One Last Coatigan for 2015!


***Oops! I meant to schedule this, not actually post it! Merry Christmas, everyone!!!***

It’s supposed to be winter here.. but instead, grass is starting to grow, and I’m frolicking around in my newest coatigan!

Collage back front

This latest version is a puffy quilted knit, which has quite a lot of stuffing in between soft cottony layers. (It’s stinks when pressed though, so there’s plenty of synthetic in there.) I’d been eyeing this admittedly batsh*t fabric until Heather Lou posted her amazing Sydney jacket in a very similar knit! Of course, her cream version is subtle and elegant, whereas hot pink with lizard quilting was never going to be anything but bold!


BUT – Can you guess which pattern I’ve used???? Here’s a hint: I’ve blogged 3 in recent weeks. Yup, it’s a Sew Over It Ultimate shift dress, slashed up the middle to make it into a coat! The pattern I’d been using was traced off a RTW sweater, so it didn’t have darts. I think this one is a better fit!

Here is it inside out, so you can see the construction:

Collage inside out

I raised the neckline a little in the front and back, then cut some facings to match. The hem is just folded up. You can also see that I draw my darts on in Crayola marker! Cheap and easy, and it will wash out eventually.

I’d like to add a hook and eye at the waist (like my original RTW coatigan has) so that I’ve got the option of a more structured coat look. I’ve worn all my versions quite a bit, and I think this will be great in spring!

Next on my sewing list is a few pairs of jeans – these ones I made last year are fading and getting baggy! Do you have anything you are hoping to sew before Christmas vacation ends?

36 thoughts on “One Last Coatigan for 2015!

  1. What a brilliant idea to use a shift dress pattern, pretty ingenious. I adore the colour of your coatigan and it really suits you.


    1. Thank you! I’m happy to know my pattern hack worked – I mean, I thought it would, but you never really know until you sew it up! πŸ˜‰


    1. Yes! Plants are definitely growing and blooming. It’s quite upsetting actually… I guess after 20 years of talk about global warming, I’m not ready to see it has already happened.


  2. Looks lovely – the colour suits you! A nice dusting of snow here in Calgary, so no outdoors pics for us! Merry Christmas to you and yours!


    1. I think my friend at the fabric store who sold it to me thought I was certifiable for buying it, but I do love the bright colour and texture! πŸ˜‰


    1. It’s from my local Fabricland chain store – just a one off bolt I haven’t seen at other locations, so I assume they bought it as remnants?


  3. My goal is to make a dozen pairs of panties. I’m doing an assembly line of sorts. I have eight pairs in the works with three pairs totally finished. I refuse to sew anything until they’re finished. BTW love your coatigan. Also I highly recommend the Jalie Eleanore jeans. I’ve already made four pairs!


    1. That is a great goal! I made a bunch of panties last fall, and I wear them every day now. Totally worth the time spent! (I’m tempted by the Eleanore jeans – I’m just not sure if the rise is as high as I like? But I do love Jalie…)


  4. I love that colour on you! The coatigan is gorgeous and I love the quilted fabric. I had goals prior to Christmas which were just to make myself and the kids outfits for a party and Christmas day. I’m glad to report all were finished!


    1. And your party outfits were really cute! πŸ™‚ Now it’s the morning of my family Christmas, and I’m wondering if I have time to make my sister a wrap dress… guess it would help if I got off the computer, eh?


  5. Just discovered your blog via Cashmerette! This coatigan is to die for! πŸ˜ƒ The color, the fabric with that quilting, and the pattern hack. Just stunning on you!


  6. Late to the party as usual. That is an amazing colour. It’s nice to see something so vibrant in the winter time (I am using that pretty loosely. It is normally in the minus teens here but it has been well into double figures and no snow just gales and rain). That is a stroke of genius using that pattern for a contagion. It looks lovely. Xx


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