Top 5 Misses of 2015

Top 5 of 2015

With the sheer volume of things I sew, I tend to forget about the “misses” – they just sit unworn or end up in a pile of laundry somewhere unnoticed. Live and learn, though, so here’s a rundown of things that didn’t quite work out!


1. Jegging Marris Blazer

I thought this was going to be a match made in heaven… but I’ve never worn this jacket. I don’t like the way the contrast turned out, and I don’t like how the light side of the material reads as shiny and highlights all the wrinkles. I tried adjusting the fit at the shoulders on both my Morris jackets, and went a bit too far. (For what it’s worth, I’ve never worn the leggings I made from the dark side of the same fabric, so maybe jegging fabric is just not for me. Sure seems like I should love it though!)

Hoodie 4

2. Say “No!” to Pastels

I was so excited to find this Liberty-esque french terry locally that I totally ignored how the bright colours read as pastel from afar. The contrast bands and short arms are because I didn’t buy quite enough fabric. I’ve made lots of versions of this Jalie hoodie pattern, and I wear this one the least because it’s just so not me.

Collage 3

3. Even TNT patterns can go wrong

I have made and loved at least 15 variations of the Mission maxi pattern… but this one ended up a smidge tight. (These are the only pics from my whole year where I’m wearing shapewear underneath!) I love all the colours in this print, but I’m not loving the overall dress. I’ll give it another chance next summer, and if it’s not getting loved, I’ll cut it off and make it a knee-length pj dress.

front back Collage.jpg

4. Poor Pattern Design

This SHOULD have been a really pretty top. Beautiful floral jersey, bright cotton lace… and what it ended up being is unwearable. The pattern is the In-House Kimono tee, which is drafted for a D-cup and should have been perfect for me. Instead, I ended up taking inches out of the sides and back, even though my hops are actually bigger than the pattern size. The real problem is that the sleeves have no shaping – it’s just like a poncho that gets sewn up at the sides. As a result, if I lift my arm the whole hem flies waaaay up and shows my belly button. Not cool. I tried to alter it on the fly, but I couldn’t figure out how to save it.


5. Polyester Knits

There’s a whole new generation of polyester knits that became widespread this year – suddenly, scuba and quilted knits where everywhere! I enjoyed experimenting, but I’m not in love. This quilted poly knit top has a scratchy backing which sits against the skin, the neckline gapes because of the minimal stretch, and (TMI?) it takes a heavy-duty deodorant to cope with wearing a thick poly top all day! Likewise, the scuba leggings I made are fine as PJs, but slightly sweaty, which then leads to feeing cold. Who needs that when cotton and rayon exist? I do love ITY fabric, and I’m in no way against polyester… but now I’m a little more picky about looking for softer quilted knits and poly-blends.

What can I learn from these less successful projects? First, to be careful picking my fabrics. And secondly, don’t make new patterns with fabric you like! Nothing too revolutionary there, but a good reminder to shop and sew wisely.

Have you started thinking about your Top 5 lists yet? Or if you aren’t planning on joining in, maybe you could tell us in the comments what your most and least favourite makes of the year have been!


22 thoughts on “Top 5 Misses of 2015

  1. I’m not into pastels either. It’s odd to see that particular print on you, because I’m used to associating you with all of the vivid, happy colors! I hope you can salvage your Mission Maxi, because it’s a fun print.


    1. I do look strange in pastels, don’t I? And in some ways I feel like they should suit me better, because my colouring is fair… but the end result is definitely blah!


  2. The liberty-esque sweater makes you look washed out and mousy so I totally get why you don’t wear it. We learn from our mistakes I guess. All the other makes do look lovely on you, especially the floral/lace top and the quilted knit sweatshirt but sadly comfort is much more important than looking pretty. I have a quilted sweatshirt knit as well and the lack of heavy duty deodorant is what keeps me from sewing it up. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but we always learn and that’s the most important part after all!


    1. Hehehe – have I scared you off your poly quilted knit? I think a coatigan sort of thing would be great, because it would be a looser fit with some ventilation. (Ok, truth, I cut out a quilted coatigan this morning, though it’s very cottony – I may just have coatigans on the brain! 😉


  3. I think I had the same realization this year about prints that are lovely up close looking murky or pastel from a distance. All these lessons help me spend my time and money better. Thanks for sharing your reviews – and I’m glad you started with hits.


    1. It’s an interesting lesson to look at prints from far away as well as close up, isn’t it? I think that’s why I don’t like ditzy little prints in general – they read as solid from far away, and I prefer something bolder!


  4. We can’t celebrate the awesome hits without the misses to contrast them! I love how you evaluate your misses and make the lessons to avoid them in the future.Too bad about the Kimono tee. That teal lace with the red roses is a beautiful combo.
    I won’t have time to post but my biggest misses are fabric choices (look great on the bolt but aren’t right for garments) and technical construction issues (rushing and not paying attention to detail).


    1. I wonder if I can save that floral and lace and make it into… Ummm… a tank top? Gotta be something smaller than a kimono tee, because I don’t have any scraps!
      Fabric and rushing lead to a lot of my mistakes too… or being set on a fabric becoming something it really shouldn’t!

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  5. I’ve got to say, your misses are looking pretty good even if they didn’t work out for you! I feel like my hits and misses all ran together this year – nothing was a awful per se (hooray!) but I have mixed feelings and a laundry list of improvements for almost all of them.


    1. I can’t think of anything you posted this year that seemed like a flop! Do you find now that you’ve been sewing a while, you get higher and higher expectations for projects?


      1. Yah, definitely – fit, wearability, color all matter now, and some of that stuff doesn’t become clear until some wearings. Like, I made the zipper too short in a pair of pants and they’re irritating to pull on. Also, now that I’m thinking of it, the fact that I’m way behind on blogging is part of it. I really didn’t recover from sewing my sister’s dress until last month, and I’ve made some of my favorite projects since!


  6. You know – volume is one’s friend on this account. I didn’t sew that much this year (well, I don’t feel I did though the blog posts may say otherwise) and most of what I made, I trashed because it just wasn’t right in the fit, the fabric or the finished design.


    1. You certainly made a LOT for a few months there! And it’s a hobby, so no reason to sew when the spirit doesn’t move you. Glad you are back to being able to knit!


  7. I’ve posted my hits, misses, reflections and goals all in one post – I don’t have your volume of makes, I’m afraid! I was just going to comment here but decided to go through with the exercise. Interesting! Thank you. Have a look at my blog, folks, if you’re interested.


  8. In February I made a simple maxi dress to take on vacation to Cancun. When we got down into the sun, I realized how very sheer the dress was. It was a swim cover up for the week and is waiting in my closet for an appropriate slip to be made or for the scissors to make it into a pj dress. I’m not planning to do top 5s to wrap up my blog year. I have other wrap up posts planned instead.


  9. Thank you for speaking to using quality fabrics! Everyone was jumping on that scuba trend, which is ok, as long as you realize it’s a trend and there are other things to take into account.
    I really want to do some sort of Top 5 roundup post! Hopefully I’ll get it done!
    I have to blog all my makes first.


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