Sewing Dares Update: 3 weeks left!

Sewing Dares

The original “deadline” for sewing dares was the end of May, but I believe in procrastination, so I’ve extended it to the end of June! After that, *poof!* your dare will disappear – unless you want to hold yourself to it! I just don’t want anyone to feel an icky sense of obligation. This is about FUN!

I’m so pleased that lots of dares have already been completed! I finished my own… but don’t worry, I’ve been dared with another! 😉

  • Elena is working on complimenting herself herself out loud or on twitter every time she wears a me-made in MMM, and blogging once a week this month! DONE!
  • Sonja is going to make Carolyn pyjamas…
  • …and she’s dared me to make a woven dress! DONE! And although I didn’t love it when I first made it, I wore it to work and couldn’t stop stroking the soft challis. I think I’m in love! 
  • For my second dare, Meg has dared me to sew a v-neck t-shirt, which I’ve always been too chicken to try.
  • Jeni is going to sew at least 3 of the 4 fabrics she recently bought at Mood.
  • Jennifer Shaw is going to make a maxi dress for a festival…
  • Bea has agreed to sew a cardigan AND use some stash fabric! DONE!
  • Carly has been dared to either sew something inspired by her recent trip to Japan, or use a TNT wintery pattern to make something for summer!
  • Tasha has been dared to make shorts.
  • Meg has been dared to make more trousers/jeans for MMM. DONE! 
  • Lauren is going to make a quilt to take to uni next year…
  • Elizabeth has already started working on her dare to try reverse applique on clothing! DONE!
  • Charlotte is going to give new life to an old piece of knitting (me-made or thrifted) in the name of sustainability.
  • Heather promised to make a jacket of some kind! DONE!
  • Cari dared Sarah to make something modern inspired by something from her vintage sewing pinboard.
  • In return, Cari is going to work towards shorts for summer.
  • Meris has started making a pair of Ginger jeans to fill gaps in her MMM wardrobe!
  • Stephanie is going to work on either a jumpsuit or a date-night dress for a night out without the baby! DONE! (She made two Nettie dresses, but I don’t know how to link to an IG pic…)
  • I must have no mercy, because I dared V to sew a secret pyjama knit dress – right up my alley but something new for her! DONE! (But again on IG…)
  • Michelle will write a post for the Curvy Sewing Collective, and maybe even sew up a pattern from her (fabulous) weekly pattern roundups! DONE! Not just a post, but Michelle is now an Editor over at CSC, and making great contributions already! 
  • Rowena is planning to sew the Granville she’s be planning for months, and maybe even try something with knits! She self-drafted a knit dress and sewed it in merino, and it’s fab! 
  • Andrea dared Kristen has been dared to make Ginger jeans or a cardigan…
  • Mother of Reinvention is going to sew a Bianca top to fit in with her Wardrobe Architect plans! DONE!
  • Jo has already finished her dare to try a Japanese sewing pattern… and then she went and made a second version too! I’m so impressed, and I hope I’ve got her hooked! 
  • Andrea is going to make wide-legged pants and something by a Canadian designer (but I’m not expecting either until summer holidays hit, because we are both teachers!)
  • Sue plans to make something inspired by a childhood outfit or an old favourite item of clothing. DONE! 
  • Kten is going to make a maxi dress for summer, and maybe a Morrix blazer too! DONE and DONE!
  • Rachel has been dared to make something embroidered for her brand new baby, or maybe a pillow case for her older daughter!
  • Crafternoon Nap has been dared to make a wrap dress inspired by the DVF exhibit
  • Vanessa has been dared to make something from a pattern book…
  • Margo already finished her dare to sew for someone in her family (proof on IG) and is going to make something beachworthy!
  • Karen is going to make a nice project bag for her knitting.
  • Kat has been dared to make 2 tees for MMM… KAt, do you count your Scout and Onyx as DONE?
  • Lisa is going to make something to wear with her Jade skirts in summer. DONE!
  • Su has been dared to make more tops for MMM! DONE – and she made 4!
  • Lou got dared to blog some of her IG pics, and post about her Ginger jeans. (Done!)
  • Teri got dared to finally finish her Archer, and it’s DONE! 
  • Alessa has been dared to get going on her sewing plans my making a top, skirt and dress!
  • Dottie Doodle is going to make a cardigan!
  • Elizabeth has been dared to make something from her pattern wishlist.
  • Kat is going to sew a vintage pattern on a matching vintage-era machine, as she promised to do earlier this year!
  • Ginny is going to try out a new-to-her pattern designer AND do a guest post about sewing lingerie in July on the Sewcialist website!!!

