Black Bra-Tulle Bra

Black bra tulle bra

Now that I’ve got a well-fitting pattern, I wanted to experiment with some different fabrics – in this case, black bra tulle from The Emerald Studio.

Black bra tulle bra

As you can tell, it’s quite sheer. I cut two layers with perpendicular stretch, so the end result is quite stable and firm. As you can see, I used black duoplex for the powerbar and frame, inspired by this braĀ I’d pinned a while back. I think it would look a bit odd having sheer-ish cups just floating in an opaque frame, so I like how this blends the two elements together.

Black bra tulle bra

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with the strap elastic distorting the band and pulling it up at centre back – you can’t see it here because the band is pulled suuuuper tight on my dressform. Erin suggested attaching the straps at an V-angle instead, but I’d be open to more suggestions if you have them!

PicMonkey Collage

The bra tulle feels a bit scratchy when I put it on, but after a while I don’t notice as much… It is pretty though, and I like the scalloped elastic at the top of the cups! The upper cup is a teeny bit loose… I can’t decide if I need to shave a bit off the pattern there, or make the upper edge of the band tighter so it is pulling things snug from there! I’m not sure this bra will go into the everyday routine for those reasons.


On the plus side, I pulled out all my tricks for sewing with delicate fabrics and double layers, and it made sewing with the bra tulle way easier than I expected! I used a glue stick to stick two layers together, then sewed the cup seams with a bit of tissue paper underneath so it wouldn’t get sucked into my machine. The paper tears away really easily – I might do this more often for bras! Finally, I basted the two-layered edges of the cups together so I could insert them easily.

Black bra tulle bra

My next bra is definitely going to have lace on it – time for something girly! But which lace, and which fabric? Only time will tell.

How many bras do you have in rotation? I’ve really only had 3-5 for the last few years, but I’m aiming for a better stocked drawer now that I can make them myself!




22 thoughts on “Black Bra-Tulle Bra

  1. Gorgeous new bra! I love it. I’ve also only had around 3-5 in the past, but I am working on getting a much larger number than that. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ Isn’t it great to be able to make your own bras! šŸ˜€


  2. Ooh, it looks so delicate! Very pretty.

    I usually like to err on the side of more bras, mostly so I can avoid doing laundry. (I also tend to buy the cheapest ones I can find at Kohl’s that aren’t beige.) But I’ve been cycling through the same 3 bras since about halfway through my pregnancy. Never again. Even with wearing them multiple days in a row and trying to take care of them as best I can in the laundry, they’ve all gone bad (I had to remove the side support boning on the non-underwire one before Hobbit was even born!) and would have been thrown out already if I didn’t need them for a few more months. I definitely prefer having enough to increase the lifespan!


    1. I hope that when nursing ends you can treat yo’ self to some bright cheerful brand-new bras! (I always bought the cheapest brightest bras possible – I miss those days a bit!)


  3. This is so beautiful! I had the urge to make a sheer black bra right after I finished my lacy one, but it got waylaid by Victorian sewing and next I really need to do some unselfish stuff that I’ve been putting off. Blerg.


        1. I’ve got a hoodie for my Mr. that’s been cut out and started for weeks now, and I hate UFOs… but I keep shoving it aside and sewing for myself anyway! šŸ˜‰

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  4. So pretty! I do love mesh. I have about 35 bras in regular rotation – but you know I’m an outlier in this respect. I just can’t limit myself. Plus, trying new styles is a hobby and blog fodder. So they just rack up (ha!). Also, bras take up no space at all, in the scheme of things. Do tell me that you’re doing matching undies too!


    1. I know it’s totally opposite to you, but nope, I’m not into matching undies! šŸ˜› One day, maybe. I just prefer really different fabrics for the two halves, and I can’t figure out how to merge them together!


  5. Oh, how beautiful this bra looks! And it fits! I have about 5-6 bras in rotation. Noticed that some of them are wearing out. We don’t have any department stores around and it’s not easy to find something that fits online. I got bra classes on Craftsy but still need to find time to watch them and get brave. So happy that you could find somebody to help you out to make a personalized bra!


    1. Give bra-making a chance! I swear, the sewing part is way easier than it looks, and the Craftsy course is great. The fitting is more of a challenge, but that really depends on how well your figure matches the pattern you are using, and how picky you are about fit.


  6. Looks gorgeous Gillian! šŸ™‚ I realistically have about 3-5 bras in rotation, although I throw in one of my fancier bras every once and a while when I’m feeling special šŸ˜› I think I could have 100 bras in my drawer and I would still only wear 3-5 regularly!

    Also for the straps, you could either do the more ‘V’ angle, or your could make the scoop a little wider and more gentle- but remember that that will make the straps wider on your back, although I don’t remember you having a straps falling down problem- so you should be fine šŸ™‚


  7. This is really pretty! I’m with you, I really want to have a whole bunch of bras! I have about 4 handmade ones in rotation right now, but the fit isn’t perfect on each one. So i really need to make more! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


  8. Lovely bra, the elastic is a cute detail! I actually only have 2 bras in rotation at the moment… I went up a size a little while ago, and haven’t really stocked up yet. Still waiting if the size sticks… šŸ˜‰


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