Me-Made May: Australia and New Zealand Week

Well, thank goodness healthy eating helped me lose 10lbs since Christmas, because otherwise I wouldn’t have fit into my million pairs of Style Arc Elle pants, and this week would have been a bust! (Now if I could just stop eating ice cream and lose the other 10 pounds…)

Aussie Kiwi Week!

I wore:
– 4 pairs of Style Arc Elle pants (a really great simple pull-on pant)
– 2 pairs of Cake Espresso leggings (Cake’s best pattern ever, I think. It only takes 10min work to get custom drafted leggings!)
-1 Cake Hummingbird top (wondering about turning these into dresses no that peplums aren’t quite so trendy)
-1 Cake Tiramisu maxi (love this pattern, even though I don’t wear them much anymore)
-1 Muse Jenna cardi (Less in love with the fit of this, even after I took it on that morning)
– 1 Jennifer Lauren Bronte dress (great pattern, but cheap fabric makes the skirt really clingy!)

I think I did ok representing all my favourite Aussie/Kiwi patterns and designers, but I’m not in love with some of my outfits this week. It’s strange to realise that I wear the same wintery clothes when the temperature is 10c as I do when it’s -30c… I just don’t wear a full-length down coat on top! It’s nice and hot now though, so i’m looking forward to bare legs and bare arms for the last week of MMM.

I sewed 2 things using Cake patterns this week, but they are gifts so I can’t show them here. (Nope, Anne, it’s not the pattern you’ll guess!)

For the last week I’m on to American designers, which I thought were underrepresented in my closet… but now that I’ve hung them all together it turns out I have MORE than enough! I admit I’m glad that MMM is over before our school track and field day next week though! It’s hard enough to dress appropriately for gym class and yard duty several times a week.

Here’s to one more week of MMM! (And 5 more weeks to finish your sewing dares!)

18 thoughts on “Me-Made May: Australia and New Zealand Week

  1. I do love that maxi dress in our fabric! This is the week with all the choice, no? Because between Cake and StyleArc, you’ve got it covered 🙂


  2. You’re a teacher, so you need layers and practical clothes for school. Perhaps you work in an air conditioned building, which also makes it a necessity to be comfortable. I think you’ve sold me on the Cake Espresso leggings, as I was still on the fence about this pattern.


    1. Espresso is a great pattern! If it helps convince you, I suggested it to Heather from Closet Case Files and she’s made a ton of pairs now. I think of you are shorter/taller/rounder/thinner than average, it will make more comfortable leggings for you.


  3. Lol we’re in 10 degrees here heading into winter & Im hating the cold & look so much more rugged up than you! You don’t look at all wintery to me, your colours make everything sunny. Not feeling so bad now, as that’s nearly as cold as our maximums get here, minus 30 gives me some perspective (but I have no comprehension of that temp!) Also thanks for the info, Im Australian & had no idea Style Arc are too (hangs head in shame!)


  4. I’m loving your new backdrop for your photos. Can you share your photo set up? it looks great and really puts the focus on you and the great clothes you are sewing.


  5. I’m intrigued by the bronte dress. It looks really nice on you. I was looking at the pattern website and the shoulder/neckline is pretty much the same as baby onesies! But there’s something very pleasing about the shape of the neckline overall.


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