I’m so pleased with how many dares are done! As a teacher, it’s oddly satisfying to come up with the right challenge for each person – rather a lot of my day is spent tailoring things to individuals on the fly (aka. How much writing can I expect this child to do before they throw a tantrum/furniture?) Thank you for not throwing a chair at me if my dare didn’t inspire!

If you finish your dare, please comment below with a link to your post/pic, so we can see how it went! I’ll do one final wrap-up at the end of June.

Lingerie Sewing Month Logo
PS. July is going to be lingerie month over on the Sewcialist blog, so if you are interested in joining us or doing a guest post, head over there and let me know! Bras, undies, slips, corsets, even PJs are all welcome – sew whatever you want, and put pics in our flickr group to be included in the round-up! I’ve signed up for a weekend course in bra-making as my birthday treat, and I can’t wait! 

21 thoughts on “Sewing Dares Update: 3 weeks left!

  1. Oh dear. You seem to have gotten my link wrong. It says “blogpost” instead of blogspot this time. 😀 I just posted about my sewing space. The new dress is coming up soon.


  2. I sewed up a top inspired by one of my Wardrobe Architect style icons that was also for the Simplicity Blogger Challenge “vintage” section AND that makes it another one down on my Vintage Pattern Pledge too. That was posted on 31/05 so I just made it. Talk about three birds with one stone. 🙂

    Just in case that’s not allowed I bought fabric on Thursday (Goldhawk Road for the win!) and today traced/altered my pattern, cut out my fabric and almost finished another garment from TGBSB3. This week I am on a roll. Thanks so much for organising the dares, it really must be a lot of work for you. Totally needed a bit of a prompt here at MOR Towers and now I really feel like I have a bit of my sewjo back again. Xx


    1. That totally counts! I think I’ve got it updated now – sorry for missing it! The freida pics are awesome!


    1. Shall we make Sewing Dares an annual thing? Do you think it’s good or bad for it to overlap with MMM?


      1. I think it works if you keep the deadline June 30th. I think MMM is probably the perfect time because you are figuring things out for what you want to wear and what not.


    1. Oh don’t worry, I’ll give you full details! I’m very curious, fascinated and terrified in equal measure. I’ve always said that sewing bras is a money pit, thinking that I’d buy materials then end up with crappily fitted bras. Somehow in my head it makes more money to splurge on a course (cause it ain’t cheap, especially during the unpaid months of summer!) I’m hoping that it ends with a decent bra pattern! Seems like they’ve got all different sizes of the bra sewn up for fitting, which I think is a good starting place… because just sewing up a size and hoping it fits is cuckoo!
      Speaking of which… in all your spare time (yeah right!) wanna do a guest post on the Sewcialist blog about good bra fit? Not sewing, but how to tell if what you’ve made actually fits? With a plug for Bratabase and other online bra resources, of course! Just a thought – no pressure! 🙂


    1. Sure! How about either remaking that crop top that turned out too small? Or if you aren’t feeling that, I dare you to try making some shorts for summer! (The Kate and Lany Tap shorts seem like they’d look awesome on you, but it could be any pattern!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think I’m gonna go with shorts! I’ve never made shorts before and I need to get over my fear of fly zips.


  3. Ahem. Middle of July and I’m just getting around to updating you. I’m trying to get rid of my UFOs before I do any new sewing, but I did trace and cut the pattern AND THE FABRIC for the Jalie jeans. I need to buy the notions for those and then I can sew them up for the end of July. I’ve taped together and cut out the pattern for the Wearing History trousers at least, but I don’t even have fabric for those yet. But I’ve got three weeks left, so I might actually do it.


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