Handmade (but not by me!)

Ya’ll, I complained SO MUCH about winter in my last post, and then it vanished over night! We’ve had a lovely warm week. Yes, of course it will snow a few more times, but for now – I love it! I packed away 3 bags of clothes to donate, passed on more to my mom and sister, and got out my springy coloured clothes. (Aka. same warmth as my winter clothes, but in brighter colours.) It’s March Break this week, so I’ve got a week of holidays and a giant pile of bright fabric to sew. Before I did into that though, I’ve got one wintery post left! 

2 hats and a scarf from AnnieBee!

My sister made me another hat! I’ve got quite a lovely collection of handknits from her over the years, including mittens, fingerless gloves, a lace stole, several cowls, and several hats. Lucky, lucky me!

(In return, I try to keep her well stocked with me-made garments. It’s a good deal for us both, I think!) 

2 hats and a scarf from AnnieBee!

This latest hat was made with leftover from a beautiful cowl she made me a while back. It’s baby alpaca, merino and bamboo. Lush!
2 hats and a scarf from AnnieBee!

According to Anne’s Ravelry page, the pattern is called Pandion, and it took her two days to knit! I’d asked her for a hat I could wear on windy, cold yard duty recess days, so initially I wasn’t quite sure about the pompom, since it won’t fit well under a hood… but eventually CUTE won out over practical! A pompom is always the right choice, isn’t it?

The hat itself is rather loosely knit, and not all that warm… so kindly, Anne gave me another hat to wear under it!

2 hats and a scarf from AnnieBee!

She knit me a little heart ornament in this gorgeous jade yarn last year, and I’m thrilled to have the hat, too. It’s such a gorgeous colour!

And finally, I’ll leave you with:

2 hats and a scarf from AnnieBee!

My “Where’s Waldo?” shot!

Do you have a handy knitter friend who keeps you well supplied? Or are YOU the knitter friend that everyone hopes will give them something?

23 thoughts on “Handmade (but not by me!)

    1. It’s a very mutually beneficial relationship! Though i think I owe her some new clothes by now – better get sewing! 😉


  1. I kept waiting for a knitter to take me on, and finally decided to become one myself 🙂 I think your arrangement is awesome, as evidenced by these lovely hats and cowl! Incredible colors.


    1. I do love how portable knitting is! I’ve been wondering if I could manage making socks or something nice and light… Though frankly, when Anne will happily knit me stuff, I’m not that motivated! 😉


  2. Haha I am that knitter! ❤ Love the arrangement you have with your sister. 🙂 And the hats, of course. I love the colourful hat/cowl set!


    1. It’s nice to have complimentary crafts! Something different enough we don’t get competitive like we were as kids! ;P


  3. You look lovely in your new knits! My grandma used to knit socks for me, but in the last few years, her arthrosis made it hard for her – so now I have to fend for myself. 😉


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