Striped Saltspring!


This dress is proof that I’ll buy ANY rayon printed jersey I can get my hands on. I mean, this print is strange – lemon yellow, purple, black, red, green, turquoise, digital flowers, polkadots, AND stripes??? But it still came home with me, because the base fabric is a lovely spongy mid-weight jersey blend.


After I altered my Oonapalooza Saltspring to make it more wearable, I wanted to make another version. I had this vision of cutting the bodice and skirt on the diagonal – and low and behold, it actually worked! I had enough fabric and my pieces were cut in the right directions. Phew!

Bonus: Look how well the red lines up at the front waist. Did not plan that, but let’s pretend I did. 


Truthfully, I find the whole thing pleasingly 80’s – which is the most terrifying statement I’ve ever typed. What is wrong with me?

Saltspring isn’t made for knits, but it works well anyway. I used knit stay tape along the top edge of the inner bodice, and the strap tubes are reinforced with stay tape as well. The waist has FOE (fold-over elastic) serged to the seam.  Next time I’ll shorten the outer bodice for a little less blousiness, and bring the back straps a little closer together.


Now, shall I tell you the truth about these pictures? I’d gathered my courage to go take pictures in the local park, but I arrived, resisted the urge to hide from dog-walkers and children, and set up my camera… only to find the battery was low and it wouldn’t take any pictures! @*#%! I came home for my extra battery and decided to just take pictures in my neighbouring building’s parking lot instead.

The whole time, I’m sniffing all my stuff because SOMETHING SMELLS LIKE CAT PEE!!!!! What is it? I’m sniffing everything like a madwoman. A madwoman taking pictures of herself, who smells of cat pee. And finally, I realise…


…My hat has a big yellow stain on it. FRAAAAAANK!

And then I continued to wear the hat for photos, because hat head. Thank goodness there is no smello-blogging!


And that’s that! I quite like the finished dress even thought the colours are not the most flattering… but it’s going to be great on hot days. I sewed it up a little too early for Heather’s Summer Sundress Sewalong  – now I”ll just have to make another sundress! Are you joining in?

Oh, and don’t forget – Sewing Dares end at the end of June, and Lingerie month starts at the Sewcialist blog on July 1st! So many great reasons to sew!

46 thoughts on “Striped Saltspring!

  1. Oh Frank. So adorable, so catlike. But this dress is fantastic – I love the fabric, and what you’ve done with the stripe direction. The 80’s had some fun moments, no shame in embracing them!


    1. Thanks Chloe! I admit, I’m totally tempted by the fluorescent stripe fabrics at my local fabricland… they are crazy, but maybe fun crazy??


    1. Thanks hon! I was so convinced that these photos wouldn’t turn out because I’d been fiddling with my camera settings – I couldn’t believe when they were all in focus! It was a bloggy miracle.


    1. Ha! Exactly. I would never tell my coworkers that I took pics in a cat-pee hat last night, but you guys? I’ll tell you anything! 😉


  2. This dress looks great! I’m remembering that I’ve wanted to try the saltspring in a knit, seems like a perfect combo. And I love how you did the stripes too–genius!


    1. I can totally picture you in a knit Saltspring! Although really, any knit dress is a winner in my books!


  3. Oh no, Frank! 😦 What a nasty present! lol

    Love the dress and it looks so good on you! I think the print is fantastic! 🙂 Where do you find your rayon jerseys?


    1. This one was a randow one-off bolt at the Burlington Fabricland – same place as I bought that Liberty-esque french terry, which i also haven’t seen elsewhere. I think different stores just get odds and ends, so it’s luck of the draw!


    1. Luck of the draw, baby! Honestly, I had no idea if I had enough fabric until I’d finished cutting it all out – there was no way I was going to plan printmatching! 😉


  4. You look amazing, cat pee hat and all! Frank just didn’t want you to forget him while you were out. 🙂 The diagonal lines are fantastic as is the accidental pattern matching. Gotta love that!


    1. I really hope I can get the cat pee out of the hat before I head to a cottage on Saturday! otherwise I’ll be sitting alone all week.. ;P


      1. Baking soda? It should kill the scent at the very least. The stain would be harder. You can mix a paste of baking soda and peroxide and scrub on the stain. Don’t let it sit, though.


  5. Oh dear – poor you & your hat! The things we do in the name of blogging! Looks like a great comfy dress though, and hooray for accidental print matching!


    1. At least I didn’t meet anyone I know at the park! That wouldn’t have been doubly embarassing… yes, I’m taking pics of myself… yes, I smell like cat pee!


  6. You look amazing!! I love the 80s vibe too!
    Silly kitty – at least you figured out the smell – it’s so much worse when you can’t find it. 😉


    1. Uh, so true!! Do the dogs ever pee on stuff inside? Frank is usually pretty good, but I do remember he peed on some reusable shopping bags in the winter, and this hat was right next to them! Why, Frank, WHY? (Truth, probably I didn’t clean his litter box fast enough. Bad me.)


  7. Frank, Frank, Frank…

    I was all set to congratulate you on sewing a woven rayon, LOL. But…your knit rayon is fabulous too!

    I use hydrogen peroxide to remove cat pee from just about everything. I have a recipe using hp/liquid soap/baking soda…You could try just a little dab on your hat {don’t rinse} to be sure the black/navy stripe doesn’t run.


  8. Yuck. I have a zero tolerance policy for cats that pee anywhere but the litterbox. Which is why we have a “barn” cat now. Though honestly, if she could talk, she’d probably say it was her idea because she LOVES it outside. 🙂

    I literally LOL’d at the whole “pleasingly 80’s” dialog. 😀 I’ve had similar thoughts myself a few times about the 90’s, so I can totally relate! Cute dress, though I agree with your alterations for next time, it does seem just a tad big. That’s great for hot weather though!


    1. I’m pretty sure it was my fault and I hadn’t cleaned his litter box fast enough! We’ve only found him peeing on stuff once, and guess which hat was right next to that stuff… I’ve learned my lesson! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Frank provides so many hours of entertainment that i can’t begrudge him this one hat too much… but I hope I can clean it or I need a new hat for my giant-sized head!


    1. Thanks hon! It’s always at this time of year that I get the urge to sew something, anything, too low cut to wear to work! ;P SUMMERTIME IN TWO DAYS!!!!


  9. Haha, you should shame Frank in your next post…I really enjoyed the styling of todays photographs and you make the 80’s look good!


  10. Oh dear… nothing like a little cat pee surprise! My cat singles out clothes and accessories belonging to the target of his ire. Oh, and anything canvas that happens to be on the floor. Your dress looks great – that fabric is cool!


  11. It’s adorable – and the first thing I thought was: It’s so 80s! Here’s the thing (cuz the 70s is the second decade I lived through and now I’m seeing it come back into fashion). There’s a trend: First you see the most blatant elements of an era – it’s over the top. Then you start to see the authentic, lovely stuff (all the stuff that was always there but wasn’t first wave). This is like one of the lovely 80s dresses.


  12. Looking very summery… and you’ve reminded me I need a sunhat (but a fresh one please) for riding around town in my sundress… I might have to join in as I have a HUGE joining in vibe (party time for summer!)….

    (And leaving a comment – so might be my China/VPN issue)


    1. Yay! I’m glad you could sort out the commenting issue!
      And YES! Go buy a hat! I didn’t realise until after I moved back to Canada just how tanned I was getting in Japan from riding around on my bike all the time… then I looked at some of my old foundation and was horrified the colour was so dark! We pale girls have to be careful! 🙂


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