I’m a Curvy Sewing Collective Editor!

Yup! I’m officially one of six editors for the Curvy Sewing Collective. I’m in good company over there – the other editors are Jenny, Mary, Michelle, Tanya and now Meg has also joined!

One of the the reasons I’m excited to join the CSC is that I feel like they have accomplished what I tried (but never quite managed) to do with the Sewcialist blog: a group blog where anyone and everyone can write a post and share their knowledge. I know from that experience how much more work it is to maintain a group blog than a personal one, so I really admire how the CSC maintains a steady flow of good content and discussion!

I admit, though, that I’m not sure I think of myself as plus-sized. On one hand, yes, I’m slightly too large for some indie patterns… but on the other hand, my fitting challenges are minimal, and don’t necessarily represent the difficulty of much larger women sewing for themselves. A part of me felt like by accepting their offer of editorship, I might be taking a spot away from someone more deserving or representative of a different body type or demographic.

Here’s what changed my mind though, and why I think every sewist should read the Curvy Sewing Collective: We’re all made of curves. When I sew, I adjust for my bust, belly, and butt. I consider my rounded shoulders and knock-knees. There isn’t a single straight line in my body, and that’s what makes sewing for it so fun! And no matter what size you are, don’t you adjust for your curves as well?

In the brilliant words of Mary, from the “How We Talk About Size” page on the CSC, “We wanted to address the issues that come along with being a larger-than-average seamstress, without excluding anyone who might find support in this website. The Sewing Collective of Plus-Sized, Curvy Straight Sized, and Women Who Don’t Identify As a Size But Need FBAs is just a bit cumbersome, unfortunately. In the end, we kept it simple. Curvy covers the most women in the best way. It’s short, inoffensive, and doesn’t make us feel like ill-fated graduates from Camp Euphemism.”

If you haven’t looked at the Curvy Sewing Collective in a while, I hope I’ve convinced you that it’s worthwhile! Jenny did a post recently outlining some of the great resources, like forums, a Curvy blog roll, pattern reviews and tutorials.

And because it can’t be said often enough: You could write for the Curvy Sewing Collective! Send us an email with your idea, or fill in the Contributor Submission Form. We are always looking to diversify the voices that we share, and we’d love to hear from you!

Do you read the Curvy Sewing Collective? I know some of you have written for them, and I’m sure some of you have never heard of them before. Be honest! And help me decide: Should I periodically mention here what I’ve been writing over there, or would that be strange/annoying?

29 thoughts on “I’m a Curvy Sewing Collective Editor!

  1. Congratulations again, Gillian! I am in the same boat as you in many ways- don’t necessarily identify as plus size, but am in that weird no-man’s land in the middle. Often have to make thick thigh and bicep adjustments, often concerned about my tummy. Curvy it is!

    I’m planning on posting about my CSC contributions on my blog, just as a heads up for anyone who might not otherwise read CSC.


  2. I am very excited to see what you do as co-editor. I’d not heard of the CSC before and I agree with your point about everyone has curves of some kind. I plan to read. I always enjoy and learn so much from posts about fitting and adjustments because regardless of the sewist’s size they are showing me how to customize patterns to suit me and my personal fit preferences.


    1. I’m the same! I love reading about how people adjust patterns even if it’s totally different from what I need, because I can file it away and hopefully it’ll come in handy when I sew for someone else! Plus, it’s really infectious to read how excited new sewists are about making things that FIT!

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  3. *waves hello* Welcome Gillian! I’m so excited that you and Meg are joining us! And the site has always been about “curviness” and not just plus-sized; you’re both not the first editors to have been that same no-man’s-land. We’re more about supporting each other when things don’t fit straight out of the envelope than an actual size.


  4. I’ve never read the CSC, but I’m loving the take on what “curvy” actually means. It sounds like something that would be worth checking out! (Especially with my recent size changes– I recently shared my Grainline Archer pattern with my mom, who decided her need for a new flannel shirt would have to outweigh her dislike for making clothes, and I was shocked at how much larger of a size I had to pick compared to her!)

    Congrats on your new editor position! I wouldn’t mind if you share what you’re up to over there. 🙂


    1. I feel the same when i sew for my mom – How is she so tiny? We’re exactly the same proportions, but she’s slimmer and also finer-boned, with dainty little wrists etc. I think you’ll like the csc – more phone reading for when you are stuck beneath a sleeping baby! 😉


  5. How exciting, Gillian! Like you, I don’t think of myself as plus-sized, but I must admit I’ve looked at posts on the Curvy Sewing Collective, mainly for FBA advice, but I’d always felt like I was sneakily looking at something I wasn’t entitled to! Now I can look at their pages guilt-free 🙂


  6. Great news, Gillian. As for your doubts: at the launch of CSC I was impressed with Mary’s carefully chosen words and felt the site was for everyone with curves. I never read it as Plus size only, and it sure isn’t. There’s lots of useful information for sewists of any size! Posting your contributions here as well may be helpful to spread that message.


  7. I am so, so glad you’re one of the new CSC editors! I’ve been “reading backwards” through your blog and love your attitude and skills.

    I’d consider myself a skilled sewer, but with a very ample bosom and a mind that doesn’t envision fitting challenges at all skillfully, I’ve avoided sewing any garment that need FBAs. The Curvy Girls have inspired me and helped me embrace what I’m now calling my lush shape. And even though I sometimes feel enormous next to the slim Millennials I work with, I was laughed out of the Talbot’s Women’s store while searching for their knit wrap tops, so I relate to being curvy but not a true plus. Congratulations on your new role!


    1. Thank you – what a lovely compliment! Your redefining of your body to “lush” is brilliant – and chances are half those slim Millennials sometimes with they had your rack! 😉 Life is so much more fun when you can sew for the body you’ve got instead of feeling like it’s something to hide!


  8. I don’t read the CSC but I did check it out when it first started. I follow most of their individual blogs so I never thought to go back and see what was actually being talked. On some FBA google searches, it has come up and I’ve taken a look. I think mentioning what you are talking about over there will peak my (and maybe others) interest in seeing what it’s all about


    1. If you are ever interested, Tasha, I’d love to have you write a pattern review for us! I think you are the perfect representation of the slim-but-curvy demographic, and you always make such awesome clothes!


  9. I’ve read the CSC from time to time and have found the content varied and interesting, and all of it seems appropriate for seamstresses of all shapes and sizes. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t have fit issues of some sort? I’m not a plus size girl myself, but struggle with fit issues related to my narrow shoulders, high waist etc and see the CSC as a resource for all of that.


    1. I”m glad you feel like the CSC content is helpful for everyone! There’s so much knowledge out there in the sewing world that if we all share it, we’ll be unstopable! 😉

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  10. Congrats, Gillian! I definitely check out the CSC from time to time because I like their focus on body positivity and fit techniques. So few of us fit into the well-defined categories regarding shape and size!


  11. I think this is really great! I don’t think I’m quite plus-sized either, but I have definitely found lots of helpful fit tutorials over on the CSC. I think it’s a great resource for everyone!


  12. Congrats on your editorship! I read the CSC blog because I enjoy seeing how other people make patterns work for them, and because I just love reading about sewing 24/7! I think it’s great that there is a space that caters to the particulars of curvy sewing and fitting, and I am looking forward to seeing what you and Meg contribute!


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