Lingerie Sewing Month: My Plans!

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July is Lingerie month on the Sewcialist blog – a theme with so many possibilities! I’ve sewn underwear before, but that’s about it.

Here are my plans for the month – now make me stick to them!

  • Sew some legging shorts to wear under dresses. (Ok, this is cheating, because I sewed these in June. But I still have to photograph them in some unpervy way, and blog about them on the Sewcialist site.)
  • Sew a half-slip. How hard can this be? Possibly a bit tricky to find good fabric, but I think ITY would work in a pinch. I wear slips a lot, so it’s time to start sewing them.
  • Make some Barrie Boy Briefs for myself, and actual boy briefs for my mister! 

And, drumroll please….

  • Learn to sew bras! I’m taking a course at Bra Makers Supply, which is just an hour away. It’s a 2 day course which starts with trying on their generic sized bras, transferring that fit information to a pattern, and learning to sew it up! The bra you make is a very boring basic white granny style… but just think how fabulous to walk away with a custom-fit bra pattern! I know a couple of local sewists who have taken the course, and I’ve heard al good things. The store is owned by Beverly Johnson, who teaches two bramaking courses on Craftsy and writes a pretty fun and informative bra-making blog. I’ve signed up for the second bra course on Craftsy, which covers how to take that basic pattern and make style variations. I can’t wait to play around!

Are you going to join us for Lingerie month? Feel free to interpret the theme loosely – bras, underwear, corsets, slips, dressing gowns, even pjs! If you are interested, head over to the Sewcialist blog and upload your pics to the Sewcialist Flickr group.

12 thoughts on “Lingerie Sewing Month: My Plans!

  1. Cool that Bra Making Supply is so close to you! I just ordered some things from their US distributor a day or two ago. Will see if I can get motivated to take you up on that sewing dare! I think I need to make something fun for myself before diving into bra making, but a fun project shouldn’t take more than a couple days. =)


  2. You’ll have a great time at the bramaking class for sure! It’s really cool construction. Someday I’ll give it another go. For now, I’m content with the lace robe. I’m making myself make some swimwear this month which is sort of close to lingerie. I’m using a Jalie pattern, and I figure if I like the cut of the bottoms, I’ll use it for undies too if and when I want to take on that challenge.


  3. Bought some fabulous shape wear type fabric at King textile and planning on making a slip. Look forward to hearing about your bra making 😀


  4. I was thinking about making a corset, just to keep my hand in. I will also be finishing one off that I have been waiting to get some lace for (for like 2 years). I have been kicking myself for not buying it the last time I was in the shop as it was a bit spendy, but by luck I am back there on Monday. Who needs food when you can have pretty fabric? Xx


  5. I’m so jealous of your bra making class! I’ve had one offered close to me a couple of times, but the hours of the class have been completely impractical for a mom. (grump)

    I think for July, I’m going to dig out the purple bamboo jersey from my stash and make me a simple gown or shorts set to sleep in.


  6. Sounds like fun!
    I’m afrain a jersey maxi dress took precedence over lingerie, but bramaking is definitely on the agenda for – oh – possibly November. 😉


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