered a printed pattern! Love it 🙂 You did a fantastic job as always – although it’s true designers do often make basic patterns (do we REALLY need another Tee?) it’s not easy to find just the right one for a good reliable fit and just well constructed. I’ve wasted a lot of fabric and time trying out Tee patterns that were just so poorly drafted they didn’t work at all. So thank you for this! I look forward to making a few of my own 🙂


    1. Oooh, I really hope you like it! (And I think you will!) I know I’ve gotten so much use out of my TNT patterns in the past, but this one offers a good balance of shaping and ease.


  2. I am one of those moaning about too much of the sameness out there. But who am I to complain? If this new tee fills the gap for some sewists, hooray! Yours looks wonderful. And your little red beret is très cute!


    1. I think it’s so nice that people can get a basic tee pattern to suit their figure: petite, plus, straight, curvy, pear… saves us all a few steps in perfecting the right fit!


  3. Cute top. I too, have been known to whine “another t-shirt, really?”, but I like your take on it. Renfrew is my TNT. Forevah.

    BTW, all of Canada isn’t cold right now, Kelowna BC got up to 18C yesterday and 20C is predicted today, she said running and ducking. LOL.☺


    1. AGH!!!! You West Coast people and your nice weather… I really should just start complaining about Ontario weather, and not blaming all of Canada. Seems crazy, when Southern Ontario pokes so far down into the States… maybe it’s the Great Lakes I should rage against? 😛


  4. I really like your top. And I am a similar size to you so your tips were helpful. Based on your version I’m also going to take up the shoulder at the top of the armhole about 3/8″ and lower the armhole 3/8″, I think it’ll get rid of that crease by the armhole, I have to do this on a lot of patterns (it was the key to making my Moneta perfect!).


    1. That’s an interesting adjustment! I”m trying to picture what exact effect that has?
      (For more detailed reference, since we are close, I’m 42-37-47″.)


      1. I learned that adjustment from Silhouette Patterns. Since you are taking it up 3/8″ on top, but lowering 3/8″ it means you don’t have to adjust to sleeve, but taking it up at top pinches out that crease, because you have too much fabric on top. Thanks for the measurements, super helpful.


          1. Sounds like a sloped shoulder adjustment. I do the opposite for square shoulders.

            Cute tee. Great pics! Kind of funny (for me down here in TROPICAL FLORIDA) to see the wintery photos. 🙂

            I agree with you about the back wrinkles. To fix, I think I’d just angle the bottom of the back piece out from the folded fabric (where you lay it to cut on fold), keeping the upper back neck/shoulder blade areas right at the fold. Clear? If not, lmk and I’ll take a pic of what I mean. It’s easy and the only thing you need to do to your paper pattern is write a note on it reminding yourself to swing out the bottom.


  5. while I agree on the whole “another t-shirt pattern” thing. I love that this one has so many options in one pattern. I have to discover my TNT tee pattern and I’m betting this is it. I haven’t had to make any adjustment to her other patterns other than length, and at 5’2″, length is always an issue. my legs are SHORT y’all! lol love your review. Hope it gets warm soon!


    1. I’m 5’2″ as well! I’m not really sure why Cashmerette patterns are just the right for us, but I agree, they are! I usually shorten dresses, but I don’t with hers. I really hope this pattern is a winner for you!


  6. Okay…lemme get this right…even though your pics were taken last November, the present weather is similar? As in snow and freezing rain? Eep…this west coast gal wouldn’t last a single winter, LOL.

    Anyways, just wanted to pop in and mention how much I love your photos. Your top is a flattering T for sure…and I totally love your red toque!!


    1. Isn’t our Ontario weather horribly depressing? I wrote this whole post thinking I’d taken these pics in December, and that was bad enough, but then I realised it was November… UGH. I’m going to have to head west and move in with you!


  7. Pretty tee. The area that look like you need a sway back adjustment could be either that you need more back width (as you surmised) but it could also be that you needed a larger cup size and the shirt is being pulled up and forward to make room for the girls. I saw this problem solved by a full bust adjustment on another blog — wish I could remember whose to give her props on her fitting prowess and her post — it was not intuitive to me and therefore stuck with me.


    1. That’s really interesting! I did end up going up a cup size in my next versions, as well as adding width in the back… and then, in the end, I did a bit of extra swayback adjustment! Some combo of those things seems to have worked out! 😉


  8. I like these shots! I can never have enough of my TNT basic patterns. I have one t-shirt pattern that I’ve made with so many variations because it fits beautifully. I hope this is a new TNT for you with your extra fitting modifications. (P. s. We’re warm today in the middle Canada for a change :-))


    1. Thanks doll! I don’t know how close you are to Cashmerette’s size range, but I’d be really curious to read your take on her fit adjustment! (Because let’s face it, I’d be curious to hear you write about pretty much any and every pattern! 🙂


      1. You are so sweet – btw, I am going to buy this pattern (and a couple of others) because I’m interested and, in the same way I can alter something up, I’m assuming I can alter it smaller. It might actually be easier? I sense her proportions will work for me. What I like is that she’s designing with proportionately narrow shoulders and big boobs in mind. And I could use some skim in the ab area these days. I just need to get to May 3 and I can start thinking about sewing. I’ve been working 65 hour weeks for the past month and I’m just keeping it together. So much typing and stress that I can’t even knit much at this point. (Mind you, I shouldn’t complain, I’ve been hitting the knitting hard and I have no time to exercise – walking or yoga – regularly, so what can I expect?)


  9. Firstly, you are gorgeous…these pics…sigh. I know we are all sick of the snow but it does make for some pretty pictures. Love the t-shirt on you, what a great fit.

    On a totally different subject… your blog isn’t showing up in my bloglovin feed and I don’t know why. Bummer. I’m going to go try to unfollow and follow to see if that works. I hate missing out…


  10. Twitter has made me realize that people actually can (and do!) farm up there, so it must thaw eventually. Let’s hope for sooner rather than later, shall we? 😉 Cute shirt, I like the look of the green on you!


  11. This is a nice looking tee! I think Cashmerette patterns are well drafted and the results I have seen reflect that. I love your fabric.


  12. So I’m obviously way behind in my blog reading, but this looks great!! I love a simple tee. I can’t believe how much snow there is. I thought you must have taken these photos weeks ago, not a week ago. Nuts!


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