Carolyn Pyjama Bottoms


‘Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… except me, speed sewing two pairs of Carolyn pyjama pants!

I could come up with lots of justifications for why I bought the pattern on a whim and sewed 2 pairs in 4 hours… but let’s be honest, it was a combination of self-indulgence, distracting myself from stress, and the thrill of the make!


Size wise, I’m right in between the size 18 and 20. I sewed up the shorts version in size 20 first, and as you can see, they turned out rather large! There’s an unflattering bloomer effect. Oh well – better too big than too small! (I’m not really sure why sewing the shorts version as a muslin seemed smart to me – it’s a whole separate PDF, so I had to do twice the taping! I do appreciate that it’s differently drafted, and not just the pants cut shorter.) 

shorts Collage

The fabric for both pairs in Liberty craft cotton that I bought online while I still live in Japan. I love the bold prints and saturated colours, and Im’ happy to get the fabric out and enjoyed after 5 years in the stash!

back front Collage

There’s something really lovely about sewing with wovens, I have to say, and I thoroughly enjoyed following the excellent instructions. I made the long trousers in size 18, which is a much better fit. I’ve been wearing them for 2 days almost non-stop, and they are really comfy!

PicMonkey Collage

It’s a lovely pattern, with lots of nice details: a cleanly finished waistband, roomy pockets, my first faux fly, and cuffs that are just perfect for adding piping. (I used chartreuse ricrac as piping for both of my pairs, and I love how it looks!) The elastic is stitched to the waistband in the front, back and sides, so it doesn’t roll. The only thing I’d change is to add more height in the back rise – I could use an extra inch!

Less successfully, I made  a last minute t-shirt to wear with the pjs… but ugh, cotton lycra, I don’t like you one bit!

green tee Collage

Say hi to my in-laws basement, and their English bulldog Dexter. Note how he appears no more lifelike than the toy bulldogs on the fireplace! 

The fabric is Laguna jersey, and the pattern is the Kristen kimono tee. Somehow it managed to be simultaneously too tight, too baggy, too stiff, and shows my bra lines! Even my husband commented on the awkward fit – and then I insisted on showing him the same pattern sewn in rayon jersey, and how much nicer it looks. Rayon, you are my true love forever!


Dexter thought that I really should be playing with him instead of taking selfies with a tripod and remote… 

Overall, I’m really happy with my pyjamas, and I’ve been wearing them non-stop. I’d highly recommend the pattern, and I could see sewing them as gifts. I might even sew the top one day, if I ever have enough yardage on hand!

31 thoughts on “Carolyn Pyjama Bottoms

  1. These are so pretty! Perfect use of those lovely floral fabrics. I always go with a fitted tee for cotton lycra; it just doesn’t have the drape for anything else!


    1. Yay comfy pyjamas! I’m not ashamed to say I’ve worn them almost every day since making them! (There has been laundry done, I swear!)


  2. I made a handful of t-shirts out of laguna jersey because I kept seeing people recommend it, but they all turned out like you describe–tight, baggy, and stiff all at the same time. So frustrating, but I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    Your PJs are great! I’ve been going back and forth about whether I want to get this pattern, but after seeing your version and Michelle’s recent version, I’m thinking I’ll need to get this one soon!


    1. Rather obviously, I’m definitely a fan! I’ve thought about getting the Sewaholic pattern for years, but I like that these are a bit trimmer. Go for it!


  3. I love my Carolyn PJs! (I still need to blog them on my own blog.) I’m a little larger than the 20 and was able to get away with just doing full tummy and full bum adjustments to get the pants to fit, so I’m not surprised that you were able to size down.

    And definitely go for the Clare Coat! It’s not a fast project, but her separate pattern pieces and thorough instructions will set you up for coat success.


    1. Your Carolyns were the reason the pattern was fresh in my mind! I really like how yours turned out. I’m seriously considering Clare… but better sew some bras first!


  4. Oh man, I bought some laguna jersey for a dress- I hate to hear its not the awesome stuff I’d heard about. I haven’t had a chance to open it up yet. ugh….
    Love the pj pants though. I guess I need to get on the band wagon and puy the pattern now.


  5. I love your PJ’s. That fabric is wonderful. They look so comfy and the colours are lovely and vibrant. They “look” like Liberty fabric, so distinctive. I am really short of PJ’s. All the ones I had have either been stolen by Sprogziilla or appropriated by her Dad (I buy men’s ones as they are the right length). I keep telling myself I will sew some. 🙂 Xx


    1. You definitely need to sew some PJs! And somehow chose fabric that neither your daughter nor your husband will want… 😛


  6. These are so darling! You’ve convinced me that I need a new pair of jammies… and really, I do! Also, it cracks me up how consistent your color scheme is!

    PS- Dexter!!!!! He’s so cute!!


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